Tuesday, November 24, 2009


nice twelve from the UK label Pussy Foot Records.
back in 1995 the London based label released this quite dope wax from ...

... DOBIE. on the AA side u get served with "original heads" that features OLA the Soul Controller and this shit's a certified head-nodder!
the flip side brings a club mix à la AV8 records at its best - not my thang for sure n therefore not ripped & available in here. but the last track luckily is pure butter again: "luv n hate (can never be friends)" with Rodney P. and Don E.

Black Mongoose

here's an EP that was posted already like 2 years ago or so on our blog but since the quality of the rip was rather poor I bring u a new rip of that butter wax.

BLACK MONGOOSE is reppin the mic on this 4 track EP that was released 1999 on Armored Records.
no clue who this cat is n also his web-address ain't workin no more (did it ever?).
as usual - if u can spread some more info then welcome to share in the comments section.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Some Re-Ups...

what's good peepz? here some re-ups u guys requested lately - enjoy.
more new posts should hopefully been upped soon (I'm just too busy...)!