Monday, May 19, 2008


Sum hardcore Bronx ish on the set today, comin from „Strength Enforcing Serious Harm”, also known as…

S.E.S.H. the crew originally consisted of about 12 members(!) but the talking was always bout the three cats grippin the mic – Lamp, Sgt. Ore and Sigga.
In 1996 they had their first release, independently done on their own Sesh Records label, bringing totally 3 tracks. The twelve starts wit “definition s.e.s.h.”, a grimey n sombre masterpiece supported by aggressively spit rhymes. On the flip is the track “killa ill” that stands out with its sick but smooth samples you constantly get to hear there plus a strong piano sample that is roundin up the whole tune. Last but not least comes “battalion” which is my winner on here. Why? Well check it out!

S.e.s.h._definition sesh-12“

In 1998 the crew was able to finally release their full length titled “4535”. So far I just found this one as CD and dunno if it was even released on vinyl. If anyone knows that please add in the comments, mad appreciated!
Nowadays S.E.S.H. ain’t no mo’, means the crew split up. But u still can find in the net its original members that are JonLAMP and SiggaPonTrigga.


Friday, May 16, 2008

World Renown

Well then, another day, another review from one of Mirro’s records…

John Doe and 7 Shawn were forming the great duo that is known as WORLD RENOWN. I’m sure y’all heard their other two twelves (come take a ride // how nice I am) that were released on Warner Bros in 1994 & 95. this one here is the last twelve of them I personally know of and it was released later to the other two records (some when in the late 90s I guess) and brings the tracks “back on the rebound” that contains a sample you should recognize from Souls of Mischief’s 93-banger “that’s when ya lost” plus on the war-side of this record you have the song “war chant” that (if I remember correctly) was also used in one of JR Ewing’s many mixtapes.
Both tracks are IMO pretty OK but definitely sound different to their older stuff which I prefer little bit more. If I had to make a choice then I’d say that “war chant” is my winner on this wax.

World Renown_back on the rebound-12”

To complete WR’s discography in here I have to mention that they also had an unofficial release of their album (don’t know if it was done by them cats or if it was a boot). Even though I could do a review of that here too (as one of my homies got that rare LP in his cratez) I won’t as WR still plans to make an official release (not only as mp3 but at least as CD, LP not sure...) so I won’t interfere with that!
also if u wanna see the vids of their old pieces released on Warner Bros then check their myspace or youtube where ya'll easily find em. also make sure u visit 7 Shawn's myspace as he is still in the game with new stuff to check out!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Today I present you some stuff outta the cratez o’ my homie Mirro (dude’s not online since ages and too lazy to do the necessary steps to get back to the www!)….

GASHOUSE is the name of this crew that consists of the members Will Rock aka Mr Phat, 4-7, R.A.W., Ike and Gi-Son. I quickly checked the usual online sources to get more info on those cats but – nuthin. So lemme share the little information I can provide.
The crew dropped this wax back in 98 on their own Gashouse label and it contains 2 tracks. “smell smoke yet” is the more funky track u gonna find on the a-side. On the flipside u get the track “avengence” that comes a little bit more relaxed. There’s also a remix of this track but I didn’t rip it as it was not that amazing to me.

Gashouse_smell smoke yet-12”

I know that there’s another 12” at least from this crew as one of my fellas got that in his cratez. Will see if I can borrow that record from him to make the rips n review as well. No clue if they had other releases to that or if they still in the game but if u know more then holla in the comments section.

Well then, enjoy!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And the second one for today outta my cratez. This time not a twelve but a nice n small 7incher from…

EMANON (Aloe Blacc & DJ Exile). I don’t wanna lose too much time about those two cats from Cali. For further information u might wanna check their discogs entry.
So this nice 7” brings two awesome tracks u should have heard at least once in your life (especially if u dig that independent thing)!
“the price” is the main title on the record and besides the great beat I got struck by that ill sampling of Robert Goulet.
“emanon” (call me emanon) is the smooth track on the flip and is a song I luv to listen to after a stressful day when sittin on the balcony, sippin sum booze n puffin lah. Man, it’s so easy to relax with this tune and forget bout shit u live thru, try it!
The record was released on the WeSh (weapon shaped) label but not as stated in discogs in 2001 but in 1997 (again wrong information in discogs so I really wonder who is admin / the “wanna-be-approver” there and to the submitter I recommend: read the damn back side of the cover and get enlightened).
Well, whatever, enjoy them great tunez if u dunno yet!

Hearoshima Live

Alright people – here we go with another very obscure indie record. This wax brings u the emcee called…

HEAROSHIMA LIVE….. well, this is again one of those records that unfortunately I cannot provide you lots of information to. Online research came up with nuthin and also on other occasions I never heard of that dude.
Too bad there’s only one track on the wax but this one is definitely nice and I really dig that stuff. The track is titled “(automatic) gun tongue” and features I’tal tha Ruffin who is kickin the perfectly fittin ragga-stylish chorus part. The track consists of a main sample u should know from other tunez like e.g. School of Hard Knock’s “hands of a stranger” but besides this the track gets my “2 thumbs up” cuz of the bass line that makes the whole beat soundin’ laid back n also those smooth jingles (sounds like glass bottles!?) are very well placed in the tune…. Awesome!
The record was dropped in 1996 on the small Chase Records label in Philadelphia. I’m not 100% sure but I think this label has nothing to do with the Chase (Dinero) Records of the famous N.B.A. & Aiello Wilson records (pls correct me if I’m wrong!).
Anyway, a record I can definitely recommend!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Wayne Live / Nova Cain

Alright – 1st of all thanks for the comments and the many emails u headz sent me in the recent days, showin’ luv for the stuff we doin!!!
Today is about a split-12” from the millennium that serves u the emcees …

WAYNE LIVE and NOVA CAIN. The record, released on the Subcity Records label in 2K comes as a limited blue colored vinyl only. Chi-Town rapper Wayne Live had a quite respectable underground hit in 99 with his “think u jammin” and here he brings his follower “still think u jammin?”. This track also introduces another rapper outta Massachusetts u might have already heard – NOVA CAIN. He’s spittin some verses on Wayne’s tune and then also comes correct with his debut on vinyl that is called “the purpose”.
Now, both tracks are very good, funky, a little bit sec maybe but still fresh ish that would often make turns on my 1210s! well, check it out….