Monday, February 19, 2007

Harlem High Ent. presents...

... the 96/97 release of the emcee ALLEY HIGH. the wax comes witta tracks "world wide" and "voo doo" that features female emcee Monifa. excellent mid-90s-ish that shouldn't be too hard to find these days....

alley high_world wide-12"


fine Official Jointz release from 1997! this is X-PERADO with his twelve "the entity" and "verbal reality". both tracks are dopeness and produced by DJ Shok, who is very well known for his delicious worx he did on the famous "Mass Vinyl" Records (Hi-Tech, Parallax...). don't sleep on that one...

it's an All Star Jam!

awesome production on Emo Recordings back from 1996! this is WISDOM with their record "all star jam" featuring the crews Adagio and the Juggaknots and "angel" on the b-side. also says on the sticker that the track "it's rare" shold be on that one but this is not the case! if anyone got that more rare pressing incl. that track, please share it in here, thx!

wisdom_all star jam-12"

return of the Maestro

here we go with another review of records done by the Canadian rapper MAESTRO (FRESH WES). the release on Attic Ent. was in 1998 and contains the songs "holy water" which also features the well known Canadian crew Ghetto Concept plus the b-sider "the visine" which is my favorite on this wax!

maestro_holy water-12"

Ten Thieves

here's another review of a wax that was dropped on Break A Dawn Records. it's the 95-release from the group TEN THIEVES with the two tracks "straight from the slums" and "black reign". very solid wax that's always good for some spins on the decks!

ten thieves_straight from the slums-12"

the Now Born Click

excellent release on Phat Wax Records in 1993 from the NOW BORN CLICK. this record brings u the 2 tracks "now born soldiers" and "mad sick".... great wax that's worth checking out!

if one of u got the "now born soldiers remix", released in 95 on Stepsun Records, then please share it here, thx!

now born click_now born soldiers-12"

the scientist again....

another release on Get Reck Music from the crew RUGGED SCIENTIST in 1996. this twelve gives the tracks "lights, camera, action" and the grimey "shaolin anthem" that also features the crew Now Born Click! some heat right here!

rugged scientist_lights, camera, action-12"

the rugged scientist

very dope 1-track-record from the crew RUGGED SCIENTIST. this is their 96-wax with the title "got it locked". sick pushin beat n lots a guest-emcees makes y'all feelin dat ish! dropped on the label Get Reck Music!

the men of war!

second (and to my knowledge) last release of this crew goin by the name of SPLATTAHOUSE. this track's called "men of war" and was kicked out on Nikera Recordings back in 1996. the b-side has another group called Kavalier - parle's the name of the track but is pure crap...well it's all about the Splattahouse track though and really worth buyin this wax!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

two of a kind

as requested long time ago here's finally the b-sider from JED DUST - strictly kings better. a damn dope track that makes this whole 12" a jewel! peace

jed dust_strictly kings better

... is the name of this track performed by the SOULJERZ OF FORTUNE. the wax was released on a split-12" (with "Jed-dust" on the b-side which I din't rip this time) on On Point Ent. in 1998. i'm definitely feelin this piece!

peace, mirro

souljerz of fortune_two of a kind

Thursday, February 08, 2007

the ruph headz

honestly said, I didn't know anything bout this crew before I heard it on the decks of a friend...then I knew immediately that this ish needs to be in my cratez as well! this is the "96 spring sampler vol.1" by the RUPH HEADZ. this EP comes with 3 tracks plus a remix; in details: "home of the crooked man", "home of the crooked man remix", on the b-side the more relaxed songs "sheets in between" and "how we get down". couldn't find much more info so far for these catz but to my knowledge this EP was released in Japan only (on Backbone Ent.)...

well, give it a try if you don't know, it's really worth it!

ruph headz_96 spring sampler vol.1-ep

the world is not enough!

this record took my quite a while to find! had it on a mixtape like years ago and then didn't know who it is...when i found out, it took my again a while to find on wax but finally here it is: the NEGROW LEAGUE project brings this damn banger "the world is not enough"! awesome song that plays a lot on my decks... a-side contains the other song "my life" which ain't that great so you'll not find it here. if you wanna know more bout that project you'll find them in Myspace...

negrow league_the world is not enough

the truthspeaker

and here we go again with a new review! this is the 96-release of the emcee LATEEF (the truthspeaker). the record that was dropped on Solesides Records comes with 3 tracks that are: "the quickening", "the wreckoning" and "latyrx" ft. Lyrics Born. all productions by famous DJ Shadow! an excellent piece of wax that is not so easy to find these days (at least if you don't wanna spend 40-60 bucks for it!)...

enjoy it!

lateef_the wreckoning-12"