Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Company Flow

Maybe you gonna ask yo’self why we put that crew in our blog. Some of u might say it ain’t worth to be listed here but hey – this crew is to us one of those who defined independent rap!
We’re talking bout COMPANY FLOW that is composed of EL-P (El-Producto), BIG JUSS and MR LEN. El and Len formed the crew in 1993/94 and then had their 1st release as Company Flow on Libra records. There they met Juss and he eventually joined the crew. After that it’s history but for all those who wanna know more I recommend to go here for a good bio.

Unfortunately we ain’t got that 1st wax with the “juvenile technique” track. I used to have it but traded it long time ago (what i regret now!) so I need to get me a copy sometime again…
The next 12” from them ain’t in our cratez as well cuz this can be also found on their ground-breaking 2x12” “funcrusher” so here we go with the 1st twelve from our side. It’s the record with the titles “info kill” and “population control” that was dropped in 96 on Official Recordings (the label that El-P founded and owned before Definitive Jux). Personally I like that “population control” with its dark beatz and awesome rhymes n flows! Nice to know for the collector’s is that there are 2 different versions of that twelve: one on regular black vinyl and another limited one on green transparent wax…

Company flow_info kill-12”

A year later Official Recordings was dead already (a fate that reaches most of the indie-labels!) and Co’Flow was able to sign on a (that time) small & unknown indie-label called Rawkus. On this label they dropped the next great twelve which was “blind” and also contained the tracks “tragedy of war in III parts” plus the “eight steps to perfection – the lost mix” which sounds to me like a raw-version of what has been finally put on the album.

Company flow_blind-12”

In the same year (1997) they added some new songs n re-mastered the old material from their “funcrusher” and then kicked out that amazing 2LP “funcrusher plus” which is another milestone in indie-rap!
In 1998 and again on Rawkus they came back with another great twelve that featured the tracks “end to end burners” that wasn’t on the 2LP plus the b-sider “krazy kings” that can be found also on their 2LP. “end to end burners” is a very good track but i still prefer “krazy kings” simply cuz of it’s krazy-chorus and the constant transition from smooth and relaxed beatz to the wild n pushin’ chorus part!

Company flow_end to end burners-12”

Co’Flow then had some more releases that all can be found in their discography. The last track they did together (to my knowledge) was in 2001 when they had a collabo with Japanese turntablist and producer DJ KRUSH. The result from that collabo is the great track “vision of the art” that can be found on Krush’s “Zen” album. This will be reviewed in our blog sometime as well when I do a very detailed post (possibly with interview) bout Krush and all his many productions…
Well all the Co’ Flow members are doin their own stuff now so also keep watchin out for that…

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Evil Twinz (E.T.z)

Alright. Another shortie here to complete some stuff we didn’t do earlier. Here we presented you the single from the “Blackmarket Unreleased” that contained, besides a solo-joint from Rumpletilskinz-member Shanow, a dope tracks by the EVIL TWINZ (“evil twin glockz”).

Now it’s time for their late 90s release with the tracks “ray came true”, “you don’t stop” and the burner “ray came true remix”. Very solid record that’s well recommended!

Evil twinz_ray came true-12”

Well then, enjoy!

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Official Pham

Good afternoon! Just a short review bout a NYC crew. It’s bout OFFICIAL PHAM to which I can’t give ya too much information. As far as I know the crew was founded by Affree aka KATO (myspace here) and at least one other member ‘s called GONE (myspace here). But back to the wax…

The vinyl was released in 1999 on the independent label “Unkown Entertainment” and features the two tracks “we got dis” and the flipsider “pham never dies”. Very dope n rugged NYC stuff for y’all!

Official pham_we got dis-12”

Also if u wanna see their video to the track “we got dis” go here!

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Bas One (Bas 1)

Time for some west coast underground! This review features 3 twelves from Oakland rapper BAS ONE (BAS-1). BAS is not only a Hip Hop activist in terms of rappin but also as a wild writer what you can see on the covers of his releases! BAS is also in the “Style Elements Crew” – the breakdance group that won over 50 national & international bboy-events!

Let’s start with his 1st twelve that was dropped on Heratik Records in 2000. this is also my favourite wax from this cat as it contains the sledgehammer “highlyeffectivepeople” that persuades both with rhymes and fresh good beats. The b-sider “it’s a klassik” is a great track too!

Bas one_highlyeffectivepeople-12”

One year later came his amazing 3LP (discs in transparent green, yellow, red vinyl) titled “For the mentally astute – theory of a throw up” which I recommend to everybody.
From that album BAS had another single-release with the tracks “toy story”, “mentally astute” and “mentally astute remix”. Both the 3LP and the 12” were again released on Heratik Records.

Bas one_toy story-12”

Then some more releases and features on other projects followed (which I don’t have) until 2004 he dropped another twelve which I got here. This release was on Secret Records and has the tracks “times and politics” and “conspiracy theory” plus a remix of “conspiracy theory” done by German DJ MARIUS NO.1.

Bas one_times and politics-12”

Aight’ten – hope you enjoyed this post!

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Mod the Black Marvel

Hmmm, seen this wax is currently on a sales list in another blog (guess ya know I’m talkin’ bout) but this reminded me that I got that record somewhere in my cratez as well and after some diggin’ I finally found it so here we go…

This post’s bout rapper MOD THE BLACK MARVEL who is from the Netherlands. The single was released in 1997 on Skillz Records and brings the tracks “make it happen” and “sick”. My favourite on this one is “sick” but also interesting to know is that the other track was produced by THE ALAMO!

Mod the black marvel_make it happen-12”

If you wanna know more bout Mod then hit him on discogs!


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Lord Sear

And another good portion served by the Fondle’Em label.
Now it’s time for LORD SEAR’s (aka The Real Stak Cheda!) release on that classic label…

The twelve was dropped in 1997 and comes with two damn phat tracks. “alcoholic vibes” is the one on the a-side whereas on the flipside you gonna find “my hindu love”, which is my favourite on this wax cuz of that smooth beat and the soft woman’s voice appearing here and there in the track!

Lord sear_alcoholic vibes-12”

If you wanna know more bout LORD SEAR then hit his myspace

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

MF Grimm

Comin’ to the last Fondle’Em review for today (but still we got plenty in stock so don’t worry, more Fondle’Em stuff to come later on…)

So this vinyl is from another mad-flowin’ emcee. This time it’s Percy Carey aka MF GRIMM! The release from 1998 brings the titles “do it for the kids”, my winner, and “bloody love letter”. Both tracks have been produced by ROB SWIFT and maybe you will recognize the sample used in “do it for the kids”. This is the same that was used also in D-MOB’s “hot days” (which we reviewed here already).

Mf grimm_do it for the kids-12”

Enjoy & peace out!

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MF Doom

Well, it’s about time for another Fondle’Em review in here so let’s start this…

I won’t lose any words about the background of Mr Daniel Dumile, better known as MF DOOM as this should be well known anyway!
The 1st of DOOM’s releases on Fondle’Em we didn’t show you so far is the 12” with the tracks “dead bent” (another track that has been hyped by JR Ewing’s mixes), “gas drawls” and “hey”. The wax was dropped in 1997 and Doom was responsible for the whole production and lyrics.

Mf doom_dead bent-12”

The last one of Doom’s records he did together with Bobbito Garcia’s Fondle’Em (besides the KMD-releases which we gonna review later) is this gem here with the songs “greenbacks” featuring MEGALON and “go with the flow” ft. SCI.FLY. the release year of this wax was again 1997.

Mf doom_greenbacks-12”

I had this style ever since I was a child I got this other style I ain't flip in a while, it goes: Pure scientific intelligence, with one point of relevance MC's whose styles need Vellamints And once the smoke clears, tell 'em it's The Super motherfucking Villain, nigga came through raw like the elements (from the track “dead bent”)

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Ring (Source Bill)

Here’s a record from a crew/artist (?) I still couldn’t find out much more than what’s in discogs etc. talkin’ bout RING that dropped some 12”s in the mid-90s and since then neva heard of ‘em again…

The twelve was dropped in 1996 on Middle East Recordings and to my knowledge only as such a promo-version and brings the track “one game (left to play)”. Writing and production was done by SOURCE BILL. The beat is dark, dull but still pushin’ and the melody is somehow sad-soundin’ but I like such beats…

Ring_one game (left to play)-12”

Besides this twelve he dropped another record with the tracks “they want to kill me b/w invisible man” plus I heard that there’s a third one around to which I can’t give u any information. If u got one of these releases feel free to add them here in the comments section!

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Main One (2nd take)

Sup people? Time to bring in some of my crate-stuff in here again!
As my homie ral278 showed early of this month his 12” from rapper MAIN ONE I remembered that I have such a record in my collection somewhere as well…
So this is the 1-tracker from this emcee that comes with “it’s on”. To me this is one of Main’s best releases he ever did (and he did quite a lot of stuff!) so check this out!
The record was released on his own Main One Recordings-label but just can’t remember when exactly; but must be also some when in 96-98…

Main one_it’s on-12”

OK, hope y’all enjoy the track (more as the picture which is very bad, sorry for that!)!


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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Freestyle Professors

Diggin’ in tha Indie-Cratez is mad proud to present you this post here bout the Freestyle Professors and if you don’t know them catz by now, man it’s about time you get to know them!

Branesparker and his homie Don-Q grew up in Forrest Projects – South Bronx and were livin’close to acts like Diamond D, Showbiz, Lord Finesse and Fat Joe. Soon the 2 unknown guys had crazy sessions with those DITC-members and it was also Lord Finesse who showed Spark how to work with the SP-12 etc. In 1992 Spark got to know DJ G.W. Foxx and soon the three artists formed the crew Freestyle Professors. Due to the fact that Spark already had some bad experience with record-labels they decided to establish their own label, Freestyle Records. Two years later they finally managed to release their 8-track EP “Your Pockets Been P:cked” that is still a milestone in the random rap-scene! Although the feedback to this EP was great the work on an album soon came to an end. Spark says that that time they had to pay bills, feed their kids and so all this struggle led them lose their enthusiasm for the game. Also he says that the general development in Hip Hop, when popular emcees would rather rap bout negative and senseless things (and the labels supported this behaviour as it would sell very well) left him thinking “man, I don’t feel this rap-shit anymore”! Still the group didn’t split although each of three artists then began to walk their own ways. Nevertheless they still met to work on some songs…

Then, about 3-4 years ago, Spark started to work seriously on new projects. Thanks to the great feedbacks of collectors, DJs etc. from worldwide he decided to come back with his crew and hit the scene hard! Because their 94-EP, which reached prices of about 500 bucks in ebay etc., had been bootlegged twice (and of course they didn’t see any money from that!) they decided to release a strictly limited double-wax edition of their classic “Your Pockets Been P:cked” including 4 unreleased tracks. 500 copies were made of these and only few are left, waiting to be played on your turntables! Now in 2007 the FPs dropped another bomb that is called “Vintage – the EP” – an awesome EP that contains 10 tracks that were all produced in the summer 2006 and also feature productions from Show and havin’ DJ Chris Love on the sets! Nowadays the FPs are mainly repped by Branesparker and GIFF (from the duo “Geo & Ricochet”) but as Spark says, the “old” members Don-Q and DJ G.W. Foxx are still in there, doing their thing in the background.

At the same time Freestyle Records decided also to put out old and mad-sought after material from “Geo & Ricochet”. The result of this decision is their “A lil sum ‘em sum ‘em” EP that contains two tracks that were originally released in 94 and another 5 that are unreleased material from 94-95. Besides that you even get a new track called “Corporate America”.

What the future will bring: the FPs are back and bring us the grimey sound from the Bronx, no doubt! Branesparker is in the studio and working on the new “Gryme Tyme” album that (hopefully) will be released this October and other projects are in the line as well so keep your eyez op’n & regularly visit their homepage to be updated!

For sound-snippets of their whole work and orders click here.

Wanna see their great “Hear what I hear” video then go here.

To see a video with the FPs in an interview (also with Branesparker and Giff freestylin’!) with DJ Eclipse on WNYU-radio, click here.

Thanks to a well-known collector from NYC (thanks Ed for the opportunity!) I was able to do a small interview with Branesparker of the FPs, so here we go:
Freestyle Professors – the Bronx grimey sound is back!
An interview with Branesparker from the Freestyle Professors: July 2007

Well, I personally stumbled over the FPs in the late 90s when I heard the track “down with the Freestyle Professors” on a mixtape. Then it took my years til I finally managed to get hold of a “your pockets been p:cked ep”. That time for me it was quite clear that the FPs are helladope but also that I’d most probably would never hear anything new from them (as many other acts who dropped their stuff independently during the 90s). All the more I was surprised when I read in a forum for “vinyl addicts” that they gonna release first this limited edition 2LP and then the “Vintage EP”. Thanks to a well known collector from NYC I was able to ask some questions to Branesparker from the FPs,

Indie-Cratez: Branesparker, I read in an article from the German magazine Juice that one of the reasons to do this awesome comeback was the big support and interest you got from many collectors, DJs etc. all around the globe, showing you that your 94-release is still some kinda milestone in the random rap scene. Was this the only reason or what else let you do this step?

This was the main reason. DJ Timbalan and numerous reporters for years have been telling me my material was still in great demand. But, until I seen the Japan cats repress my EP twice and the money Sound Library and others were getting on Ebay with my own two eyes, then I was like, alright the collectors and die hard fans really want my sound back. Also I missed REAL hiphop and wanted to come back and drop that shit the only way I know: The Bronx Grimey Way.

Indie-Cratez: As you worked in a “regular” job since years, was it difficult to get back to the mic (confidence that you can keep up with the present acts)?

Well if you listen to the newer songs on "VINTAGE" "Corporate America" and "Dear HipHop" with me spitting you would have to agree I sound better now then I did in 94 (alot of people tells me this)and what’s ironic is in 94 I wrote on paper since coming back I dont use nothing but memory. Plus, we not trying to keep up with anybody. My sound is real grimey, hard drums, conscience rap. These new acts dont know the history like us. We grew up since 7 or 8 on this shit watching the pioneers Flash, Mean Gene, Theodore, Coldcrush, etc. craft this into an artform. That’s why when your hear us, our music touches your soul instantly cause your know we bringing back that raw sound that just cannot be duplicated. I don’t care how much your sampler cost!

Indie-Cratez: Since you guys are back in the scene you dropped “Your Pockets been p:cked” lim. 2LP, “Best of Freestyle Professors”-CD and the EPs from you “Vintage” and Geo & Ricochets “A lil’ sum ‘em sum ‘em” plus there’s more to come as I read. How could you manage to realize all those projects since this requires quite some investments I guess?

Well we been blessed to have collectors and fans all over the world support us, so all these projects are possible. Their efforts are priceless. Thanks for the support of the Your Pockets Been P:cked album (about 180 left) we was able to finance alot of projects (independently). Who else do you know from 94 era with an 8track EP not even a album (stamped by Show of course), no video, no record deal, no touring, no shows, no face to match the music and come back 12years later? We are the first group to sell a $100 album in 2006 ,plus our shit is still harder than ever. That's why I love our collectors and fans to death. They are Freestyle Professors not us, without them I wouldn't have a second breath at this shit and believe me in 2years I’m taking this shit over and gonna rep real hiphop for them. WE AINT GOING NOWHERE!

Indie-Cratez: Let’s come back quickly to your 94-EP. When did you first take notice of that crazy hype for that vinyl? What did you think when you heard that people paid up to 500 bucks for the wax?

When my partner Ed Catto kept buying my shit from Amed (DJ Timbalan) ha ha. Seriously, a deal fell threw to reissue the album and when I went online and typed the groups name in I was astonished at the impact we had on the other side of the world. Where over hear, alot of people didn't even know who the fuck we were. When I heard the price and saw the shit worth more than the bigger names we still trying to become.I knew the creator gave me a gift I could'nt run away from no more and it was time to get back to doing one of the most important things in my life -- making crazy ass tracks.

Indie-Cratez: In your “up and coming” section in your homepage you describe some projects that shall see the daylight soon. Can you tell us lil’ bit more about that “Bronx grimiest mixtape”, “the soul clowns album” and the “branesparker meets show”?

These projects have been push back in order to drop the full length new GRYME TYME album we are currently working on which should be released by the end of October (hopefully). This album is gonna be like the original 94 ep, but 20 times crazier (I'm not exaggerating either). Everyone who ever loved the FP'S sound is gonna kill for this one. I’m giving a more diverse production range on this one (me and G.W.FOXX went heavy in the crates for this project) and I’m completely back in the booth fulltime with partner Giff. I didn’t even mention other treats on this (including crazy Don Q Vocals). Our first single called "TESTIFY” will be leaked to all our fans and collectors exclusively in about 2 weeks and when we update our website www.freestyleprofessors.com well have more snippets on there every month leading to the release.

Indie-Cratez: A thing that especially heads in Europe would be interested in. Any plans of making a tour in the “olde continent” or elsewhere in this world?

Absolutely. Any promoters who want to help us out please send my partner Ed Catto a email. We get emails all over the world asking for this, but we got to make sure we’re ready and the demand is there because once we start touring there is no turning back. Mutherfuckers gonna start catching seizures and shit when we bring the Bronx Grimey Sound FULL BLAST.

Indie-Cratez: Alright! Many thanks for this exclusive opportunity to converse with you! Do you have any words you wanna spread to the audience?

To everyone, all the collectors, DJ"s,Fans, Websites, Blogs and Distributors who have helped and supported Freestyle Professors by either buying our products or helping spread the word. We are deeply grateful for your help and support. We might also be the only Rap group in history where the fans financed and bought us back from the grave, literally. Much Love
Well guys, hope you enjoyed this review. Visit the FPs-page and support their stuff…support real Hip Hop!!!
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Monday, July 09, 2007

Johnny Blanco

Here’s another quite unknown record outta the depths of the Hydra Records library.
This time it’s about JOHNNY BLANCO aka White Boy. On this twelve he teamed up with CAPITAL D (of “All Natural” crew).

The record was dropped, as mentioned already, on Hydra Records in 1998 and contains the two awesome tracks “you don’t want it” and “hell’s gate”. To make a short conclusion: an excellent piece of wax that is mad overseen out there (and therefore you still can get it here & there for few bucks only, so grab the chance).

Johnny blanco_you don’t want it-12”

Besides this twelve Johnny released several other twelves (e.g. “live from NY”) so also keep lookin’ for these tracks.

Alright then, enjoy this great record!

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Figure Uv Speech

Let’s get back to the early nineties to present you this nice twelve here. It’s from the mad-overseen crew FIGURE UV SPEECH.

The record here is to my knowledge the only twelve they dropped and it came out in 1993 on Onyx Records. The wax contains the track “ready to wreck”, a certified banger. In here you can get the original version as well as the (even better) “party version” so check it!

Figure uv speech_ready to wreck-12”

Besides this twelve they released in the same year and also on Onyx Records their only full length that was called “U Already Know”…


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(Fly Guy) Kool Kim

Here we go with a solo release of FLY GUY KOOL KIM. This emcee should be well known to all the people that also listen to the UMC’s (Kool Kim, Hass G, DJ Kid Magic).
Here we present you the solo-twelve he released in 1997 on Broken Records.
This wax contains the two tracks “ya gotta know” and our personal winner on the record – “skills r amazing”. An awesome killer-wax I recommend to everybody so enjoy this piece!

Fly guy kool kim_ya gotta know-12”

Besides this twelve (and all the UMC’s releases) Kool Kim dropped also a solo-album in 2001 on Final Verdict Music, called “the haz been”. Unfortunately I don’t have this LP yet but if someone who got that could also share in here would be highly appreciated!

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Here we go with another release i cannot give you much information to.
This is about a female crew going by the name of GYPCEES…
So this record here is the only one I know from this crew but maybe they got more?!?
Now, the EP comes with 4 tracks and to me the 2nd tracks on each side where the reason to cop that wax. On the a-side “all of me” is a very smooth and relaxed track to chill with, on the flipside “metaphors” just got me hooked cuz of those strange samples they used – lovely!
The 1st tracks on each side, “relax & realize” and “x chromosme” are quite OK but besides the female rap-parts there are also female ragga-parts (and it just happens that I’m not really a fan of such…).
The record details are here: release year = 1999, label: Third Eye Ent.

Gypcees_relax & realize-ep

Anyway the EP is def worth checkin’ out if u dunno so far – give it a try! Also if you wanna lay yo’ hands on it that shouldn’t be too hard, seen the record in shops here and there…

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Friday, July 06, 2007


Alright, another very obscure shizzle to present you guys here.
This one’s bout the east-coast crew DEADRINGAZ (members are: Ra Ringa, Q Style, Roc Ringa, KO & Nick C Knocks).

The twelve here is a single-release from their 96-album “New Ringa Order” and it brings on the a-side the very solid “johnny boy”. On the b-side is to me again the real grim cream, the dark “the hour glass” – phat slow basslines, a cutting-in and constantly returnin sample that’s almost drivin ya crazy and good rhymes n flows. As a bonus cut you get the short version of “cash flow”.

Deadringaz_johnny boy-12”

Besides this twelve the crew released (also on Hush Ent. As the single here and the LP) in the same year, 1996, the twelve “gunja honors b/w cash flow” and as mentioned already, the full length “new ringa order”. If you see that, get it as this is some dope shit fo real that won’t disappoint’cha!

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Dolla Skillz

Well, this is another obscure record that took my a lil while (about 3 yrs!) til I finally had it in my cratez. 1st heard on a mixtape I needed to get details (name, track, label…). Thanks to Smoov from Vinyladdicts I got these data then and thanks to him again I also been able to lay my hands on that cream!
I’m talking bout Christopher Harris aka DOLLA SKILLZ. This emcee who had a very hard childhood (parents who were drug-addicts, then mother violently murdered etc.) from NYC is still very active and if u wanna know more then hit his myspace!
well, the track that got me crazy is to be found on this twelve here ima present you now. The record was dropped on a small and to me til now completely unknown label called Born II Roc and was released (my guess as no indication on the record) in the late nineties. The main track (not that thrilling though) is called “barely makin’ a move”. On the flipside of this strange-lookin’ record there you’ll find the real sledgehammer called “masterpiece”. Wow, if a track deserves such a name then it’s this one! Fine-tuned samples over smooth beatz with Skillz spittin great rhymes – dope!

Dolla skillz_barely makin a move-12”

As an ill emcee I rep the NYC – faithfully I recognize and realize hip hop’s always for me – money don’t make me so it’s hard for you to snake me, it’ll take some o’ da best to break me – a masterpiece! (from the track “masterpiece”)

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Prince Poetry

This one here is dedicated to Mr Larry Bakersfield, better known as PRINCE POETRY. Sure y’all know this man from his former work he did together with his fella Pharao Monch when they hit the crowd as Organized Konfusion! After he split up with Monch, PO did many things as an emcee and producer. If you wanna see all these details then hit his discography in discogs.
Now to the record. Here i present you a wax he released in the late 90s (98 to be exact) on Hydra Records.
The twelve brings on the a-side “where ya shoes at?” and on the b-side the great track “shine”… this track was the reason why i copped this record.

Prince poetry_where ya shoes at?-12”

Alright then, enjoy the meal!

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Main One

Sup peeps? Pretty much in stress these days so just got lil time to review this piece rite here.
The twelve for today is from MAIN ONE a cat I honestly couldn’t find much more than what you can find in the average internet-search (discogs etc.). the man dropped several twelves and a full length during the 90s…check out details here!
Now that wax I wanna present here has been produced and released independently (on his own Main One Recordings Label) in 1997. Main One brings on this record the tracks “something special” ft. 4Matt – a (to me) forgettable tracks as I simply cannot stand these RnB-parts … and “cross examination” ft. the two emcees with the broken language – TRIGGER THA GAMBLER & SMOOTHE DA HUSTLER. This is def my sh?t on this record. The sample they used on this track should be recognized easily by you (if you eva heard Heltah Skeltah…).

Main one_something special-12”

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