Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another record from Mista Onur’s crate – this time from…

MERDAGRAM. The main title on the vinyl is already the best track – “da craziest”. Slow beat, very sweet melody and the 3 emcees rhyming over that construction in a very chilled way – smooth! On the flip side you get the tracks “who’s shorty” where Merdagram are rappin bout the opposite sex. “last birth” is the last tune – a quite turbid one where the beat is really lumberin’ and the organ is also slowin’ down every kinda speed n vitality. Not really my taste but check out by yourself!
anyway, all in all it's a record that I also would luv to own as this main track "da craziest" is so damn thrillin' to me!

Deep Tranz / Street Relics

Well then people! Long time promised and finally here we go. As I said my man Onur (who’s cratez are maaaaad deeeep) dug through his cratez n took out sum nice wax to rep in here. Man, I was able to rip only sum of em yet but all are very obscure and even I had to admit that sum of dem were totally unknown to me…whatever, let’s start wit a nice split-12” from…

I don’t have much to say bout the 2 acts here. As far as I know Deep Tranz is outta Brooklyn, Street Relics from Queens. The a-side with Deep Tranz brings the tracks “it’s only getting’ worse” and “handle your biz”. On the other side you find Street Relics’ “life becomes” and “combine for wartime”. All tracks are quite dark n grime – just the ish that keeps my head noddin!

The wax was released on the Queens label Kombined Mindz Ent. that is run by Ron Mills and Cee da Cuban. Their goal was to bring out new talents with their label and so they also helped other cats like e.g. NUT-RAGOUS to release stuff. In 2002 they also dropped a full length CD titled “the collection” which is also pretty dope.

Deep Tranz/Street Relics_Split-12”

Btw: if you wanna hear two more tracks of Deep Tranz (one of them is pretty dope and features 8Off) then hit this site here.


Here we go with two very nice records of an emcee straight outta Queens, NYC…

ODIN. Besides where this homie is comin from I cannot share much other information, except the usual data from the record labels.
I’m not sure as I never seen any other wax from this guy but would say that he just dropped those 2 records Ima present you now.

The first one was dropped in 1995 on the Foot Stompin’ Records label. I’m not 100% sure but I think this is Pal Joey’s label that also did all production on both records.
The record has the track “another day” in original and 2 remix versions on it from which I definitely prefer “pal joey’s mix”. This version may sound familiar to those that also know the mixes by Alkuttraz who used this track once.

Odin_another day-12”

The other release was dropped in 1996 on the same label and again with Pal on the production.
On the wax you find the a-sider called “trees” that is about reppin’ himself and also kinda dedicated to the weed-smokin community out there.
On the flip is my fav (a track that got lots of airplay in 96-98 on my favorite Swiss radio stations) titled “casualties”. IMO a real head-nodder!



Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ANG 13

Today sum female power to slap round yo ears…

ANG 13 is a multitalent when it comes to Hip Hop as she ain’t only reppin her skillz on the mic but also as producer and even as actress. Angela started it all with the lovely age of thirteen (therefore ANG 13), went from break-dancing to graffiti and then to emcee & producer. As she’s from Chi-Town it was kinda fate that she would meet the crazy producer-combo THE MOLEMEN. So eventually it was also those guys that helped her to break thru and be able to drop some of her first releases so this is what I gonna up here. This record-release on the very small NMotion label was back in 1998 and the EP goes under the name of “1999 EP”. Most of the production is done by the Molemen and all told, the record is very solid IMO. If i had to choose then I’d name “what it’s like now” as my favourite on this wax.
What I really like about this emcee is that she ain’t sort of the “typical female bitch-mcs” that is mainly rappin bout clothes, dudes nu car, sex, who got the biggest tits and how to steal a man’s dough!

ANG 13_1999-ep

The lady is still at work so check out her myspace to find out some more!


Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Alright, one about a dope Canadian producer….

2RUDE. I learned bout this cat when first heard his track “is u” on a mix some years ago. Immediately this man got credits and so I started lookin’ for his records when I was digging and it didn’t take me that long to get a hold of his first 12” he dropped in 1998 on the Canadian Ill Vibe Records label, titled “innovations”.
This tune is a rather smooth one that can show off with some great vocal parts by well known emcees SAUKRATES & PHARAO MONCH.


Little bit later on (as it’s quite easy to find them and also for very decent prices) I stumbled over the wax I was originally lookin’ for: “is u” that features emcee DARKMAN of the Shadow Mobstaz. Now this track is my shit – dark n grim so that also Darkman’s voice perfectly fits into the whole construction…

2Rude_is u-12”

2Rude released a full length called “Rudimental2K” that was sort of ground breaking in Canada and received many highly respected awards. Nowadays this guy is still in biz so I u wanna know more then if recommend to hit his myspace or his homepage.