Wednesday, August 31, 2011

D.Evilman ft. Paranorm

next joint from PARANORM, this time with D.EVILMAN and DJ STRICTNINE on the sets.

this is the GOD VS THE DEVIL EP and it totally contains 4 mind-blowing tracks (also counting that intro-song which is a bit short but still dope as hell!).

again, I just love all the tracks on it but if I had to choose one then it'd be "the god vs the devil"....wanna now why? well - just listen!

the record was dropped back in 99 (the CD a year before in 98) on the Fistfulyayen Label, distribution also by Superscience Sex (like the Omnigod-12").

again full 320kbps rip with all instrumentals etc. available on that wax - enjoy!


aight...u thought that blog was dead?

well, personally I had the same feelings for long time for various reasons. main thing surely was that my damn laptop has a loose contact which results in mono recordings only (great!). then I was and am freakily busy with my job, fam etc.

well, since my homie Hightower (check for "TheMrHightower" on youtube where he is reviewin crazy stuff) ripped these vinyls for me I'm able to finally spread again some great music...hope u gonna enjoy!

In march 2010 I already made a review about the good man PARANORM. meanwhile I got in contact with him and he was kind enough to send me some amazing records which Ima present u now.

first is his contribution in the crew OMNIGOD (= Paranorm, DJ Doz, Another Dimension & Shinichi). this wax was released in 2002 on the Superscience Sex label and according to Paranorm only pressed about 100 times! the 3 tracks on it are all pure fire but personally I dig the "keep my head up" joint the most...but listen urself and decide.

NOTE: this is a full rip including clean, dirty versions and instrumentals plus the shit is in high-quality 320kbps - enjoy!!!

and mad props again to Hightower for the ripz!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Docta Bec Announcement

what's good peepz. lil' notice to ya'll bout Docta Bec:

hit my man Jaz's blog CRDS (here) and find a great interview with Bec plus nice tunes and exclusive (unreleased) material from him.