Thursday, March 29, 2007


Keeping things in the Bay Area, here is a collection of songs by a crew named KNT (Kali Noize Terrorist or Knuckle Neck Tribe). This is a crew of Filipinos that are apparently in the circle of friends of the Invisbl Skratch Piklz as their releases always featured cuts by Apollo or Q-Bert. Included in this pack are the "Meditation / Now You Know" single (released on Alex Aquino's (ITF founder) label Ace Records, cuts by Apollo), the "Jackin You" 12" and the track "Circles" (cuts by Q-Bert), their contribution to the dope compilation album "Rules of the Game"which featured West Coast acts like Living Legends, Bored Stiff, Mystic ,Mystik Journeymen, Various Blends and others. Don't miss out on this.
Mr Boogie

Double Life

Double Life-Revolutions 12"
Another gem from the Bay Area is this release on Raw Elements Records. Double Life is actually the old crew of L*Roneous (together withGennessee and Raw B) who you should've at least heard of. This 12" features the three songs "Revolutions" (produced by Animation), "No Limitations" (produced by DJ Zeph and also featured on L*Roneous'"Imaginarium" album) and "Regiments" (also produced by DJ Zeph). As withL*Roneous' songs, these are more on the smoothed out tip. Enjoy, Mr Boogie.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Strange Sanity

Strange Sanity-Bronx Breadrens EP
I stumbled across this record by accident. I placed an order at some vinyl mail-order some years ago and needed something to round up the total price to qualify for free shipping. I remember the review said it was some hardcore Bronx stuff. I never heard about that group nor its members (Blak Skar and Del Cloga) but at the price that I bought it (2Euros or something), I thought I'd give it a shot.Now without a doubt the artwork for this 12" is completely wack but listen to the tracks! The first song "Feel us" is a certified banger,reminding me of some of Show & AG's hardest productions. The other songs "Settle The Score", "Glamar 'N Glitta" and "It's A Must" are also solid but "Feel Us" is my favourite. Production was handled by a guy named Phil Rust who I've never heard of before (and after). Even though this 12" was released on Marcion Records (who were distributed by Landspeed) I've never seen this record in stores. If this record crops up on the bay, make sure you cop it as I can imagine it won't go for too much, however this review might change things in the end ;). Greetz, Mr. Boogie


Eva Flo "I'm the One / Whut You Smokin"
This record came out on the well-renowned Fortress Entertainment label in association with Nervous Records. At first I thought this was a single by Breez Evahflowin, so basically I bought this record by mistake while shopping for Breez Evahflowin records on the bay some years ago. Much to my surprise I noticed that both tracks on this slab o' wax were produced by none other than Charlemagne of Natural Elements fam. I gotta admit that these aren't his strongest productions but they're still solid all the way through. My favourite here is the smoothed out"Whut You Smokin". Also check for more information.
peace y'all: Mr. Boogie

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunz of Man

probably the most famous rap-crew outta all those "wu-affiliates". SUNZ OF MAN, consisting of Killah Priest (aka The Iron Sheik From The Middle East), Hell Razah (aka Israel The Arch Angel), Prodigal Sunn and 60 Second Assassin, had their debut in 1994 with their record "soldiers of darkness / five arch angels" and since then dropped several wax (12"s, EPs and LPs). more information is found in and their myspace-address... now back to this EP that has been released in 1998 on Echo Int. Recordings. this fine but very dark and moody EP serves us the 4 mouth-watering songs "who are the sunz of man", "the valley of death", "the valley of kings" and "bring back the mike". check it out n enjoy...

sunz of man_who are the sunz of man_ep

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


and another wax dropped on Jungle Sounds in the mid-nineties. this is the solo-work from the female emcee Mahagony (of Down n Dirty Tribe) and gives you the great song "love is dare".
very dope record!
peace, mirro!

Down n Dirty Tribe

classic indie-record outta 1995, dropped on Jungle Sounds Records. this is the 12" from the DOWN N DIRTY TRIBE. the record comes with the tracks "inna cipher" plus remixes and on the opposite side you'll find "mindtrix".
peace, mirro


awesome release from Canadian rapper THRUST on Blueprint Records in 1998. Thrust, who's been down with hip hop since back in 82, brings you here the outstanding tracks "lights, camera, action" plus remix and on the b-side "rage" (one of my alltime favs!) and the remix of it.
this wax is the bomb and if you hear the tracks then you certainly will realize why this record's on that many wantlists these days!

Slaughterhouse Cartel

excellent but quite overseen record from the SLAUGHTERHOUSE CARTEL. this twelve was released in 2000 on Threshold Records and brings you the 3 grimey tracks "talk of the town", "more of the raw" and "gun clappin'" ft. Bid D. production credits go to DJ Moe Love (of the Ultramagnetic MCs) and Kutmasta Kurt. all in all a very solid record you should easily find in various record stores for very decent prices...


the crew MUDKIDS was formed back in 1997 in Bloomington, Indiana and consists nowadays of DJ Elp-Mass, Choc Soreel, Skittles and DJ Helicon. this piece right here's from 1998, released on Surf Records and serves you "mash it up", "freekya" and "water to earth". now this ain't the only release the catz did and as we got more from dem we'll review them later on in here as well. but for now, enjoy the shizzle right here!

The Jigmastas

presentin you right here some well-known and essential ish from the crew JIGMASTAS (Kriminul, Vince Williamns & DJ Spinna). this fine piece of wax was dropped in the mid-90s on Spinna's Beyond Real Recordings and serves you the tracks "chandon", "iz you dee" and "iz you dee remix". all tracks are IMO some sort of classics and shouldn't be missing in a good record-collection! production was done by Spinna, except the remix which was done by DJ Joc Max.

Mannish (take two)

this is the last single from the crew MANNISH that has been released (Jekill released later on two singles "clear the spot" & "slow burnin" on the ABB-label under his alterego 13) ... this was in 1996, 1 year after their full length (audio sedative) LP and brings the three tracks "tasha's room", chain letter" and "speaker time". all songs are excellent and although I got those Mannish-records since ages I still play them quite often! production on this record's done by Bird-Man, scratches again by DJ Nu-Mark, label is Correct Records...

Mannish (take one)

here's the first review of the L.A. crew MANNISH (Jekill & Jive), released in 1995 on Correct Records. the twelve brings the two tracks "jive u da man" and "mannish". production credits go to B-Zar and Devastatin, scratches done by DJ Nu-Mark. definitely some fine 90s random rap you still should be able to easily find in stores...

mannish_jive u da man-12"

Low Lives

this wax right here comes from a group callin themselves LOW LIVES. the crew did (to my knowledge) only this 12" here. the record contains an interlude "vamps initiation" plus the two tracks "ill rhymes" and "the face/off" from which the first track is definitely my fav. the whole project was released on Marcion Records (same label that also dropped stuff from crews like "Street Connect") in 1997. production credits go to Phil Rust and scratches been done by DJ Ill Will.


excellent release from the crew WALKMEN on the label Cybertek /Atomik Recordings in 1998. the label should be well-known to all those heads that know acts like "Equilibrium", "Clokworx" and "Lil'Sci (of Scienz of Life")". the record comes with the three tracks "fortruss" - which uses heavy sample-parts from John Williams' "the imperial march" (OST: the Empire strikes back), "countdown theory" - using smooth stringsample-parts plus "countdown theory remix" - which sounds more sad than the original version. all production was done by Celph Titled.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


this is the 1999 release on Indus Records from the well-known crew RUBBEROOM outta Chicago. the twelve right here's called "reconstruction" and comes with the tracks "sector rush-rebuilt" and "evil archangels II". these tracks were featured in the same year on their full-length 2LP called "architechnology". great work you should give a listen to...


Delik / Harlem World Entertainment

and another obscure record from the late 90s to which I can't provide much background. the wax was dropped by the emcee DELIK for Harlem World Ent. label in 1997. this "independent-as-f**k" record comes with the tracks "take it to your head" and my personal fav on the b-side "booda 1(one) 2(two)". all production by "the Belizian". definitely worth checking out n big-up to my man Alkuttruz who (if I remember correctly) sold me this wax that time...

harlem world ent._take it to your head-12"


nice example of a typical obscure record from the late nineties! straight outta Albany, NYC this is D-MOB's twelve from 1998, released on High Wire Records. the record gives you totally three tracks which are: "hot days" - an easygoing song for warm summer-evenings, "puffla" - another track that is dedicated to the mighty herbs and "dangerous" - a nice tune using interesting samples that make this track more n more growin on me...

KGB (take two)

this wax here was dropped by KGB after their "bless ya life"-twelve. this record brings you the two awesome tracks "yeah you" and "heads on". dopeness was released in 1996 on Hot Wax / Protect ya Neck Records. some tunes I could spin again n again on my wheels of steel...

KGB (take one)

stayin a while with those wu-affiliates... here's the next crew called KGB (Klik Ga Bow) with their 1995 release on Mascot Records called "bless ya life" & "bless ya life-grim mix". production credits go to 4th Disciple. both mixes got some outstanding samples that instantly burn into yo' headz - I'm luvin' it!

The Nappy Crumb Snatchers

outta Staten Island NY comes the crew NAPPY CRUMB SNATCHERS. as far as I know also to be put into the sector of all those "wu-affiliates". now this gem right here is their "real shaolin EP" from 1995. label of this wax is Black Prince Records. tracklist: "black rain", "from the slums", "lump sums", "mentals of da mind", "zero 8". some good ol dirty rotten steez right here so enjoy!

nappy crumb snatchers_real shaolin ep

Da Noe Doe Network

let's go ahead with another fine EP from that great vintage 1997. released on 4Self Entertainment we present you the crew DA NOE DOE NETWORK from the big apple. the ep has totally 6 tracks plus instrus and is (maybe except track 1 coz of its r'n'b-parts) a pure listening pleasure! tracklist is: "e.n.y. groove", "in a minute (I'm a loose it)", "next stop", take a journey", "yes, yes y'all" and "once upon a time". all production is done by Rock the MC and Skemen (K.C & Gab).

da noe doe network_1997 ep

Adagio! the EP

alright folks. let's continue our reviews. now, in order to complete all our ADAGIO! posts we did so far we definitely need to hit you with that smooth n relexing "new york to philly ep" from those catz!the EP brings you totally 5 tracks plus an intro and is really worth to hunt down even though that might be lil bit difficult these days...
label is Som / EMO Recordings and release-yeas was 1997.
peace n enjoy!

adagio_ny to philly ep

Monday, March 05, 2007

the society of the dead poetz

awesome n quite famous record from 1996, released on Challys Records. this is the twelve from the DEAD POETZ SOCIETY with their bangers "klockuz", "lick a shot" and "lick a shot remix". if you got the chance to grab this wax (for decent prices) then don't miss it. a record that doesn't appear too much in the bay or other record-stores...

stikken moov

let's switch the label and check out some Tape Kingz productions, as for example this release of the crew STIKKEN MOOV from 1995. great record comin with totally 3 tracks! on the a-side there's "q.u. soldiers" and on the b-side you'll find the tracks "life" (feat. M.O.P. and Guru, produced by Guru himself) and the winner (in my opinion) "fatality".
enjoy it! cheers

without a shadow of a doubt!

another excellent release on Yah Supreme's SonDoo label outta 2000. this wax brings the emcee ANOM, spittin his 2 tracks "without a shadow of a doubt" and "open season".
as always - pleasure to hear n have such SonDoo worx so if you see them in your rec-stores layin around (usually also for very decent prices) - check them out!

from the Tuff City....

...-label comes this dopeness right here. this is PHD's 1996 release with the track "kick shit and get high" that features the emcees Poet plus Hostyle & Legacy of the crew Kamikaze / Screwball. on the back-side there's also the track "grand p.o." which mainly uses the same beat as on this reviewed track here but without guest-emcees so I didn't put this one in here.

us plus one

here we go again with a review for which i honestly can't say that much. this group, US PLUS ONE, was totally unknown to me til I bought this wax for few bucks only... the track "murder me" that is ripped on that vinyl is quite smooth and so it finally landed in my cratez. label is Swirl World Recordings (a label I never heard of before), release year is 1996. well, check it out n enjoy!