Thursday, May 31, 2007

VA - a dedication to Footwork Illadelph

Next one is a pretty obscure record i didn’t pay lots of attention when i saw it in the cratez (back in 1999 when it came out). But when my man Mirro told me that I need to listen that ish I gave it a chance and finally bought it – cuz this ish is dope!
The whole twelve is a dedication to FOOTWORK ILLADELPH, a company run by Bobbito and Rich Medina (and others) that always tried to promote local projects for vinyl, footwear, clothing, wall arts etc. and even had a lil' stage in the back for shows!
Unfortunately also this project came to an end and I assume that this twelve is some dedication to that “institution”.

Now about the vinyl. This record, that was released on “Come Correct” was dropped, as I mentioned before, in 1999. on it you gonna find 3 tracks, all performed by various artists so here’s the list: Baby Blak (of Ill Advised) – “real mc”; Chief Kamachi, Rasheed & Rich Medina – “J. Edgar Hoover” and Krush B. – “hold it down”.

va_footwork illadelph-12”

Alright, enjoy!

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Da Hangmen F.I.G.A.'S

This review’s bout a crew that calls themselves DA HANGMEN F.I.G.A.’S.

In fact there ain’t much to tell ya bout the crew or its members as I couldn’t find any helpful information so far so this review’s gonna be short.
The wax right here was dropped by the crew in 1999 on the NY indie-label “Buck n Run Ent.” and had its distribution over AV8-records.
On the twelve you find the tracks “my life” (the winner on this wax) and the b-sider “stuck n da game”. Well the 2nd track has too much r’n’b-parts in it that (to me) just kill the whole track but still I ripped it so you can make your own decision.

Da hangmen figas_my life-12”

Besides this record in know that the crew had at least another release in 1995 with the track-title “hood love”. If someone got that hook us up with it, really appreciate that!

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Some Requests...

Greetings fellas!

Just a short post with some requests i was finally able to rip so feel free to grab'em!
Enjoy n peace out!

Company flow_8 steps-the lost mix (Official Recordings 1997)

Redlife_the night’s young (B.E. Records 1997)

Mizchif_place for a wife (Fondle’Em 199?)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hollow Point

Damn, another classic indie-ep (in my opinion this terminus fits quite well)!
Today I hitcha with some “hollow point” ish….

Nah, it ain’t bout bullets n gunz yo’ even though this crew right here most probably got the name-idea HOLLOW POINT from that…

This group started their work back in 1996 on the well known JIHAD Records (we already reviewed the 1st Jihad-release from “Raw Division – language of the drumz” in here). In that year the catz dropped their debut that was the “whose eye’s EP”. On that lovely piece o’ wax ya gonna find the tracks “whose eye’s”, “where we from” (using the same sample as the NYCP-cheeba cheeba-12” we presented in April) and on the b-side “every which way” and “clicks like gunz” (my absolute fav on this gem!).

Hollow point_whose eye’s ep

Besides this ep the crew dropped two other bombs on the Jihad label in 1997. the first of them is the “five g’s and rising b/w back to reality” and the second “last days (3 chapters) ep”.
Unfortunately I don’t have these 2 jewels in my cratez (not yet…) so feel free if u wanna contribute to this review and up those records!

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alright, my man "serch4beatz" just hooked me up with his Hillfiguz EP i was talkin bout yesterday so enjoy! thanx senor - we all appreciate that!

hillfiguz ep

The crew HILLFIGUZ had their zenith in the late nineties when they’re able to release their stuff on the well-known indie-label of Stretch Armstrong – Dolo Records. What also helped the crew in order to get more famous in the biz was that DJ PREMIER featured them in 96 on his “Crooklyn Cuts Tape A” (track was: too many times) and 1 year later on “Crooklyn Cuts Tape D” (with the track: up on prospect). Also in 97 Stretch Armstrong promoted the crew on his “Lesson 1” CD where those catz contributed with their song “not enuff time”.

Now let’s get back to the vinyl-releases. The debut took place in 1996 on Dolo Records with the two bangers “up on prospect” and the flipside “boom!” Stretch Armstrong did his fine-tuning on both tracks while acting as executive producer on that twelve.

hillfiguz_up on prospect-12“

one year later the Hillfiguz dropped their second wax on Dolo – this time it brought the tracks „not enuff time” and “da broke theory”. Again the guys managed to release a record that is somehow a classic and shouldn’t be missing in any good crate!

hillfiguz_not enuff time-12“

to complete their discography I need to add that the crew had around 97/98 an EP that was not on any label. The EP basically served the same tracks as on those two Dolo-releases but also brought 2 additional tracks that are “pain” and “heaven, youth, hell ft. Tricky”. Unfortunately I don’t have this EP (too expensive compared to what’cha get) but maybe my man “Serch4Beatz” can up this!?! I know u got it so your up’d be highly appreciated, thanx!

“I gotta hustle sometime and get mine – even if my life’s on the line” (from the track “da broke theory”)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kaotic Style

‘sup people? Back on the shizzle with a short review of emcee KAOTIC STYLE. Unfortunately I don’t have that much information bout the cat and also I don’t own all of his vinyl-releases but here you can have a look at two of his releases at least. but 1st ya need to know that KS had his debut already back in 94 with his “diamond in da ruff” EP…
Anyway, let’s head towards tha wax! The first’s bout the 1995 release on Wreck Records that brings you the tracks “get in where you fit in” and “down 4 whatever”. Dope-ass n aggressive rhymes with phattest bass-lines – gotta luv that!

Kaotic style_get in where you fit in-12”

The next wax I got by the man was then dropped in 1997 on Organized Recordings and serves you the songs “top billin 97” and “da ones ft. Memphis Bleek”. Very solid record and also nowadays both quite easy to source. Ya like it? Then let yo’ cratez grow man!

Kaotic style_top billin 97-12”

OK, now if you guys have any files of the other releases by KS then you’re most welcome to share them in here as well so we can somehow offer a great discography of this man!


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Aight visitors!
We got many requests from peepz askin (again) for full vls-rips (means incl. instrumentals, accapellas and clean-versions)… well, to those guys:
Either it is that you can’t read / didn’t read careful enuff / didn’t check the whole blog & our comments or then it is cuz u simply dumb! So let’s make this clear once for all:
We ain’t serving u with instrumentals or accapellas etc.! this blog’s aim is to provide information of overseen independent artists so you can get them yourselves (and/or find out what you might have missed as well and would like to get it now for your cratez). The sound-files we deliver are a bonus and we will only rip the songs we like and would also put in our portable devices to listen to them throughout the whole world…
As we both are tired of the senseless comments in the shout-box we decided to kick that out again, sorry. Leave your (real and good) comments in the comment-section, we appreciate that!

And to them peepz that use the sh*t in above picture and therefore always screamin’ for full-rips: F**K OFF and stick this sh*tty device deep up your...

Last but not least we’d like to thank all the real heads out there that showed us love for what we been doin’ and also big up and 1 to all the artists and crews that sent us their credits!
This ain’t the end – we won’t bounce back biiiatchez!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Street Connect

STREET CONNECT (are E.T., Struc Val, B.O.B. & Monterey) is the crew for today’s review. Them catz is reppin South Jamaica, Queens and in our blog we bring you the 2 first releases they did.
The crew was that time signed on the Marcion label that is owned by Swiss producer Phil Rust. The Marcion label again is a subdivision of Music Family Inc. that is (if I'm not wrong) run by another Swiss named Heinz Zwahlen. So you see this is definitely some ish for us as it brings the typical ruff hustling-4-life lyrics combined with the fat beatz and the usual Swiss concision!

The debut of this crew was in 1997 with their smashin’ twelve “all up in da game” and “rollin’ over you”.
Both tracks are amazin’ and serve fresh beats combined with melodic and multi-layered vocals over them. Hot sh*t – nuff said!

street connect_all up in da game-12”

the follow-up took place two years later (you’re correct, that’s 1999 then!). this time it features the tracks “soul for real” and “hood niggaz”. This twelve is still very solid but not that mind-blowing compared to the other record. Still it’s worth checkin out and also to cop if you see it for a good price!

street connect_soul for real-12”

the crew also released an album in 2001 and was featured on Lost Boyz “LB IV Life” album as well. These are the last life-signs I’m aware of but if you know more, let us know!
Wanna more bout the crew and the label then click here!

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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Today’s post is all about emcee GAUGE. In fact I couldn’t find out much bout this rapper so need to share the lil’ I can…
To my knowledge his first appearance on wax was a feature-part on “Maestro Fresh Wes’ – pray to da east pt.2”, that came out in 1994. the next life-sign of him was then found in 1996 when he was again guest-rapper on “Maestro’s – death ministry” (we presented earlier in this blog already). In the same year his buddy Maestro helped him droppin’ his first solo-work, so here we start…

This debut was the single “cranium b/w breathless” and he could release that thanks to the efforts of Maestro who “signed him” to his own “Maestro Records” and let him do his thang.
Both tracks are just amazing but I personally like “breathless” lil’ bit more than the “cranium” song but I guess that’s only cuz I listened too many times to the other song already…


His second release was then one year later (1997) again on Maestro Records. This time GAUGE hit the crowd with the track “off key” – a song I first thought is solid but not more. But by listening to it more and more I really got in luv with that ish (say, I needed to “grow” on that one). On the flipside he put the “cranium remix” that features emcees “Phantasm and UG from the CELLA DWELLAS” and as that time I was on the crazy hunt for all of the Dwellas stuff I had to cop this one…

Gauge_Off key-12”

The last release from this man (besides his appearances on compilations like “Superrapin’ Vol.2”, “Freestyle Frenzy “ …) was this wax here. This twelve had the tracks “insane”, produced by none less than famous Nick Wiz and “bring it to me” that featured rappers Phantasm (of Cella Dwellas) and Special Ed.


“inhale – exhale, comin’ atcha with a speed…breathless” (from the track “breathless”)

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


CLOKWORX was established in 1997 as a branch of the “Secret Service Crew” (Vocab, Products, One Verse, AOI, Non-Prophets, Sage Francis and Oktagon Supreme) by the members AmsUno, PhesOne and DJ Orator. They hit the crowd one year later with their 1st single with the goal to start a direct rebellion against all sorts of efforts that would soften rap (Hip Hop's ever growing fascination with the glittery, glamorous world of champagne and caviar created an overabundance of music whose style heavily outweighed its substance!). nowadays the crew is still alive (check here) and doin their thing. AmsUno also did several solo-releases you should be able to easily find in stores and that are really worth givin’ a try!

Aight, let’s start the reviews. We gonna present you here only their first two releases. Both are out of print nowadays whereas it should be easy for y’all to get/buy their newer stuff (support the artist!).
This is the debut of the crew, released in 1998/99 on Commonwealth Ent. This cream offers totally 3 tracks: “mental flux”, “time in this career” (my winner) and “world of truth”.

ClokWorx_mental flux-12”

The next release by those catz was on a label you should know when regularly readin’ our blog. It’s the Cybertek label (Lil’ Sci, Equilibrium, Walkmen…) and release year was 2001. the twelve serves you the great tracks “preservatives” and “who’s that”, both produced by Celph Titled and “robots”, produced by D-Tension.


Well then, enjoy!

Yo this is dedicated to you wack MC's / Who are uneducated and you lack degrees / Cause when you rap for G's and react for fees / We attack MC's and cause catastrophes

(from the track “who’s that”)

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NINE, who’s civil name is D. Keyes, started his career in the late 80s. That time this NY-emcee was joined together with well-known DJ Funkmaster Flex in a group called “The Masters of Funk” (released among others tracks as “go bang”, “six million ways to die”). This is the time when he still called himself “Nine Double M”, what he later on shortened to “9 Double M” and finally to simply “Nine”. The reason for this name is obvious as he was born on 9.9.1969, his shoe size is 9 and guess his lucky number?.... I think you get it!
Now, NINE, as he’s known nowadays, dropped his 1st record under this name in 1993/94 with his smashin’ single “whutcha want” and then had many other single and album releases within the next decade (see more here).

Alright, that’s the basics of this man so let’s get to some of his more exclusive work. We’ll only present here the releases that are rather hard to find n not that well known.
The 1st piece is a record that was not on any label and dropped in 1996. it brings the 2 awesome tracks “when the shit hits the fan” and “ghetto near you”. Raw, dark and slow beatz with Nine’s typically ruff voice over them, that’s how I’m luvin’ it!

Next jewel is again such a “no-label-production” and to my knowledge it was also dropped in the same period (1996/97). On this wax you gonna find the two songs “the veteran” (solid mix but lil’ bit to “soft” for a rapper like NINE) and my winner on this “rah digga”.

And to the last one: on this track you find a collaboration between NINE and the crew DEMASTAS (name variation: Demasters). This 1-track-single features the following “feel no guilt” track. Note: there are at least two version of this wax out there. The one you see here “Nine ft. Demasters” on this red-stickered non-label wax and the version “Demastas ft. Nine” on London Records (see here).

(Whutcha want Nine?) Fat beats for my rides
(So whutcha want Nine?) Mad clips for my nines
(So whutcha want Nine?) A ill posseand my name up in lights, N-I-N-E

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


L’Roneous from the Bay Area is an emcee who’d certainly deserve way more credit for what he’s been doing (and still does!) but as he decided not to do that average type of mainstream bullshit and stay true to his own values he always had to work harder (and independent) to drop some bombs on this world!
L’Ron hit the community with his debut “imaginarium” in 1998. an album that was serving fresh beats and strong lyrics and showed again that rap is not only that gimmick-lyrics! Since then he’s working as an emcee and producer independently or for fellow crews and cats. The most important ones to mention are: “Double Life” – the group he formed with Gennessee & Raw B and released the “revolutions”-twelve (see our review in March in this blog), “Dreamweavers” – the crew he formed together with Elusive and DJ Wisdom (we’ll review their releases “sub-incision” and “check out my mechanics” later on) and cooperated with acts like Freestyle Fellowship, Living Legends, Abstract Rude, Project Blowed …
More background and information about his actual work can be found here!

OK, nuff said bout the cat, let’s get to his 1st vinyl release he did as solo emcee. It’s the 97-release on Ocean Floor Recordings with the three songs “L’chemy”, “implosion” and the bonus track “the l’perspective”. This single was dropped 1 year prior to his debut-album. the first 2 tracks from this twelve are also on this album whereas the bonus-cut “the l perspective” is an exclusive non-album track! Production credits on the tracks go to both L’Roneous and DJ Zeph.

“Reaction rate escapes the, scopes of isotopes, called/ yes yes y'all, so pipe you toke, all dank smoke provokes/ the musical, whimsical, chemical, quantum lyrical/ stylist, compiling, reply to the stimuli/ Exemplified by the amplified phenomena/ Deep like operas, completing thoughts to the, finish in this/ I'm about to dent a sentence with the emphasis on sentiments” (from the track “L’Chemy”)

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Chino XL

CHINO XL, who was born as Derek Barbosa in the Bronx and then raised in East Orange, New Jersey, is one of the rappers I give the most credits and respect. To me he’s one of the emcees who really defined battle-rap; forget bout that tiny pale-azz Eminem!
Chino started his career in the group “Art of Origin” which he eventually left to release his 96 debut “here to save you all” which is in my opinion one of the most mad-overseen LPs from the 90s! After many features on the Sway n King Tech’s “Wake Up Show” he managed to drop another full length in 2001 with the title “I told you so”. The most famous single outta this CD-release-only-LP was “let em live” ft. Kool G Rap.
Chino also played in some TV-series and finally in 2006 he released his 3rd full length called “Poison Pen” (also on CD only).

Now let’s have a look at this jewel here! This is a special single release from his 96 album “here to save you all”, dropped on American Records in the same year. The record is special as it is pressed on clear wax and also in much lower quantities than the other singles from that album (like “kreep” or “no complex”) and it contains a banger you can’t find on the album! So here you can get the three tracks from this excellent twelve that are “rise” (here in the long version), “jesus” (not on the album) and “ghetto vampire”.

“they call me lyrical …. Jesus!”
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Chino xl_rise-12”


Today I bring you another very nice record straight from Canada, to be more exact from Rextale, Ontario. This release right here’s from the crew REDLIFE that consists of the emcees “Action” (formely Cryp2Nite) and “Remey”. The crew name Redlife is an acronym for: Revealed Experiences Dealing with Life In Elevation (R.E.D.L.I.F.E).
On this review it’s about the original edit of their banger “who’s talking weight”. Now you guys probably know (from one of our earliest reviews) the remix that is available on the “Beat Factory Rapessentials Vol.1” but you definitely need to know this as well. The original mix with its strong violin-samples is way more chilled out than the remix – just lay back, listen n relax. On the flipside you would also have the track “the night’s young” which you’ll not gonna find here…not my taste at all (why are such nice tracks so likely to be destroyed by such awfully screamin’ R’n’B voices, damn!?!). Release date of this gem was in 1997 on B.E. Records.
Besides this twelve here the crew also released another single which was “Yagga Yow Yow” and their full length “Exodus Prt. II ft. Saukrates & Ghetto Concept” (which was, to my knowledge, only available on CD). If anyone got those releases would be great to share in here as well!

“who’s talking weight but ain’t walking straight / from city to city the street life I can’t escape!”
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Redlife_who’s talking weight

Monday, May 21, 2007


well, I almost had to kill to finally get this cream in my cratez! so that's also the reason I wanted to share that gem in here! this is the mad sought after twelve from the crew FORTRESS with their two sledgehammers "unda-ground phlavaz" and (my winner) on the b-side "de'cypha". this jewel was released independently on their own Unda-Ground Phlavaz Recording Corp. in 1996. hmmm, all i have left to is: f-o-r-t-r-e-double s, step in de'cypha who wanna test!!!
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Soul Survivors

another very nice 2-track-indie-record right here. this one comes from the crew SOUL SURVIVORS (emcees C4 and M16) and brings the tracks "in god we trust" and "we rock the mic" (my fav on this wax!). the vinyl was released on the Hit Mob Ent. in 2000.
check it out n enjoy!
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alright - upon request i bring u guys here the twelve from MEGALON. this wax was dropped in 2000 on the famous Fondle'Em label and offers u the two delicious meals "one in a million ft. Tommy Gun"; produced by Mr Metal Fingers aka MF DOOM; and "peace to the homeless". enjoy!
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Friday, May 11, 2007

Shills da Realz

presentin you another twelve from the "golden years" of 1996/97. this release comes from the NY-crew SHILLS DA REALZ and brings you the two tracks "reality" and "million dollar juxes". what is interesting to know is that the a-side track "reality" was produced by well-known emcee SPECIAL ED. also the label on which this wax was released is the same that brought you already Special Ed's "think twice b/w on some next shit".
alright, hope you enjoy this shizzle!
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Thursday, May 10, 2007


4th and last review of Bomb Hip Hop productions for today. this vinyl was dropped in 1999 and was performed by the crew KREATORS. the main person in the crew is definitely G Squared who formed the group with 3 other cats and was responsible for production, djing and rappin!
back to the disc: on it you gonna find "foreign lands" - an outstanding song cuz of its live instruments and the heavy bass-line! "spotlight" - another absolutely smooth joint and the more raw track on the flip - "who to trust". amazing production, that's all I can say, try it!


third review of Bomb Hip Hop-label releases today. now we're talkin bout the UK rap-duo KRISPY (are Mikey D.O.N and Mr Wiz). these guys have been active since very long time already (and still are!) as their 1st release was in 1989 with their debut "comin' through clear". on this twelve here from 1998 you'll get "cross the boarder", "cross the boarder remix" (totally different from the original and my favorite on this wax!) and on the flipside there's the track "microphone d.o.n.".
if you wanna know more bout them catz visit their homepage...
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here we go with another release on the Bomb Hip Hop label, also from 1998. this time we're talkin bout a rapper comin from Dallas who calls himself PROFOUND. on the wax you get these jointz here: "the hulk ft. kashiem", "warrior's song remix" (my fav) and "see y'all". production credits on this one go to Skin & Rube from the Hydroponic Sound System... very solid wax! review's been brought II u by: ral278

profound_the hulk-12"

Baby J ft. A.Alikes & Poetic

today I'm gonna present you some "bombs" from the label "Bomb Hip Hop" so let's start with the 1st of these...
this twelve which was produced and released by BABY J in 1998 brings two smooth and relaxing joints. on the a-side you find the track "walk with a bop" performed by the NY rap-duo A.ALIKES (which are Dead Prez-affiliates) and on the flipside you got "savior" from POETIC (of the crew GRAVEDIGGAZ - r.i.p.).
enjoy the smoothness!
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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Big Kwam w/ Peanutbutter Wolf

well - earlier in our blog we showed u already BIG KWAM's other versions of "i don't give a fuck" (as original, "i don't give a whut? / I don't give a fuck pt.2", Vinyl Reanimator's remix). so when I thought i got them all now it just happened that I fell over this gem here at a local record-exchange I recently visited! this is now "i don't give a fuck" in a remix-version from producer PEANUTBUTTER WOLF! a very smooth reworking of that classic joint with slow-moving beats and soft melodic tunes. makes ya wanna chill and puff some lah immediately!
special on this wax is that it is only printed on one side...
the record's been released in 1996 on Blindside Recordings as well.
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W.A.R. - Wanted and Respected

reviewin' here a millenium production. this is the 1-track-twelve from W.A.R. (WANTED AND RESPECTED) with their catchy tune "fix your face". not much to tell you bout these cats. they obviously come outta Brooklyn, NYC and besides that release I know of at least another one called "get dat doe" from 2005. if any1 got that track pls share in here, thx!
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'sup peeps? wanna present you one dope-as-f??k track I recently listened to again and again! this is emcee EMAR bringin' the awesome track "death". the song also features well-known rapper SHAMUS who you might know from his "serving life ep" and the stuff he did with his homies as the crew "crimewave" (also presented you releases from them earlier in our blog). the track was recorded and released in 1996 on the Raw Track label... give it a try!

review's been brought II u by: Mirro

emar ft. shamus_death

Chris Styles

as a follow up on the previous "Jewels of da Nine" post I present you here the single from rapper CHRIS STYLES (ft. Six Pack) with the track "piece of the pie". this is the original version of the Chris' track that you also can find as a remix on the "jewels of da nine-ep".
label is "The Mind Bending Music Records" and was released in 96/97. all production once again is Saran Rap and Thyst.
some heavy bass-lines and that steadily woman's-screaming-sample is givin' this track a simple melody that just burns into yo' heads n that's why I just luv that cream!
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Jewels of da Nine

alrights folks - here we go with another very fine EP-compilation. this one is called JEWELS OF DA NINE - EP and brings you awesome tracks performed by CRIMSON LEAGUE, SHEP MALONE, CHRIS STYLES, THE DEAN... the vinyl was released in 97 on Backyard Recordings. production credits go to Saran Rap (who also did productions like "Chris Styles - piece of the pie" and "Blackstract - diary of a mad mc") and Thyst.

now as Lordquaz mentioned in his blogspot already, when reviewing this EP, there are two versions of that EP. the one with the green label (as he presented) and here you see the one with the red label. also I can't tell you which of them was the 1st pressing but if you know better then holla, would be very interested to find out!
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