Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Otierre ft. La Pina

time again for some non-english-rappin stuff in here so op'n yo' earz!
the twelve of today is one I got (more or less) since it dropped back then in 97 on the Polydor label. OTIERRE (also OTR) is the name of this quite popular crew from Varese, Italy. The super-group formed in 1991 and broke in 1998. during this period OTR had quite a lot of emcees (Esa, Polare, Torrido, Azza, Intruso, Limite) and DJs (Fede, Irmu, Vigor, Vez, Nitro) and on this 12" as well as the respective LP (titled "dalla sede") they also featured female emcee La Pina. La Pina was born in Florence and is kind of the Italian rap queen as she's told to be the 1st female rapper in this country.

let's talk about the content: on this nice vinyl u gonna find 2 tracks which is the main title "rispettane l'aroma" - a nice head-nodder and my absolute favorite and also kinda anthem for me n the homies back then on the flipside, "play our position". I remember that all the times this track was played at jams the crowd would just go absolutely nuts! "play your position" also features guest emcee from Bruxelles' (Belgium) CNN crew - Rivalcapone.

I know that many of my readers are not really willin' to listen to stuff they don't understand but I definitely recommend to give this sh*t a try. I'm pretty positive u won't regret it, especially cuz of dat b-sider "play our position"!

well then, enjoy this n drop a comment how u feelin this twelve...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Horeson J.A.E. & Eduardo Scizzahandz

what's good peepz? another rip from my cratez. this time it's about the emcee HORESON J.A.E. & (DJ) EDUARDO SCIZZAHANDZ from Flint, MI.

The 2 had their debut appearance on a cassingle when they were in the group "Phunky Lab Munkeez" (together with Ed's younger bro BOY WONDER). Find here the track "klassic emcee" from that work from 1997.
Then in the late 90's and early 2000 J.A.E. & Ed released several tracks and among these he was able to drop the great "translation regulation-12" on the "A Lab Cult" label in 2001.
The wax comes with 3 songs: "translation regulation" as the main title. on the flip-side you gonna find the tracks "in time jesus returns" and the great posse-track "march madness" that features the emcees PUGSLEE ATOMZ, NAME OBSCURE, OPTIMUS PRIME, O-TYPE STAR and J.U.I.C.E.
all 3 tracks are from very good to f?ckin great IMO - I really dig this record and consistently spin it on the decks since I bought that wax back in 01.
as I said already, J.A.E. dropped also some other tracks in the early 2000 and here you can get 2 of them - enjoy! BTW: these 2 tracks were produced by STARVING ARTISTS CREW members IQ and SP.

Horeson J.A.E. & Eduardo Scizzahandz_translation regulation-12"

Later on J.A.E. changed his name to Tellie Tel so you can google that too and find some more recent material from him...
aigh'then - peace til the next post!