Monday, August 02, 2010

V.A. - Inquisitive Combos

nice lil compilation on the small "Inquisitive Records" label, dropped in 2002.
title of this comp is:

the reason I bought this wax is the side with the 2 tracks from the Michigan crew COMMON GROUND (DJ Heavy, Jayem & J.C. Inquisitive) which are the mellow n easygoing "react" and "yathinkitsjus" which uses pretty crazy samples that convinced me to buy this cheapo some years ago.
the flipside contains a track by Common Ground's main producer: Lacks aka Lacksidaisycal aka Elevator Music... title is "what's up" and the tune is rather kinda club-joint that ain't really my cup of tea. last track on the wax is a beat by Lacks (Elevator Music) - a nice one to relax for sure!
well - hope u gonna enjoy this one....lemme know!

Case Negre

you may assume already by the headline that this twelve is of French origin....
I present you here a nice piece outta 2004 from the crew (LE) CASE NEGRE.
The crew is part of the French Boogotop massiv and from what I know started to get the first shines back in the mid 90s when they were featured on famous DJ Cut Killer's mixtapes. If discogs data's correct then their first own release was in 98 and personally I also only know of the 2 wax mentioned there. you can go the youtube (here) and have a listen...

about this record:
well, as mentioned this was dropped in 2004 (only) but this should not keep u away from givin' it a try (also not cuz it's not an English rappin' record)!
I first saw the main title "bout de vie" on French "zik"-music channel and was blown away by that fuckin sick beat and it's damn heavy bassline! hardcore-tunez for y'all ears!!
but as the record was an independent drop, distribution was freakin' poor and it was a hassle to get such a copy (I finally found one bout 2 years later in a 2nd hand store).
only then I noticed the other 2 tracks on the flipside and was even more happy! not only I had this sick a-sider "bout de vie" but on the flip there was also a really smooth and relaxing track titled "les temps". the last track is called "aux portes de la folie" - another pretty solid track!
well, give it a try and let me know if u feelin this wax too!