Friday, December 05, 2008


And another delicious vinyl from mista Onur’s cratez that sellls under the name of…

CARTEL. Don’t have any kind of useful information on the crew but what is for sure is that this is a follow up single that was released to this earlier release here. Again you find on this record here the remix of “malt & liquor” which is my favourite tune on the wax. On the flipside you get served with a new track called “armed & dangerous” that is quite solid but not really my thing as sounding too hectic…
record infos: released in 1997 on Disc-tinct Music Inc. and distribution over Echo International.
Anyway – a very nice piece for your own collection so grab that ish if you see it. Shouldn’t cost a fortune and usually goes for under 10bucks…

Cartel_malt & liquor remix-12”

Peeez n njoy weekend dudez (me be out for snowboarding! Lots of snow, dope tunez in my mp3-player and some herbz to chill wit….whutcha want more?!?)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Ill Source

Grrreetings! Today a sweet goodie sponsored by my man Onur again. Appearing like an emerald here I go to present you…

ILL SOURCE. There’s not much information to share bout those cats. The record got much attention the last few months as the track “devastation” was used on several mixtapes around the globe. This lil hype obviously already created the strong will in some diggers heads to get crazy on the wax and bid hard at “tha bay”. Guess that’s why the last copy seen on ebay went for more than 70bucks!!! C’mon people – it’s a fresh wax but IMO never worth this amount of cream!
Anyway let’s get to the content on this twelve. The a-side is giving you the very solid tune “immaculate” that starts with an introduction that is taken from a medieval movie (it may be “Braveheart” but not sure…). I already apologize for the 2 skips you can hear at the beginning of the tune. Dunno if they’re on the record or from my needlz that need to be replaced once! On the flipside is the banger track I was talking bout above – “devastation”.
When my homie Onur played this track the 1st time (I didn’t know that gem before!) I experienced damn goosebumps! I think the reason to that are the spherical synthesizer sounds that are just awesome and build the main structure of that track. Rhyme wise it ain’t the best though but who cares with such a damn dope beat?
The vinyl was released approx. 1996 on the unknown Blue House Ent. Label.

Ill Source_immaculate-12”

Enjoy peepz!

PS: new link is activated that is now working (f?*K file-upload!!!)

Monday, November 24, 2008


Well then – another great record outta the cratez of my buddy Onur that is going under the name of …

Dnd. If the name doesn’t ring bells then maybe this will help more….BRASS TACKS! Dnd is one of the original members of this crew and here he dropped this fine and not very well known piece in 2000 on the small Gammatainment label.
The a-side has 3 tracks on it (all only in clear versions), starting with the title track “w5h”. I really like this one much cuz of the pushing beat and the sombre atmosphere the melody is creating (also with the fine violin samples in the chorus). The 2nd track is not my thing but make your own decision as I still ripped it…
The last track titled “romantics” is my fav song on the wax. Dark n grim is how that song comes to ya ears and it definitely reminds me style wise of their also very sombre masterpiece called “cityscapes ep”.

Dnd (Brass Tacks)_w5h-12”

So enjoy this piece n leave some feedbacks (or not – who’ gives a fu?k…).


Friday, November 21, 2008


Back again wit some very nice records from my man Onur (mad thanx for this homie!)…

UNDADAWGZ is the crew-name on this very obscure record right here. The Dawgz consist of the two emcees Dash-O and Big Pook, both from Flatbush area. Personally I never heard of those cats and also Onur didn’t have much of an idea what he ordered that time so this was a real lucky punch as the tunez on this wax are excellent!
“1st thingz 1st” is the starter of the record and a certified banger already. I like the various well known samples that were used in the refrain part and the beat itself is just that grime stuff that brings back the good old 90s flava…..ruffness! the b-side begins with the super smooth “me & my juel (against the world)” that is another awesome song and enhances the dopeness of this 12”! the last tune again is a damn head-nodder – “I roc dis”. A typical track bout reppin’ himself with some very nice n funny metaphors as for example this one: “I’m not from Phoenix but I spit in yo face like Charles Barkley!” yeah man, that’s the good ol days when you also had great and unique b-ballers…..oh my – just dwellin’ in memories….

Undadawgz_1st thingz 1st-12”

As file-upload is f??kin around wit the link I give you another option to dl so check here.

BTW: The wax was released on their own Unda Dawgz label in 1995…..enjoy this funky joint!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Universal 7

As i just had to get a 2nd copy for a friend of mine it reminded me that I could post this absolutely nice 12“ in here as well so here we go with…

UNIVERSAL 7. Unfortunately I don’t have any further information bout the crew but this wax got my attention back then when it also got mad airplay in my country. The two banger-tracks were released on the that time very young Rawkus label (in 1996: this was one of the first releases to appear there!) and still it is a very underrated record. You can easily find this wax on various locations and always for very decent prices…
To the content: on the main side Universal 7 brings the first great tune titled “talk that talk” – man you rarely get the chance to listen to such smooth gems and this is one of those! The flipside has another gem ready for you that is called “ain’t a damn thing” – and this tune is killing me too!
All in all a super dope twelve that is mad recommended to also find a place in your crates!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Record Salez

Wassup people? This time no review but the chance to you guys to get some records you may have been lookin’ for since ages…
Miro and I are selling some of our spare wax that is lying in our crates. Check our sales-file (link below) and send me your offers (also trades possible). All further information is in the file so get it and check it!

The sales period will be until end of October…

Download Sales-List - get it HERE!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Rose Family

Today some mad nice ish outta Brooklyn from a crew that goes by the name of…

aka THE BLACK ROSE KARTEL. To get more information about this fam from Brownsville I recommend you to hit the discogs entry. There you will also see that parts of this cartel here are also members of the other Wu-related massive called UNITED KINGDOM from which we showed you already a release in here.
The Rose Family was one of the first acts that got signed by the that time rather unknown Rawkus label and also one of the reasons why it got credit. Unfortunately I just know of this one record by the Fam and don’t think there are other drops by them. You can find solo-projects of some of their members and also features they had on other productions but as far as I know this twelve here is the only one from the Fam (correct if I’m wrong!).
The wax was released in 1996 and also there I’m not sure if it ever got an official release as all the copies I’ve seen so far (as you also can see on my label-scan) were promos only…
Anyway, let’s head to the two tracks on that gem. The main title is “beaches & crème” that is a very smooth tune where rhymes flowin’ light-footed over the melodious beat. I also recommend you to check youtube that will show you the clip to this song. the b-side comes with the quite sick n grim “hah!” that I really like. I only knew of the main title and when I first heard the flipside I was like “damn f?!k – what a great tune” so this is why I play this ish more than the other one when I throw the wax on my decks…

The Rose Family_beaches & crème-12”

Lemme know if ya feelin this … peace!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nas (white label)

Alright peeps. Here’s a white label of a rapper you wouldn’t expect to appear in an indy-dedicated blog. Well, I upped this piece upon a request of a very good friend of mine for reasons I’ll come back later in this post.

Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones better known as simply NAS is responsible for this white label rite here that is a fine one-tracker (radio / instrumental) titled “sinful living”. Not many know (even it’s not listed in discogs) that this is available as a 12” (not only on this “It was remixed….rare unreleased & remixed” album from 2004). I’m not sure when exactly the single was dropped but must have been in the late 90s as since then I got that piece in my cratez.
The reason I show this one here in the blog is that my buddy asked me to up it as it is to me n my homes a kind of reminiscing bout our friend Mikey who passed some years ago and these days will be the anniversary of that sad day again. So the track was always one of those we would play back then when we had crazy parties full of booze n other ish and we all know that the tune was one of the most beloved tracks from Mikey!
To all those that dunno this tune I really recommend it. Very smooth melody that easily lets you chill…

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Foot Soljaaz

Back with another obscure record outta my cratez, comin from the crew

FOOT SOLJAAZ. The two-man-strong team is most popular cuz of its track “from hoes to doe” which (at least in my area) got mad airplay and was something you could hear at every good jam that time! DJ Espionage reviewed this wax in his blog so have a look n listen to it if you dunno so far!
Well enuff of dat record, let’s head to the other one I got from those guys. The vinyl was released in the same year as the above mentioned, 1998 that is and was on the same Blak Lable. Foot Soljaaz are ZIG ESP & Otherwize and they both come outta the fields of Californian “Good Life” project. They dropped only few singles (personally I only know of these two here) and then joined and toured with the “Blak Forest” project. Later on Wize continued with his solo-career and dropped sum great tunes as e.g. “some other ish” (blackberry records 1999).
The record starts with the very sec battle-rhyme stylish track “zig e.s.p. & otherwize” where they rep demselves and diss other emcees not keeping it real. The next tune is titled “zonin” and captivates with its constant and slow-moving piano. The winner to me is the last track with the nice title “betta kall it kwitz” – a damn sombre and psychedelic masterpiece!

Foot Soljaaz_zig esp & otherwise-12”

Enjoy and feedbacks always welcome!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another record from Mista Onur’s crate – this time from…

MERDAGRAM. The main title on the vinyl is already the best track – “da craziest”. Slow beat, very sweet melody and the 3 emcees rhyming over that construction in a very chilled way – smooth! On the flip side you get the tracks “who’s shorty” where Merdagram are rappin bout the opposite sex. “last birth” is the last tune – a quite turbid one where the beat is really lumberin’ and the organ is also slowin’ down every kinda speed n vitality. Not really my taste but check out by yourself!
anyway, all in all it's a record that I also would luv to own as this main track "da craziest" is so damn thrillin' to me!

Deep Tranz / Street Relics

Well then people! Long time promised and finally here we go. As I said my man Onur (who’s cratez are maaaaad deeeep) dug through his cratez n took out sum nice wax to rep in here. Man, I was able to rip only sum of em yet but all are very obscure and even I had to admit that sum of dem were totally unknown to me…whatever, let’s start wit a nice split-12” from…

I don’t have much to say bout the 2 acts here. As far as I know Deep Tranz is outta Brooklyn, Street Relics from Queens. The a-side with Deep Tranz brings the tracks “it’s only getting’ worse” and “handle your biz”. On the other side you find Street Relics’ “life becomes” and “combine for wartime”. All tracks are quite dark n grime – just the ish that keeps my head noddin!

The wax was released on the Queens label Kombined Mindz Ent. that is run by Ron Mills and Cee da Cuban. Their goal was to bring out new talents with their label and so they also helped other cats like e.g. NUT-RAGOUS to release stuff. In 2002 they also dropped a full length CD titled “the collection” which is also pretty dope.

Deep Tranz/Street Relics_Split-12”

Btw: if you wanna hear two more tracks of Deep Tranz (one of them is pretty dope and features 8Off) then hit this site here.


Here we go with two very nice records of an emcee straight outta Queens, NYC…

ODIN. Besides where this homie is comin from I cannot share much other information, except the usual data from the record labels.
I’m not sure as I never seen any other wax from this guy but would say that he just dropped those 2 records Ima present you now.

The first one was dropped in 1995 on the Foot Stompin’ Records label. I’m not 100% sure but I think this is Pal Joey’s label that also did all production on both records.
The record has the track “another day” in original and 2 remix versions on it from which I definitely prefer “pal joey’s mix”. This version may sound familiar to those that also know the mixes by Alkuttraz who used this track once.

Odin_another day-12”

The other release was dropped in 1996 on the same label and again with Pal on the production.
On the wax you find the a-sider called “trees” that is about reppin’ himself and also kinda dedicated to the weed-smokin community out there.
On the flip is my fav (a track that got lots of airplay in 96-98 on my favorite Swiss radio stations) titled “casualties”. IMO a real head-nodder!



Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ANG 13

Today sum female power to slap round yo ears…

ANG 13 is a multitalent when it comes to Hip Hop as she ain’t only reppin her skillz on the mic but also as producer and even as actress. Angela started it all with the lovely age of thirteen (therefore ANG 13), went from break-dancing to graffiti and then to emcee & producer. As she’s from Chi-Town it was kinda fate that she would meet the crazy producer-combo THE MOLEMEN. So eventually it was also those guys that helped her to break thru and be able to drop some of her first releases so this is what I gonna up here. This record-release on the very small NMotion label was back in 1998 and the EP goes under the name of “1999 EP”. Most of the production is done by the Molemen and all told, the record is very solid IMO. If i had to choose then I’d name “what it’s like now” as my favourite on this wax.
What I really like about this emcee is that she ain’t sort of the “typical female bitch-mcs” that is mainly rappin bout clothes, dudes nu car, sex, who got the biggest tits and how to steal a man’s dough!

ANG 13_1999-ep

The lady is still at work so check out her myspace to find out some more!


Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Alright, one about a dope Canadian producer….

2RUDE. I learned bout this cat when first heard his track “is u” on a mix some years ago. Immediately this man got credits and so I started lookin’ for his records when I was digging and it didn’t take me that long to get a hold of his first 12” he dropped in 1998 on the Canadian Ill Vibe Records label, titled “innovations”.
This tune is a rather smooth one that can show off with some great vocal parts by well known emcees SAUKRATES & PHARAO MONCH.


Little bit later on (as it’s quite easy to find them and also for very decent prices) I stumbled over the wax I was originally lookin’ for: “is u” that features emcee DARKMAN of the Shadow Mobstaz. Now this track is my shit – dark n grim so that also Darkman’s voice perfectly fits into the whole construction…

2Rude_is u-12”

2Rude released a full length called “Rudimental2K” that was sort of ground breaking in Canada and received many highly respected awards. Nowadays this guy is still in biz so I u wanna know more then if recommend to hit his myspace or his homepage.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sup people? Been very busy the last weeks and also in future will not look that better. This leaves not the time I’d like to rip new stuff and write the respective articles to them so that’s the reason why this board dried out lately! Well, will try to push my homes Mirro & Onur to bring sum from their cratez in here and personally will also try to find some time to contribute more again in here…
Meanwhile I dug in my old rips and found two records I didn’t show so far – hope ya’ll enjoy ‘em!

GP WU is the crew for today. For those that ain’t familiar with those catz here are the basics:
GP WU stands for “Gladiator Posse Wu” what of course refers to their link to the mighty Wu Tang Clan family. The posse consists of Pop da Brown Hornet, Rubbabandz, Down Low Recka & Juna Luva and they’re comin outta Staten Island, NY. They had their peak in the biz in the mid/late 90s when they were dropping most of their stuff (individually or in this group) but they also still active nowadays (check their myspace for that where they promote the latest Rubbabandz LP). So the first of the two wax I’m showin is from 1997, a promo released on MCA records. The titles on it are “hit me with that shit” and “party people”. Forget about the 2nd track already as it ain’t good at all but the main title is the banger!

GP Wu_hit me with that shit-12”

The other record I got from them was released in the same year, on the same label and also as a promo only. Again you got the track “party people” on it and on the flip you find the best track (IMO) they ever dropped – “chamber danger”! man, I just love it how the beat is constructed; startin’ easy n low, then the vocals and after that the bass-construction that builds up until that phat bassline comes in and bangs ya ears!

GP Wu_chamber danger-12”

Besides these twelves they released a bunch of other ones and in 1998 finally dropped their full length “don’t go against the grain” on MCA which I really recommend to y’all!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

3rd Degree

Well then – another fine piece of wax to rep in here is comin’ from…

3rd DEGREE. This emcee is also known as SHAYDIE and this name should ring bells to them who listen to BLAK FOREST / URBANITES stuff as he’s part of those crews. Under the name 3rd Degree he released to my knowledge 2 twelves – “hi energy” on Up Above Records in 2000 which is the later one and his quite famous “better days b/w uprising” that I’m showin you here. the track “better days” is a rather popular tune as DJ Premier featured it on his “crooklyn cuts vol.3” and also to me it’s the better of the two songs on this record. Mr.Supreme produced a mad smooth tune over which Shaydie is kickin’ his mellow verses. The b-side brings the track “uprising” that is also quite dope but can’t hold the candle to the main track!
The record was released back in 1997 on the Seattle based label Conception Records (from which we showed you plenty of dope records so far in here) that was founded in 1993 by the two Sharpshooters members Mr. Supreme and DJ Sureshot.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rugged Brood

Here’s a short review bout a very nice one-tracker from…

RUGGED BROOD. This crew is coming from Spring Valley NY and consists of the members ParaDox, Madmax and Flu.
On the twelve you find the song “dwellin’ in darkness” – a quite sombre tune that I’m really feelin!
The record was released in 1997 on the Raw Track label that also kicked out all the stuff from Shamus, Emar and Crimewave.
Besides this record Rugged Brood had another 2 releases on Raw Track called “what’s the impact” (check here to see our old review to this) and “non fiction b/w look out”. Also you may wanna check their myspace here as there you will find 2 other tracks I didn’t know of before and that weren’t released on Raw Track (even dunno if they exist on vinyl at all!). the titles of them tunes are “the promo” and “what’s going down”…

Monday, August 11, 2008

Raphael, Loucha ft. Shyheim

It’s a great pleasure to finally being able to present you this fine piece of work of international cooperation – U.S. meets France. The benefit of this collabo is an awesome track called…

WORLDWIDE. I first heard this banger on some of the crazy mixes by Ron T who used to run a famous and mad sick radio show in the mid-late 90s here in Switzerland where you would hear all the indie-jointz peeps are now looking for… Usually one gets easily French rap here in Switzerland but somehow I never was able to find this record that time here in one of the stores I’m digging…anyway – few weeks ago I finally could lay my hand on it (mad thanx Nail!). so the track “worldwide” brings totally 3 emcees to the mic: RAPHAEL (of the crew LA CLIQUA), LOUCHA (of the crew PETITS BOSS) and some verses of WU-Fam member SHYHEIM you may never have heard of before…
The b-side of this record brings a track of each of the French cats. It starts with Raphael’s “nouvel impact” a solid track but stylewise I ain’t feeling much attracted by it. However Loucha’s “les jeunes de nos quartiers” is a track that I’m feeling again and it generates a magnificent finish on this wax!
The record-data: this jewel on vinyl was pressed in 1996 on the French Arsenal Records label (same that also pressed all the La Cliqua stuff).

Raphael, Loucha ft Shyheim_worldwide-12”

Enjoy n leave a coment if ya feelin’ (or not feelin’) that wax….

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Mr Complex

It’s been about 4 months ago when we posted his debut (check here) so here we go wit another one by Corey Roberts aka …

The Polyrhythm Addicts member dropped this record here on the same label (Core Records) he also had his debut on like four years earlier. So the wax here was released in 1999 and comes with the tracks “ima killit” – a quite solid main title, “big fronter” – the reason I bought this wax (also cuz it costed only few bucks) and the short n kinda crazy track “I think I wanna sing”.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Molemen

Time to bring you some nice tunes outta Chicago area! When u talking bout that city n its independent rap-scene (especially in the mid/late 90s) then you just can’t pass the creative producer-combo called THE MOLEMEN.

The Molemen basically consist of the trio His-Panik, PNS and Memoriza and they started with their first release back in 1997 (with the EP titled “below the ground”). a year later they dropped a second EP that I wanna post in here as it contains some amazingly dope tracks!
The first emcee on this mini-comp is JUICE bringing the refreshing track “period” – bam there goes sledgehammer one. Hammer two and my fav on this gem is by VAKIL called “the bitness”, the harmonic but also kinda grief-stricken flute was causin goose-bumps when I heard that joint for the first! On the flip you get served with raw tunes again comin from the crew MASS HYSTERIA (from which we posted already som great ish, see here). The track is titled “vocabulary spill” and that fits pretty well as you hear Stone & Robert spillin this tune with their mad rhymes! Last but not least comes the song by one of Chi-Towns finest indie-crews – RHYMEFEST. Their track “prepare for the fest”, a rather severe tune perfectly closes this super EP!

The Molemen_buried alive-EP

The Molemen released in 2000 a compilation (unfortunately only on CD) that features both debut-EPs plus some bonus tracks that are just blazing hot – really recommend you this stuff as of course all other Molemen-ish (also the works they did the production on e.g. as Vakil, All Natural etc.).
If u wanna know more details etc. bout the group (especially also what they up to these days) then hit their homepage.

Alright’ten – peace out!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Various Artists - Stay Strapped

Here’s another short review (just cuz this blog was dried out so long). Originally I planned to review this wax here long time ago already but as things go (you get new records, you smoke too much herbs etc.) it may happen that one just forgets about such plans…
Anyway, here it is – this nice little one-tracker from various artists such as:

Kool G Rap, MF Grimm, Akinyele, CJ Moore and Big Chuck. The record that was pressed in 1996 doesn’t mention any label but still I think it’s a legit press (also I never seen another version than this one here). The track is called “stay strapped” and was produced by Dr. Butcher who is also responsible for many other productions of the cats Kool G Rap and MF Grimm.
Now some of you may also recognize that track but not exactly under this name as it was also released again on MF Grimm’s “scars & memories” but this time it was titled “aids”.

VA_stay strapped-12”

Cin Click

Finally some new ish I just dug last weekend at my homie’s record store here in Bienne. Was sum kinda midnight-digging-session… well we originally been there to party (the whole city was celebrating their annual city fair with parties n bars all over the place) but me n my man Mirro didn’t pay attention to that when we had the chance to dig in this crate-palace with no other people in our way!!!
The crates were stuffed with great stuff (hi-tech, hdm, powerule, dutchim etc.) that I already got but still we were able to detect here n there some records we never seen though. Sum of em were crap but sum were def worth to cop n post in here – for example this one from…

CIN CLICK. As I never heard of them before I just checked the internet fur further information….nothing! so from the little I can tell you from the label here we go: the label is called Dauphine Productions (one of the emcees label), released back in 1997 and obviously comin from Massachusetts. It also reads Gas Chamber productions on the label but have no clue if this is related to the Mo’Budded Pham in some way?!?
The main title is called “block shot” with smooth jingle’s & a rather soft bass-line. The track and the rhymes are okay (even though sometimes the flow of the mcs comes close to Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony) but it is not a real banger for sure! However, on the flip you get the track I really like that is called “struggle”. The sample construction is very solid, rhymes tight and the bass line pushes more so this makes the track a damn nice one to me!
Cin Click_block shot-12”

Aight’ten….listen, enjoy and leave a comment (especially when you know more bout this crew)!


Monday, May 19, 2008


Sum hardcore Bronx ish on the set today, comin from „Strength Enforcing Serious Harm”, also known as…

S.E.S.H. the crew originally consisted of about 12 members(!) but the talking was always bout the three cats grippin the mic – Lamp, Sgt. Ore and Sigga.
In 1996 they had their first release, independently done on their own Sesh Records label, bringing totally 3 tracks. The twelve starts wit “definition s.e.s.h.”, a grimey n sombre masterpiece supported by aggressively spit rhymes. On the flip is the track “killa ill” that stands out with its sick but smooth samples you constantly get to hear there plus a strong piano sample that is roundin up the whole tune. Last but not least comes “battalion” which is my winner on here. Why? Well check it out!

S.e.s.h._definition sesh-12“

In 1998 the crew was able to finally release their full length titled “4535”. So far I just found this one as CD and dunno if it was even released on vinyl. If anyone knows that please add in the comments, mad appreciated!
Nowadays S.E.S.H. ain’t no mo’, means the crew split up. But u still can find in the net its original members that are JonLAMP and SiggaPonTrigga.


Friday, May 16, 2008

World Renown

Well then, another day, another review from one of Mirro’s records…

John Doe and 7 Shawn were forming the great duo that is known as WORLD RENOWN. I’m sure y’all heard their other two twelves (come take a ride // how nice I am) that were released on Warner Bros in 1994 & 95. this one here is the last twelve of them I personally know of and it was released later to the other two records (some when in the late 90s I guess) and brings the tracks “back on the rebound” that contains a sample you should recognize from Souls of Mischief’s 93-banger “that’s when ya lost” plus on the war-side of this record you have the song “war chant” that (if I remember correctly) was also used in one of JR Ewing’s many mixtapes.
Both tracks are IMO pretty OK but definitely sound different to their older stuff which I prefer little bit more. If I had to make a choice then I’d say that “war chant” is my winner on this wax.

World Renown_back on the rebound-12”

To complete WR’s discography in here I have to mention that they also had an unofficial release of their album (don’t know if it was done by them cats or if it was a boot). Even though I could do a review of that here too (as one of my homies got that rare LP in his cratez) I won’t as WR still plans to make an official release (not only as mp3 but at least as CD, LP not sure...) so I won’t interfere with that!
also if u wanna see the vids of their old pieces released on Warner Bros then check their myspace or youtube where ya'll easily find em. also make sure u visit 7 Shawn's myspace as he is still in the game with new stuff to check out!