Monday, June 08, 2009

Headz Records

What’s good people?
Yeah I know it’s a long time since the last post in here but I need to install all software n shit on the new laptop since the old one said „good-bye!“ (R.I.P. you lil’ freakin piece of shit…). So keep an eye on this blog again as I’m quite positive that I get this whole thing workin again very soon and bring some new reviews in here (I got plenty of great indie-wax that is waitin to get some shine in here).
Anyway – this post here is to push my homie’s new online record-shop he recently launched.

HEADZ is the name of the shop and in there u gonna find all sorts of vinyl from Rap classics, to indie and the new stuff, German, French and some Swiss rap and also some breaktbeats, scratch tools etc. besides that he also got a smaller section with Soul / R’n’B, plus some dancehall & reggae vinyls.

DJ equipment & tools: this section will also be active very soon so keep on checking the site!

Taggers: you also can get a big assortment of various markers (e.g. Hardcore, Krink etc.) so check out whatcha need!

I know that some of you might face some troubles as the language is German only but hey – y’all know how to use google right?! I’m sure these translations are helpful enuff in order to guide u thru the pages and ordering process!

Aight’ten – have a look! I very sure u gonna find some nice pieces in there and if not then u still can hit this dawg with a wantlist on his email account!

Click here to get to the site (or in links-post on left side)