Friday, December 29, 2006

flashin diamond...

another dope late-90s release from the well-known label Tape Kingz. this is the emcee KHARI SANTIAGO servin two fine tracks - "flashin diamonds" and "submariner".
peace, mirro

khari santiago_flashin diamonds-12"

deep in the water...

excellent ep from the SUNZ OF MAN! just love that one cuz it's so damn sick! this wax, released in 98 on Echo Int. contains four tracks: "deep in the water", "write & rhymes with a liquid pen", "in the beginning" and "the sins of man". from psycho to horrorcore, everthing an indie-head needs! enjoy...

sunz of man_deep in the water-ep

these mad headz!

great record from the british crew THE BROTHERHOOD! this wax, released in 1996 on Virgin Records brings the track "mad headz" in two versions - the "more edz remix" and the "dj crystyl remix".... mad sh*t!!

the brotherhood_madheadz-12"

misunderstood the name of this group that released this record here in 1995 on Front Page Music. the tracks "the real ruff & rugged" and "one to one" are both produced by none else than KRS One.

misunderstood_real ruff & rugged-12"

Thursday, December 28, 2006

life or death?

here comes the first review from this emcee goin by the name of DA GREAT DEITY DAH (aka Da-Smoov). from time to time we'll bring more from this cat as this ain't his only release on wax ... well, let's go back to this one. it's the 96-bomb "life or death, the EP (here and thereafter)" dropped on the label Royal Alchemist Records. on this fine record you find the tracks "life or death-holy eucharist mix", "life or death-hades mix", "dapper, a nappy headed underground rapper", "mind skills", "middle passage ft. the Mystical Pharaos", "how to author a great rhyme" plus a freestyle.... great stuff right here, no doubt bout that!

da great deity dah_life or death-ep

Thursday, December 21, 2006

his thesis...

IMPORTANT! screwed up the link and peps who downloaded got the Feel-X ft. Channel Live track instead of that one here. Link is now updated so you can DL the real again! sorry for that mistake!

great and absolut smooth production from 1997 on Die Hard Records. GENOVESEE drops his "genovesee's thesis" - a track that also got featured on JR Ewings mixtapes.

genovesee-genovesee thesis

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

good compositions...

here we go with another release from the ABORIGINALS. the record was released in 1997 on MeccaLife Ent. and brings the three fine tracks "chemistry", "compositions" and "QNA". the last track mentioned here features well-known rapper Mike Zoot.

my tip: search it, find it, get it!


Saturday, December 16, 2006


great release on Superregular Recordings - OUTERSPACE (affiliated with the Jedi Mind Tricks) got this 12" containing the tracks "we lyve" and "elements". Both tracks are taken from that "Jedi Mind Tricks presents Outerspace EP"...


outerspace_we lyve-12"

rock on!

usually i don't touch records from Slammin Records as it's mostly that kinda partybreaks i'm really not after. but this is worth an exemption! released in 1997 it features the ICF that brings two tracks "rock on" and "now or never" and a remix.

enjoy it, mirro

icf_rock on-12"

some fondle'em stuff...

again a fantastic release on Bobbito's label Fondle'Em; not 100% sure but think dropped in 2000. JAKKI THA MOTA MOUTH (from MHZ) is responsible for this two-track-twelve with the songs "widespread" and "the chosen".

peace, mirro

jakki tha mota mouth_widespread-12"

da mowf of madness!

emcee DANJA MOWF (Tha Supafriendz) released this record here in 1998 on 804 Flava Records. the name of the track is "mowf of madness" and comes with a fine remix. also features Mad Skillz!
enjoy it...

danja mowf_mowf of madness-12"

time to shine...

... and time to review this 97 release from BRAINSICK ENT. for all those of you that missed this 12" so far. the emcees Blkstar and Jack the Ripper bring the two tracks "time to shine" and "playin' for keeps". pure dopenessss... released on United Recordings Inc.

brainsick_time to shine-12"

Thursday, December 14, 2006

a 7-incher....

... I present you here. this is the 2004 mini-wax bringin the song from PLANET ASIA - FULL COURSE MEALS in the cool remix version from Pete Rock. this shizzle was released on HipHopSite Recordings in 2004.

planet asia_full course meals rmx-7"

a dope re-issue!

never been able to get the original pressing of these joints but thankfully Armory Records re-issued the tracks performed by LPSD - "back atcha" and MOST DESH -"microphone enhancer" (originally released on Most Desh's 95 "hip hop is livin EP"). the re-issue is from 2004 and already hard to get. there are even two versions (black vinyl, limited to some thousands and red vinyl, limited to 300 or 500 pcs.)
wanna know more bout LPSD =>

LPSD & MOst Desh_split-12"

smoothest selections...

this is the 97 EP from the Japanese DJ KRUSH. The EP brings selected tracks from his 2LP "Milight" and is pure dope (IMO coz of Finsta Bundy's contribution - Supanova..but ya'll know I'm a FB-addict!). Printed and released by the UK label Mo'Wax this gem gives you totally 4 tracks: MOS DEF - Shinjiro, SHAWN J PERIOD - Listen, TRAGEDY - Real and FINSTA BUNDY - Supanova. all great productions by the master of the beat himself (except the Shawn Period track which I didn't feel at all, so not included here in the rip)! if you gotta chance to lay yo' hands on either the EP or the it! you won't regret that!

DJ Krush_selections ep

some last minute action...

this gem here is a lil' less known than the other "famous" wax by FEEL X & CHANNEL LIVE ("x marks da spot"). this record here comes with the track "last minute cleanup" that features Channel Live as well as KRS ONE. on the other side you find another dope song, this time featured by the emcees BIG SIN, J-GETM & G-SHARP. both tracks were produced by Domingo. release-date is not known but I'd guess somewhen in the late 90s...

enjoy this...

feel x_split-12"

Saturday, December 09, 2006

from time to time...

... there must be a Fondle'Em review in this blog (as we have plenty o' records from that label). so today we're dealing with the wax from MHZ (camu, tao & copywrite emcee 78...) that comes with the sick track "camu" and the rather smooth "world premier". released in 1998...

mhz_world premier-12"

diamonds are forever!

... and so is this gem from the DIAMOND MERCENARIES. promo-release on Conception Records with the track "diamonds are forever". nice obscure record from the late 90s!

diamond mercenaries_diamonds-12"

and the last MBP...

...i present you in here is this split-12" from the MONEY BOSS PLAYERS with the track "gunplay". this is my alltime fav of the mbp-songs and was released somewhen in the late 90s on Code Noire Records. Backside brings the song "curazon" performed by lord tariq but isn't worth rippin it...
to the headz that might be lookin for the famous 94-ep "ghetto chronicles daily", this will not be presented in here as you'll easily find this on many other blogs and sites. also the last mbp-12" i know of, "walk with the limp" can't be presented here due to the absence in my cratez (so far...).
cheerz, ral


must be the MBP...

... if it sounds that way! much appreciated record including the track "area code 212". not sure when exactly in the 90s this vinyl has been pressed on the label Warning Records...

mbp_area code 212

MBP do it again...

again in 96 the MONEY BOSS PLAYERS kicked out another track which was pressed on a split-twelve that had a track by eightball & mjg and the backside (which is not worth rippin). the track, released on Red Hot / East West Records is called "games" and is another mbp-banger!


MBP strikes back...

a year later the MONEY BOSS PLAYERS dropped another bomb-twelve on Qwest Records in 1996. the wax comes witta 2 tracks "bronx niggas" and "mind, body and soul". once again this is some typically aggressive MBP-style - dope!

mbp_bronx niggas-12"

presentin' the money boss players!

startin now with a short review about single releases of the MONEY BOSS PLAYERS (mcs lord tariq, eddie cheeba n producer minnesota). here we go with the 1st piece, a twelve dropped independently on MBP-Ent. in 1995 with the two tracks "killed in the crap game" and "players pinnacle". more to come...

mbp_killed in the crap game-12"

Thursday, December 07, 2006

a label says goodbye...

this is the last release that got the Fondle'em stamp on it. here already in co-operation with Def Jux this 2001 twelve brings you the "Fondle'em fossils" - represented by DJ eli, breeze, godfather don, q-unique, j-treds & mf doom, a remix-version by el-p and the great bonus track "feelin da high", performed by the Dysfunctional Family(!). dope, dope, dope...
note: we're celebratin right here our 100 post! wow, that was kinda quick it seemed to us... stay tuned for more fine underground gemz....

va_fondle'em fossils-12"

how that sound?

another Tape Kingz-jewel right here. this is FISH B ONE (from the Bushwackas, post presented earlier in this blog) with his two pieces "how that sound" and "get it on". not sure bout the release date but would guess around 96-97...

fish b one-how that sound-12"

got dat lyrical flava?

awesome release from 1996 on Phat Wax Records - this is PRINCE AD and PSYCHO CHILD with their banger "lyrical flava".
enjoy it, mirro

prince ad & psycho child_lyrical flava-12"

what i suggest... to give this ep by C.A.N.E a try. very good release with totally 4 tracks from which 2 - "what i suggest" and "there's a war outside" are making this wax worth buyin' it. indie-release on M.O.M.S recordings, can't tell you which year exactly...

cane-what i suggest-12"

when time is running out...

... then there is always still some time to listen to this cat! COVER brings on his 96-release with the two bombs "time is running out" and "i'm trapped". released on echo/mad dog ent. pure dope for your ears!

cover-time is running out-12"

above the limits!

nice indie-release straight from 98. JINX DA JUVY is da man droppin his rhymes over the two tracks "above the limits" and "um' tha future". um' that's some great stuff right here i'd say...released on Black Cartel Ent./Medina Records.

jinx da juvy-above the limits-12"

showing roads out the ghetto

ultimatively dope twelve from the Natural Elements affiliates NIGHTBREED. this delicious twelve comes with three dope tracks: "2 roads out the ghetto", "long time coming" and "ruckus". released on Fortress Entertainment in 1998!
enjoy this!

nightbreed-2 roads out the ghetto-12"

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

from NZ to the BK...

... raps mc FINSTA on this UK-production by Del Rey on Elephant Records, dropped "lately" in 2005. easy n relaxin track with Finsta rhymin bout the time he had in New Zealand.

del rey & finsta_nz to the bk


most definitely one of my most beloved gemz. the japanese DJ TONK released this twelve in 2000 on Groove Guru Ent. the banger here is "bushwicked" that features one of my most fav mcs, FINSTA!


dj tonk & finsta-bushwicked

the Judas Theory

this is a fine testpressing that includes the great diss-track from TRAGEDY. tragedy aims in this tracks at his former partners Capone N Noreaga. the name of the track is "judas theory", is featured by MOBB DEEP and was dropped somwhen in the mid-90s.

tragedy-judas theory

sly rhymes on here...

presentin you the twelve from ROB SWIFT (of the X-ecutioners) ft. CRACKER JAX. track titles are: "sly rhymes" and "nickel and dime". released on Fat Beats in the mid-late 90s.

rob swift_sly rhymes-12"

straight from the blackmarket

fascinating single-release from the 95-album Blackmarket Unreleased, dropped on Freeze Records. comes witta 2 tracks "remedy man" performed by SHANOW and "evil twin glockz" by the EVIL TWINZ. enjoy...


here & now!

very nice and mad overseen indie from 1997, released on Yellow Productions. the crew GET OPEN comes with tracks such as "here & now", "g.e.t.o.p.e.n. ft. Sadat X", "smooth & easy" and "here & now remix". just love that shit!

get open_here & now-12"

Monday, December 04, 2006

the mobb representers

great song from 1997, released on World Wide Ent. THE MAFIOSO CRIME FAMILY spits their "diniro" which is smoothest dopeness!
enjoy it!

mafioso crime family-diniro

what's the impact?

... ask the RUGGED BROOD featured by SHAMUS on this twelve from 1998. released as usual when it's these cats repin' tha mic on Raw Track records. the track's named, as mentioned in the headline, "what's the impact".

rugged brood_whats the impact

some of the smoothest productions...

...come from the KHROMOZOMES. this ep's called The Khromzome Project, was released in 96 on Sepia Ent. and serves two beats, an outro and (put in here) two tracks with rhymes: "death brings the light" ft. Abseloote and "star of the show" ft. Dynomite. awesome production!

khromozomes-khromozome project ep

most famous/wanted inner city blues

a real gem we present you this time and as we both had very hard times until we finally got this jewel in our cratez we just had to post it! REZIDUE's well known "inner city blues" n "dropin' rezidue" released in 1997 on Database Recordings - nuff said!

rezidue-inner city blues-12"

pushin dem wiggz back!

fascinatin' release from the canadian rapper MAESTRO (Fresh Wes). dropped on his own label Maestro Records in 1996 comes this twelve witta 2 dope tracks "death ministry" ft. GAUGE and "pushin wiggz back". one of my most beloved records in my delicious cratez...sweetness!

mirro aka maestro (aightgenossen)

maestro-death ministry-12"

it it ain't raw...

... then it ain't da NUMSKULLZ! very dope banger from this indie-crew that was also featured on JR Ewing's mixtapes that should be well known to ya headz! left the a-side "i apologize" outta this rip as i just don't like that kinda-gay-soundin-like-chorus at all...released on GAP Town Recordings in 1997 as far as i can remember.

numskullz-if it ain't raw

blood, sweat n glory!

canadian cream again! fine 1997 release on 7Bills Ent. from the crew GHETTO CONCEPT. the record comes witta totally 3 tracks: "krazy world", "blood sweat n glory" plus "livin it up". "blood sweat n glory" is definitely the best song - thrills me each time i'm listening to it!

peace, mirro

ghetto concept-blood sweat n glory

Friday, December 01, 2006

this typ a sh*t...

... makes me headnod every time! producers AQUASKY originally made this track "raw skillz" that features mc BIG KWAM. now this is the awesome remix by the BEATMINERZ that comes so grimly! exactly my style... keeps yo' speakers bumpin' - guaranteed! dropped on Passenger Records in 1997, only as promo version, as far as i know...

aquasky_raw skillz-12"

some words from the lord e.

fine late-90 sh.t (1997 to be exact) from the mc LORD ETERNAL. totally 3 tracks from which you'll find two right here ("drama- jail mix" & "lord e."). label is Slick Boogie Records.

lord e_drama-12"

rawcotiks - take four!

and number four outta the short RAWCOTIKS reviews. dropped on opposition records in 2000 the twelve brings the two tracks "nevertheless" and "real heads".

enjoy it...


rawcotiks - take three!

next one from the RAWCOTIKS. this time it's "magic chef" and "live your life". label is First Try Ent.

rawcotiks_magic chef-12"

rawcotiks - take two!

next release from the RAWCOTIKS. this one here was kicked out on Freeze Records and comes witta tracks "hardcore hip hop" and a remix by dj premier plus the bonus track "life that i'm livin". nice stuff and always good to put on the decks.

rawcotiks_hardcore hip hop-12"

rawcotiks - take one!

upon request here's the first release from the crew RAWCOTIKS with the banger "going all out" and the b-side "what it look like". dropped in 1997 on First Try Ent.
... more to come from this crew...

rawcotiks- going all out-12"