Thursday, March 26, 2009

Children of the Corn

Today comes a rip from a kind of vinyl I usually do not have in my cratez. It is from the pretty famous crew we all know as ….

As you can guess by the label-scan the wax here is a bootleg but in this case I really didn’t give a damn lil f?ck. this ep has all the dope songs on it plus tracks that ain’t available on wax (at least what I know) so it was the reason to buy this record when it came out (what was the case around 2004-05). Besides the facts above it was also very obvious to buy this EP as all the legit pressings (e.g. “american dream”) were sold at crazy prices those days whereas nowadays one can get such C.o.t.C twelves for a bargain.
So this boot was def the solution to me and cuz u got all those great tracks on it it’s also why I still play it often on my wheels!
Also as far as I know there aren’t many of those pressings around. So far (of course I didn’t check on a regular basis) I haven’t seen any of those poppin up at ebay, gemm, discogs or similar sources and the only country I really found them in stores (online or “live”) were here in good ol Switzerland! I also heard that this boot was done by some Swiss heads and finally pressed in Poland but don’t know if this is true…also rumours about pressing-quantities say that it goes between 300-500pcs. maximum!
Anyway, let’s spill some short facts bout the wax n crew:
The ep brings you the tracks “a star is born”, “American dream”, “fare one pt2”, “get wit it”, “give up the game”, “paint the town red”, “harlem usa” and “harlem usa (uptown)”.
To the crew – well I don’t think I need to repeat what has been said already many many times but if you wanna get some short facts bout the CHILDREN OF THE CORN then click here.

Monday, March 23, 2009

B.E.T. (Brooklyn Essence Team)

Originally I wanted to drop that great twelve from C-Vorheez but I just found out that Sav-One of the Analects reviewed this here.
Well then as a replacement I hit you with this mad nice wax outta BK from …

Usually I love to pass some knowledge bout a record I put in here but this one’s again in the category of “obscure ish with no data”. This simply means that besides the info on the label I cannot share any other useful or reliable data. If u google it then you get about a dozen of ebay-links – all to the same seller who tries to get rid of this wax for the ridiculous amount of 40bucks! It always feels great if u know that u didn’t pay a tenth of such an amount for such obscure vinyl….
Anyway, let’s focus on the content: on the main you get served wit a track called “from dusk till dawn”. This nicely arranged beat has some awesome chorus and keyboard-samples that got me instantly hooked when listenin to it the 1st time!
On the flipside you will find the title “thug sport”. To me this song is rather mediocre, can’t really explain why but maybe some of you might like that tune…gotta form your own opinion on that!
Label-wise this record was released on Soundscope Music – as far as I remember a label I didn’t hear before and the release-year was 1998.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Here’s another record from the 4x4 Records label from which we brought you already the release of One Strength.

This vinyl here’s from to me pretty much unknown rapper DES. He released this twelve in 1996 but when you listen to the 2 tracks then you wouldn’t guess so! both tracks are pretty experimental, especially the b-sider “throw ya hands” that has almost no real bass line and only lives with a few well placed beats n samples here n there! The main track “manetane” on the other hand is kinda trying to balance the lack of melody in the b-sider by almost overwhelming the tune with samples after samples…
Nevertheless don’t get me wrong – I really like that record but those tracks are definitely going under the category of “tracks that need to grown on one” and “manetane” grew a lot on me since I got this wax!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

BBR & BRIZ (Arrakis Records)

In this post I bring you two releases outta the millennium year and from a fine Illadelph indie label that was know as ….

ARRAKIS RECORDS. The label was founded (as far as I know) around the late 90s and had its first releases in this period. I bring you here the releases number 1 and 3 from this label…

The wax that obviously marks the birth of this label (ARRKS01 – runout) is coming from a crew that goes by the name of BBR which is an abbreviation for "Big Brother Resistance".
BBR consists of producer SupremeEx (aka Stinke) and the two emcees Tim T and PCP. The main title is called “spityn’” which is a certified banger that also features emcee BRIZ (will get back at this dude later in this post). The turntable skills were performed by DJ Kwestion who is famous for his contributions on another Phillie-crew – the Jedi Mind Tricks.
The 2nd track is titled “verbal leviathan” - a super relaxed song featuring emcee Kenneth Masters (here credited as the Anonymous) and DJ Charlie Brownski. The bonus cut on this record is a real hidden treasure. “two-o-one-to-the-three” (2013) is the title and this beat is filled with spherical samples that let your minds go on an astral-journey rite away!
Now, as you may see on my label scan this record shows release date 2000 whereas in discogs it says 1998. also the main title is spelled differently but still it has same runout as my copy…. If anyone knows more bout that then please share some light in the comments section…thx!


The third release on the Arrakis label was by a cat named BRIZ…

BRIZ who already spit on BBR’s “spityin’” got here his time to shine when he could release his own twelve with the tracks “cannons” that features the Black Narcissist and on the b-side “streets stages”:
“cannons” is a pretty sombre tune with a sec and constantly repeatin’ guitar-sample. “street stages” is my fav on this vinyl. Also pretty dark in its appearance but definitely with some more power/energy behind than the main title….