Thursday, January 31, 2008

Da Germ

Today we will deal with a rapper that surely had great influence on the development of the German rap-scene. This is René Swain alias DA GERM.

Germ, who is rappin in English (American roots) started his career in 1991 under his pseudonym AL RAKHUN with his first wax that was the “to the audience ep”. In 1993 he dropped his first release under the name Da Germ that was the “spirit of attitude-12”. One year later he dropped the fine twelve I’ma present u now. It is called “boomboombangslap…phat!” and got besides the original mix also the remixes called “the floor mix” and “RMII’s Down Low mix”. The b-side has the amazing remix (dome of power mix) of the track “letz give it up”. The label that kicked this 12” is the Ruff-N-Raw label that his buddy Roey Marquis II founded in 1993.

Da Germ_booboombangslap…phat-12”

In the same year (1994) Germ was able to also release his full-length on the Ruff-N-Raw label that was titled “day of resurrection”. This is an awesome and pretty much underrated album! Pretty sombre, grimey and with some serious ruffness – typical typa ish from the early 90s and still fascinatin to listen to these days! Production on this was done as on the previous twelve – by Da Germ and Roey Marquis II. The album is also a real solo-album as u don’t find that many feature-parts as u would nowadays. There’s only RON (on the blazin-hot track “syndrome”) and OTROPIC T(H)REE (German, Swiss & Austrian heads might remember this crew as its member Tyron Ricketts had some fame later on when moderating the German hip-hop mag on Viva-TV called “word cup” and later to that with his release in the crew “Mellowbag”).

Da Germ_day of resurrection-LP

The last record to show in here is definitely the banger! This twelve is outta 1998 and was released on the Quiet Force label (formerly Genuine Records, also founded by Roey Marquis II) and brings the sledgehammer “it’z uzelezz” in the original version done by RMII and in the (even better IMO) remix by DJ EVIL DEE. This banger also features the emcees LIN QUE (Deadly Venoms) and FINSTA (of Finsta Bundy). The last track is called “madcell” and is a pretty solid one as well.

Da Germ_it’z uzelezz-12”

Besides the records you see here Germ did way more stuff of course (solo, in crews as SPIRITUAL WARRIORS, ZYON and also feature-parts as e.g. THE KHROMOZOMES PROJEKT) so you might wanna check his discogs entry (where you also got further links to his myspace addresses).


Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Alright – here we go with a great 1-tracker from the man called T-MAX.

T-Max (civil name: Todd Keith Maxwell) is an emcee from Boston that you certainly know from his mad in demand record “relax your mind-12”. on this certain record you got a remix of the track “execution style” and here you got now the original version. As far as I remember this wax here was his first release (in 1996 on Damage Records) and the other one came out just after this here…
For more info I recommend you to check my buddie’s blog Dig-It-Out.

T-Max_execution style-12”

Well then….enjoy!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Original Man

Very overlooked twelve here from emcee ORIGINAL MAN from the Masterminds-family.

The man dropped this piece independently on Original Man Records in 1998 and got some backup from his buddies EPOD and Kimani Rogers (from Masterminds) on here; especially on this main-track called “spiritual”. On the flip you got “4th dimension” ft Psychenetics and “sum’m outta nut’n”. all in all I can say that this twelve is just awesome and I wonder why this man is beneath notice in most parts of this indie-community! So if u dunno this great piece’a wax then give it a try now – I’m quite sure ya won’t be disappointed!


This one here’s from Trust aka The Soul Trooper and Nickle Slick that form the crew FOURFIFTHS.

The duo released this very dope record in 1997 on the label Conception Records (we posted already some “Diamond Mercenaries” stuff from that label). The label, btw, was co-founded in 93 in Seattle by Mr Supreme and DJ Sureshot (both from Sharpshooters). Back to da wax: on it you gonna find the very solid track “earth wind & fire remix” that Jake One did. On the flip you got the original version of “earth wind & fire” to which I just gotta give mad luv! Sweet and laid-back stuff rite here – jus chill! Additionally you get the track “the science”, again a really great track that convinces with its melancholic style. Both tracks on the b-side were produced by Mr Supreme.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Now it’s time to give you a review bout some of the vinyl-releases of PUDGEE. This man, formerly known as PUDGEE THA PHAT BASTARD, dropped his first wax “checkin out da ave.” and its respective full-length “give em the finger” in 1993.

The first one in here is already kinda my favourite. There’s no label or year (guess it’s the mid-90s) indicated on the wax and I’m not sure if this one here’s a legit pressing but so far I didn’t see any other versions of this. The twelve brings the tracks “everybody wants to be hard” that features Digable Planets and was produced by Nik Wiz! The b-side brings u the real winner that is titled “inner city blues” (not to be confused with Rezidue’s identical song). This piece was produced by DR Period and features DMX (honestly said I’m really not a fan of this “dog” but the verses he spits here are quite cool to me). Both tracks were supposed to be put on his unreleased “King of New York” LP!

Pudgee_everybody wants to be hard-12”

The next one was released on Perspective Records in 1996 (as far as I know promo only) and brings the songs “money don’t make your world stop”, and the two tracks on the flip which I prefer more that are “make ‘em die” and “niguhz fo life”. Production was done by Chris Large, EZ Elpee & Fran Lover. Again this twelve here (definitely a legit pressing) was supposed to show up on his unreleased LP that was to come out on the Perspective label.

Pudgee_money don’t make your world stop-12”

After that he managed to drop two tracks of his unreleased LP on another label called Street Scene Inc. This wax containes the title “history” that was again produced by Nik Wiz and the remix of “money don’t make the world stop” that features Funkmaster Flex on the intro and MOP, produced by Chris Large.

Pudgee_money don’t make your world stop remix-12”

The last one I got from him is a record from which I’m quite sure it is a bootleg. Nevertheless I haven’t seen a legit press of this so far and dunno if that even exists! The 4-tracker is called “dead silence ep” on which you find the tracks “angel dust”, “stayin alive”, “die for a cause” and “kill you”. No indication of the release-year on here but style-wise I’d guess around late-90s / 2000. the EP sounds quite different to what you are used from Pudgee but still I recommend you to check it out!

Pudgee_dead silence-ep

Since this last boot-ep I never seen any other release from this man and personally I feel sad that such a good emcee has been overlooked for all those years in his career (instead of that we have useless idiots like XXX-X who made their way….damn, why?).


Friday, January 25, 2008

Izm da Mad Soul / Gas Chamber

Here’s some nice tracks for y’all straight from da west-coast and if u see the following logo then most of u will know what it’s about. DA GAS CHAMBER & IZM DA MAD SOUL!

The first record I show u here was released in 98 on the small Next Millenium label and got Gas Chamber on the a-side with the track “it’s yours”. Well, nothing spectacular to me and the sample u hear in there ain’t used for the 1st time fo sure but anyway – let’s get to the flip which is way more interesting. Here Izm da Mad Soul is givin two tracks that delight me much more: “illusive” and “who lit dat” are both very relaxed and kinda animate to get the fine herbs and sacrifice them to those nice beats!

Gas Chamber / Izm da Mad soul_split12”

The next one is an EP titled “Mo’ Budded Phat Jointz” and this mini LP also serves u tracks from above mentioned artists plus from three others as well. Here are the track details:
Izm da mad soul: mushroom kloudz / unheard of
Da unsung poets: movin on
Da gas chamber: nothing kan save ya / you’re not ready
Shane hunter: scale 69 / box kit
Izm & m.o.l.d.: mo budded representation

The ep was released also in 98 on the Mo Budded label.

Mo Budded Phat Jointz-ep

Njoy yo weekend! pz

Thursday, January 24, 2008

First Platoon

here’s another very nice but in some sort also untypical (for this blog) review about the crew called FIRST PLATOON

untypical cause we usually have posts about releases that mainly come from the east-coast, Canada or some from UK or west-coast but we never “went down south” as we do it now with this Miami based crew. This twelve was dropped on the First String Ent. and for the release-year I’d say that it was probably around 94/95 as their full-length (called “connected”, which also contains these tracks here) was dropped in 1994. on this vinyl you find the tracks “money hungry” – club-music beats that even I have to admit that they bang, “m.i.a.m.i.” – that comes more on a funky-tip and “capital punishment” – that is my winner on it.


Droppin a fine and probably quite famous record in here from G-DEPP
G-Depp aka Tevell Coleman released this great record back in the mid-90s on the well-known Tape Kingz label and brings on it the two awesome tracks “head over wheels” and “blow more spots”. This twelve got a huge hype (and I guess it still has) cause of the fact that “head over wheels” was featured on Haze’s (DJ Premier) NY Reality Check 101-tape in 1996 (CDs & LPs were dropped 1 year later). On the flip you find some typical bounce-club-tracks that I don’t like at all (so don’t ask me to rip that…).
Later on this guy slightly changed his name to G-Dep and got signed on Puffy’s Bad Boy label. I guess it’s obvious that from that time on I stopped buyin his shit (not only cuz of the shitty label but also cuz the sounds were wack!).

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Next one is about Omar Akbar, better known as LABTEKWON.

This guy dropped many records so far that you can check here. But I just focus on one great wax he dropped back in 1995 (so bout 2 years after his debut that was titled “the ghetto gospel ep”). The vinyl was released on the Assassin Records label and comes with three fresh tracks. “I am here” is the main title and IMO also the winner on that wax. Beats n flow just let’cha head-nod constantly! On the flipside you get the two tracks “no time to chill” and “big kid” that are both great as well…..but find it out for yourselves if u dunno so far!

Jgaboo Da Ignant

Mornin’ people! Ready to post some new stuff in here. This time about rapper JGABOO DA IGNANT

As far as I remember this guy is from Canada and I don’t think (at least I don’t know of) that he dropped any other record besides this one rite here. The wax was put onto the market back in 97 on the small Horizon Records label. Also labelwise I can’t remember of having seen any other release so looks like this 12” was the first (catalogue # HO 001) and only one…
The twelve brings you two tracks that are “travels” with that hard pushin beat and a smooth asian-like-soundin-sample that gives the whole track its great “flavour”! and the flip you got “me” that is constructed very simple and where peeps def gotta get used to it. Still the track ain’t bad at all – don’t get me wrong!

Jgaboo Da Ignant_travels-12”

And to the next one…

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


When I presented you the last post about ADAGIO! I told you something like “this was the last post – as we showed u now the entire Adagio! Releases”…..well that was wrong as we found another jewel that needs to get some respect here too!

As you can read on the sticker this is a very rare promo-12” from Adagio’s! brilliant “ny to phillie ep”. Now why is this so rare u might wanna know. Well, I’m fully aware of the fact that for almost every other Adagio!-twelve (e.g. “obvious joint”, “the break” etc.) there are such promo-wax available. This is true but those promos do not offer more than what you could get on the official release but this gem here is different. On the EP u get served with the main-tracks only so here u can get (those who really want!) also the radio-versions and more important to that is – also instrumentals from the EP!! Unfortunately u will only find 2 tracks, means only 2 instrumentals but at least this! So dl this file and u get (pls note well) the very first full vls-rip, and maybe also the last ever, that this blog provides!
And this is what’cha get:
Intro-skit (also on the ep)
Track: “the upper hand” radio / main / instrumental
Track: “hold tight” radio / main / instrumental

blackattack holds it down (re-upped on request)

very nice release on Correct Records (same label as Mannish, Grav, Al'Tariq...) from 1997. this wax features the crew BLACKATTACK with the tracks "holdin it down" and "verbal attck (ft. Problemz and Al'Tariq).

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Hoodz

And one from my side too about a crew that is named THE HOODZ

The crew consists of the members Sig Smoo, Freet Black & Swift Dogz and released this record back in 1993/94 on the Blunted Records label.
On this very nice new-school-typ-of wax you will get the songs “the hoodz”, also in a remix called “spank version” and on the flip comes the fine “oolioo”.
I really love that 12” and recommend this to everybody in here – so if you spot such a piece don’t hesitate!

The Hoodz_the hoodz-12”

Enjoy that wonderful piece of HH-indie-history…


It was like a year ago or so when we posted the first review of the Canadian Mr C. France, better known as THRUST…

Here u have his first release on vinyl that is titled “past, present, future ep”, that was dropped in 1996 on Knowledge of Self Ent. Altogether u can say that this ep is really good and def worth to hunt it down! The a-side brings u the track “do you understand” that comes in the jazzy original-mix and in a very relaxed remix by Scam (that I like even better..). the b-side brings you, besides some interludes these tracks here: “seasons in the sun”, “time and time again” plus “rage (didn’t have to go)” that was later on released again, slightly remastered on his 12” in the same year on Blueprint Records.
Production credits for this ep go to well-known mister-all-beats-bounce-Frankenstein and Scam!

Friday, January 18, 2008

The K-Otic Family

So let’s stay with the Echo label for this next release from THE K-OTIC FAMILY

This fine EP from 1995 has the title “new born kaos ep” and comes with these tracks here: “vaccine”, “composition” and on the flipside “bloody fetus” (what a track-name!) and “code red” – a track I was after since many years now…
Other information cannot be given – I simply don’t have them!

Ram Sqad Raw

And some contributions from my side too so you can listen to these tracks over weekend.
Starting first with RAM SQAD RAW…

The crew released this twelve on Echo International back in 1995. on it you will find two very good tracks that are “keep it real” and “when and where”. A year later the crew changed their name to Ram Squad only and dropped on the same label their album “operation lock the city” and the “streets of rage ep” (if someone got these to share in here you know the deal => comments section, thx).


And another release from the great year 1997, this time from emcee RAHEIM
Raheim dropped this wax, as mentioned above, in 1997 on the small NYC-indie-label Khari Ent. Maybe this name rings bells as this is the same label that was also responsible for those crazy releases from the Ill Biskits (god bless your life) but let’s get back to this one here. The record comes on the a-side with the main track that is “life after hip hop” – a very relaxed and calm beat with Raheim’s thoughts bout the game…
On the b-side you gonna find the tracks “surface” – solid track but that sample used is already quite famous and I don’t feel it that much, plus “time flies” that wins over again with its easy-tempo and those sharp horn-samples. Also the refrain-part is quite cool with this chant…

Live Wire

Here’s a very nice record on the well known 10/30 Uproar label (that also brought you the fine East Flatbush Project releases) from the crew LIVE WIRE.

The release took place in 1997 and the wax brings you the tracks “fast lane” ft. SMK – a track that is very smooth and solid, and the burner-song which is to be found on the flip that is titled “as the tables turn”.
Production credits go to Spencer Bellamy of the East Flatbush Project.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Alright – I have to share this one as well with you guys as a) we just love all the stuff dem catz released and b) we presented you all the rest of their releases in our blog already (so this is somehow the end of Adagio!-reviews in here).

Adagio! Dropped this nice twelve in 1998 on SOM Recordings (mean one year later than their famous “NY to Phillie EP”) and this was also some sort of pushin their EP (as they mention that on the label and in the rhymes again). The relation (soundwise) to their EP is the b-sider called “listening pleasure remix” which is a very smooth one. Still I need to say that I prefer the original mix on the EP. The main title on this wax is “the meaning” that features their buddy Wisdom and this track is definitely something that revitalises my ears!

Adagio!_the meaning-12”

Well then – it was a pleasure!


A damn banger to present you guys here! This rare & mad underrated track comes from the very unknown PROBLEM…

It took me now about ten goddamn years to finally be able to play this tune on my own turntables – but it was really worth it. The track is called “street theory 101” and is some typical grimey street-ish on fire! I 1st heard this dope song on (should be well known to Swiss heads) a crazy radio-show that was held on Couleur3 during the mid n late nineties when DJ Ron-T used to play all that now mad sought after random n indie-shizzle. Well and this piece here was one of those he would play regularly. Why? Well if u don’t know the track then listen and u gonna understand!
This mad pushin beat and the aggressive voice makes this song just a damn winner!
The record was released in 1996 on the small Dead President$ label and this is already all information I can provide you as you will most probably not be able to find any other info than that when searching in the net…

Problem_street theory 101

Well, listen, learn n in the words of Problem: school ‘em son!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Big Foot

And here again you get a review and nice tunez „sponsored“ by ma man Mirro. So let the man talk to you about BIG FOOT…

…nah this is not the one I mean! Me’s talking about the emcee (not that fantasy-thing creeping through the woods) who’s civil name is Christopher Barr and who released during the 90s a few very dope but sadly underrated records! If you don’t know which vinyls I mean then please see here.
Now I tell you some details about this specific record: the tracks on it are called “invazion” and “midevil”. Both songs are – what can I say? Holy shit! Dopeness without a doubt and if I would have to get that record again (now knowing what it sounds like) I would kill for it or sell my sweet mother! “midevil” is a hard and dark beat where Big’s voice gets a massive presence. Just sad that the track is only about 2 minutes long. “invazion” is the main track on this 12” and this one is a pure thriller! I think when I heard it the first time I almost spread tears… but I suggest you make your own opinion here.
The labels on which that awesome wax was released are called Lumberjack & Swamp City and the year was 1997. also interesting to know is that mixing and engineering was done by Tariq from Database Records and this label you most probably know for the two brilliant releases by (Foundation) Rezidue!

Big Foot_invazion-12”

OK, hope you will love that 12” too!

Norfside Heroes

Here we go with a review of a record that comes from the Norfside-label we presented you already earlier here and here.

The twelve here was again (as all other stuff on that label) produced by Salaam Remi and brings you the unknown crew NORFSIDE HEROES with two tracks. So far (even though I checked all kinds of internet database) I couldn’t find much helpful information on this crew so I just can give u the name of one of the rappers which is LA Preem (if u know more then pls share in the comments, thx!). also this is the only record of those guys I know of (besides the featuring on Major Stress’ “smokin’ & f..kin’”)…
To the tracks: the title-track is called “fistful of dollars (stick em up)” and IMO not that spectacular at all (sample is well know n often used & also rhyme-parts are not amazing). The reason to cop this wax is to be found on the b-side where you get that smashin’ “hang wit us”. A very nice jammie that let’s butts n boops bounce!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


And here’s one for y’all headz from my man Mirro. Post this review for him as he is currently without internet but still wanted to share some of his treasures with’cha…

This wax is from a group named KISMET and the EP itself is called somewhat like “The Kismet EP / In Effect”. Anyway when Mirro told me that he could buy this record for a very decent price and so asked me if he should do it I was like “hell yeah!”. So the wax finally ended up in his cratez / on the tables and u can be sure that Mirro wasn’t disappointed any single moment bout this gem! The EP comes with 4 tracks and all have somehow a certain structure which I’ve noted only here that well – u get long intro- & outro-beats in the tracks and this is quite special (when I heard them first I thought there are also instrumentals on it – which is not the case)…
Alright, the content: on the a-side you get the best tracks first that are called “think twice” – damn that beat gets me gooseflesh again n again, and “da cypher” – a nicely relaxed that gave me the sudden insight that I knew this one since long time (y’all know the story – got many dope tunez on some ol’ mixtapes but neva had a clue who performed it…). The b-side comes with the experimental track “thinking man” and the kinda ol’skool soundin’ “tables turn”.
I’m not sure when the release-date was, would guess mid-nineties. The label is Brooklyn Entertainment.

The Kismet_in effect-ep

Well then, hope ya gonna luv this one (at least we do…).