Monday, October 20, 2008

Record Salez

Wassup people? This time no review but the chance to you guys to get some records you may have been lookin’ for since ages…
Miro and I are selling some of our spare wax that is lying in our crates. Check our sales-file (link below) and send me your offers (also trades possible). All further information is in the file so get it and check it!

The sales period will be until end of October…

Download Sales-List - get it HERE!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Rose Family

Today some mad nice ish outta Brooklyn from a crew that goes by the name of…

aka THE BLACK ROSE KARTEL. To get more information about this fam from Brownsville I recommend you to hit the discogs entry. There you will also see that parts of this cartel here are also members of the other Wu-related massive called UNITED KINGDOM from which we showed you already a release in here.
The Rose Family was one of the first acts that got signed by the that time rather unknown Rawkus label and also one of the reasons why it got credit. Unfortunately I just know of this one record by the Fam and don’t think there are other drops by them. You can find solo-projects of some of their members and also features they had on other productions but as far as I know this twelve here is the only one from the Fam (correct if I’m wrong!).
The wax was released in 1996 and also there I’m not sure if it ever got an official release as all the copies I’ve seen so far (as you also can see on my label-scan) were promos only…
Anyway, let’s head to the two tracks on that gem. The main title is “beaches & crème” that is a very smooth tune where rhymes flowin’ light-footed over the melodious beat. I also recommend you to check youtube that will show you the clip to this song. the b-side comes with the quite sick n grim “hah!” that I really like. I only knew of the main title and when I first heard the flipside I was like “damn f?!k – what a great tune” so this is why I play this ish more than the other one when I throw the wax on my decks…

The Rose Family_beaches & crème-12”

Lemme know if ya feelin this … peace!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nas (white label)

Alright peeps. Here’s a white label of a rapper you wouldn’t expect to appear in an indy-dedicated blog. Well, I upped this piece upon a request of a very good friend of mine for reasons I’ll come back later in this post.

Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones better known as simply NAS is responsible for this white label rite here that is a fine one-tracker (radio / instrumental) titled “sinful living”. Not many know (even it’s not listed in discogs) that this is available as a 12” (not only on this “It was remixed….rare unreleased & remixed” album from 2004). I’m not sure when exactly the single was dropped but must have been in the late 90s as since then I got that piece in my cratez.
The reason I show this one here in the blog is that my buddy asked me to up it as it is to me n my homes a kind of reminiscing bout our friend Mikey who passed some years ago and these days will be the anniversary of that sad day again. So the track was always one of those we would play back then when we had crazy parties full of booze n other ish and we all know that the tune was one of the most beloved tracks from Mikey!
To all those that dunno this tune I really recommend it. Very smooth melody that easily lets you chill…

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Foot Soljaaz

Back with another obscure record outta my cratez, comin from the crew

FOOT SOLJAAZ. The two-man-strong team is most popular cuz of its track “from hoes to doe” which (at least in my area) got mad airplay and was something you could hear at every good jam that time! DJ Espionage reviewed this wax in his blog so have a look n listen to it if you dunno so far!
Well enuff of dat record, let’s head to the other one I got from those guys. The vinyl was released in the same year as the above mentioned, 1998 that is and was on the same Blak Lable. Foot Soljaaz are ZIG ESP & Otherwize and they both come outta the fields of Californian “Good Life” project. They dropped only few singles (personally I only know of these two here) and then joined and toured with the “Blak Forest” project. Later on Wize continued with his solo-career and dropped sum great tunes as e.g. “some other ish” (blackberry records 1999).
The record starts with the very sec battle-rhyme stylish track “zig e.s.p. & otherwize” where they rep demselves and diss other emcees not keeping it real. The next tune is titled “zonin” and captivates with its constant and slow-moving piano. The winner to me is the last track with the nice title “betta kall it kwitz” – a damn sombre and psychedelic masterpiece!

Foot Soljaaz_zig esp & otherwise-12”

Enjoy and feedbacks always welcome!