Friday, September 24, 2010


2nd audio-snack for today - hope y'all gonna enjoy this piece of wax!
the name of the artist here is...

I googled this record and artist and couldn't find any other link than to this twelve here and am not sure if this is his only release.
the wax was dropped in 1999 on Nexus Records and as the run-out is ....001 I assume it was the first (and only?) record on this label .
anyway - on it u gonna find the main title which is pure heat: "supreme soloist". if u dunno then listen to it and I'm sure most of u cats gonna agree this shit gives u "audio-orgasms"!
the b-side brings you "rhymes adventurous" which is a really solid and smooth track and I even can live with that female chorus-part as it somehow fits to the whole melody.

when doing search bout the artist I stumbled upon another cat called SABOTAWJ (check here). name's spelled slightly different and so far I couldn't find out if it's same cat or not (I don't think so...still ain't sure at all). so I sent a message to this Sabotawj and hope I can share more information on this soon...
UPDATE: just got confirmation from Sabotawj that he ain't the Sabotaj reviewed in here..
ps: mad props to my man Mirro who gave me this wax to review in here...nice find homie!

Dr. Becket

after long time my buzy (and honestly also sometimes lazy) ass was able to rip some new stuff for y'all. here's 2 drops from the emcee known as ...

aka Dr Becket. Dude is active since the late 90s already and I'm sury y'all know most of his earlier releases (check discogs and then youtube where u can find lots of his older work). if u wanna get in touch wit him then check his myspace.
back to the twelve here which is available in tha tube but downloading from there is sometimes not known to peeps and then quality may not be best...
here u can get that delicious wax from 2001 with the crazy smooth track "lyrixcism"...relax, puff lah (if u do so) and simply enjoy it! on the flip u get "hittin hardest pt.2" which is solid but isn't as dope as the original.

next piece is an EP titled "docta bec" which is limited to 200 copies only and mad nice considering that the material is from 2007 "only". all the 6 tracks on it are freakin dope - using a lot of laid back jazz n blues tunes. if u didn't hear that wax already def give it a try - this is another record from him that is mad underrated and when looking at all his work I really wonder why dude didn't get more credit in all these years!?!!

Dr. Becket_docta bec-EP

I ain't sure if the Doc put out some more stuff by his own later on (he had some appearances on other works though)...maybe u guys got some more info?
anyway - enjoy the material here and listen to his other works that you can find all over the net, it's def worth it!!!