Wednesday, September 30, 2009

U.G.O. (Unbiased Ghetto Opinion)

wassup folkz? here's a short post bout the man...

... U.G.O. - which is the abbreviation for Unbiased Ghetto Opinion.
this wax here is his first effort (outta 3 drops totally) and contains the well known burner "blowin spots" and a 2nd track titled "bran nu flow".
both cuts are great IMO....dark, slow n grim stuff, just what I like!
the record was released in 1994 on Eagle Entertainment...

besides this wax, as mentioned, homie dropped 2 other records (check in discogs). I think so far I never heard that "blowin spots remix-12" that was on a white label only. if any1 got it would be mad appreciated to share in the comments section, thanks!
the 2nd wax he released also contains "blowin spots" but the 2nd track on it is titled "straight from the heart" ... click here to check the clip to this gem!


Thursday, September 03, 2009

Re-Upped on Request

hey folks - short post with some stuff I re-upped upon personal requests...enjoy!
new posts will also come soon (guess I gonna find some time this weekend to dig a lil in my cratez and rip 1 or 2 records from there...)!