Friday, February 29, 2008

Ghetto Dawgz

And here’s an EP from the to my totally unknown crew …

The GHETTO DAWGZ is the name of this obscure posse and I gotta admit I didn’t have any clue what I was ordering that time but as it was for decent price … let’s say I didn’t give a f---. So when I got the parcel and then put that record on the tables I was very curious. Well let’s say, I was 50% disappointed and 50% happy with that ep. It comes with totally 4 tracks and two of them (“the freaks theme” and “round n round”) were crap. R’n’B-yodeling paired with raps? Nah man, not me n this is also the reason why ya won’t get em tracks here (my life’s really too short to rip such bulls..t!). but the other two tracks ya gonna find on that record are actually very good and ya’re really surprised to hear such vibes! “buttas” and “pass it!” are the titles of those nice tunes ya also gonna find in the rip here. the only sad thing is that ya get the censored versions only and as these emcees often use "very bad words" the rhymes sometimes are soundin too chopped...
Well, there ain’t much details I can provide you to this crew. Released on the Now Or Never label in 1998, 1 or 2 years later they dropped a kinda full-length that is called “Shystee Blendz Vol. 1 by Ghetto Dawgz” that also contains all te tracks from this ep here. But to my knowledge this album was a CD and tape release only… besides I think that these homes are comin from Flatbush, NY but that’s all the data I have to share (if u got more then holla in the comments section).

Money Boss Players

Another short post to complete a review-series (finally) about the …

… that are Lord Tariq, Eddie Cheeba & Minnesota. This rite here is the record with the super-smooth track “walk with the limp” that sum o’ ya might know from DJ Handjob’s mixes. On the b-side you get served again with the tracks “players pinnacle” and “crap game” but these are same tracks as on their former 12” they released in 95 independently on their MBP records. If u wanna see the other MBP-reviews then check our site-archives in Dec. 2006 (that’s rite man – D.I.T.I.C-blog is existing long time already, baby!).
Aight, let’s finish that with the usual data: release year of this one was 1996 on the Warning Records label…

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Well, also I stick to Canadian rappers today and present you shortly another essential one from there…

From Toronto comes UBAD, a crew consisting of the cats Groovy, Tyson, Rugged and Ebony. The wax here is called “the legacy ep” and features the following tracks “the legacy”, “life’s getting rough” and “rugged and nasty”.
The release of the ep took place back in 95 on the Blacklist label.

Ubad_the legacy-EP

Peace n til nexx time – Mirro!


Ok let me present you also some very good stuff from Toronto, Canada (let’s say, this is for all the people that slept until now!). this record comes from MC and producer Amani Wailoo alias…

SAUKRATES dropped this bomb in 1995 on the Genesis label and brings you with that terrific vinyl two tracks plus a remix. The main title is “hate runs deep” and I think I don’t need to say much on the quality of this track (holy shit, what a burner)! The remix of this track you got on this twelve was done by Down Ta Erf and is almost as amazing as the original mix. Additionally you have another jewel on this wax that is called “get touched” that is the bonus track.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


“skills prevail!” – a good, short and sec statement done by emcee…

The reason why I copped that record wasn’t the “skills prevail” track, which is a very good n grimy one. To me it was all about the b-sider “sex you” that I knew from those great mid-90s mixes we heard on Swiss radio Couleur3 all the time…
One nice fact I just noted is that in discogs you find the entry for the “red-version”, means the one that has the red writing on the label and was obviously released only in 1998.

as you see on my scan this label is with black writing and on my copy it says that this wax was dropped 2 years earlier, in 1996! Label is both times the same – Venom Records.

Apocalypse_skills prevail-12”

Ps: sorry for lower quality on the b-sider. Need to clean that record but didn’t yet have time to do so …


Again a review to complete a former one…

If you check here then u see the review that we made first about Rezidue’s former crew FOOTPRINTS. That time we showed you the original version from 94, now this is the 95-release again on Zestland Records that brings you the great remix of “guard the dome”. For all the peeps that slept over the first review we attached in the dl-file again the original mix of “guard the dome” and the very convincing “pelan” that u gonna find on this record here too.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blue Black

Here is another very fine solo joint I recently was able to buy…

The guy reppin here is called BLUE BLACK and is member of the group “The Unspoken Heard” (together with Asheru).
This here was dropped in 1995 on the Gangrene Records label and contains the damn good tracks “bon vi (the good life)” in 2 mix-versions and on the b-side you will find the track “sun up from sun down”. A really great record that I recommend to anybody that don’t have that piece of vinyl yet!

Blue Black_bon vi-12”

Further information can be found as usual in discogs etc.


Mr Complex

It is about time that I bring you some material here too…

This is Corey Roberts aka MR COMPLEX. You should know this man from the crew Polyrhythm Addicts where he’s member (other cats from this crew are: DJ Spinna, Tiye Phoenix, Shabaam Sahdeeq and formerly Apany B Fly Emcee).
The wax presented here is one of his first appearances on vinyl (if not the first) and was done in 1995 on the indie label Core Records. The record has the following titles: “I’m rhyming” (produced by Pharao Monch); “against the grain” (produced by Prince Po) and “feel me” (produced by Peace of Mind).

Mr Complex_I’m rhyming-12”

For further releases and such info check discogs etc…

Friday, February 22, 2008


Back to Canada, Toronto styles in full effect!

This is about emcee ROCSTONE who originally comes from Kingston, Jamaica. Here you find his debut(?) he put out back in 1998 on the Dirty Rotten Entertainment that includes the tracks “norpo ft Smugglaz” that was put on his later on album “Jamaica Kingston V12” (MSI Music 2000) and the exclusive b-sider “upon my weight”. I luv both of em tracks but if I had to choose one only then I’d say it’s the sombre and ultra-sec “upon my weight” track…this is just my style!


Besides that I know that he got another 12” from his full length out there called “thug dread”. Also I recommend you to check his video called “stylez” that is on his myspace-site and that is also on his LP…

Shades of Culture

Back on the blog with some more heat from Canada. This time I’m dealin’ with some fine stuff from Montreal…

The crew to rep in this review is called SHADES OF CULTURE and is one of the, you can call it, veteran crews outta this city. Formed in 1992 Shades of Culture consisted of the homes D-Shade (who also released solo-joints on the Audio Research label), DJ Storm and DJ Choice.
So here you got tha chance to listen to one of their releases, one that was dropped in 1997 on the small 2112 Records label. On it u find the two fine tunes “main objective” – a great tune using an excellent cuz quite melancholic guitar-sample and the flipsider “shine” that is more that party-track mixed with ragga-vocals and featuring emcee MR LEN of well known COMPANY FLOW!

Shades of Culture_main objective-12”

Sad to say that the crew split-up in 2003... For more information check discogs etc…peace!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pho Phat Joints EP

Some Toronto stuff comin up next…

This is the PHO PHAT EP that brings you totally 4 tracks including these emcees. JGABOO DA IGNANT from whom we reviewed here his debut and who later on changed his name to Matic. GRIPS aka Conrad McRae who got his debut on here and later on formed together with his buddy BUGSY (alias Anno Domini aka Dwayne Copeland) and Mike “Magic” St.Hill the crew THA WOODSMEN.
This EP was released in 1998 on Big Groove Entertainment and serves you these tracks:
- Flows ft. Jgaboo and Grips
- 7 Fist ft. Bugsy and Grips
- Light the blunts ft. Jgaboo and Grips
- Awakenings ft. Bugsy and Grips
All in all a very phat EP that had some respectable underground success that time and that still lets your head nod!


Aight, next reviews in here are gonna deal all with Canadian stuff, as for example this one here from…

INFINITE, who is also DJ, used to be a member of the quite famous Canadian crew GHETTO CONCEPT. This record here was released solo in 1998 on the Lockdown label. On it you get served with the tracks “360°” that beat-wise is quite OK (but again – them lady’s voice…why?), “take a look” that uses the same beat as Ghetto Concept did for their “blood, sweat n glory” and my winner that is on the b-side “wise guys”.


Besides this one Infinite did a year earlier a record on the Beat Factory label with the title “gotta get mine”. So far didn’t have a chance to listen to so if u got that pls up in our comments section…thx!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mad Flava

A fine piece comin atcha from da South of the US, Dallas TX to be exact.

This nice twelve is from the well known crew MAD FLAVA (are: Cold Chris the Soulman; Don Kasaan, DJ Baby G the Cut Selectah and producer Erich “Hype Dawg” Krause). Sure y’all know their 93-full length “from da ground unda” that was dropped in 94 on Priority. Therefore also the single-releases and test-presses from that LP are quite know but what’s lil known obviously is that the crew dropped 2 records independently: one titled “fatherless” and the other one that we show u here rite now. This wax was released on the Raw Deal label, guess in the mid-90s. on the wax u find the flip-track “can’t get enuf ft M.Y.K.” which is a very good one and the grimey winner on the main side that is “point blank” – simply an awesome piece fo sure!


Gettin ruffa again with this nice lil jammie from 1994 by…

I don’t think that the crew WOLFPAK has anything to do with the famous Wolfpak-label that brought u all the stuff from Bee Why and I’m also quite sure these guys don’t have anything to deal with mad sought after Wolfe D.o.m-Nation. This crew here, consisting of Chief Headhunter, Mr Po-Flip and Slip-Roc, dropped this fine promo-only record as mentioned above in 1994 on the small PGA label. On it you gonna find the two tracks “no mo drivebys” – which is definitely my winner, and the flip-sider “move around”.

Wolfpak_no mo drivebys-12”

Besides that record those homes had another release on the “Blade-OST” called “gangsta bounce”. If u know of more then holla in the comments-section, thanks!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Mixed Elements

Whaddup folks? Just a short up to complete sum I wanted to long time ago but always forgot…. Well here we go…

In one of our earlier posts back in 2006 (see here) we showed you the other twelve of the MIXED ELEMENTS so here you can finally find that mad sought after piece with the great track “divine styles” and the mediocre “fx” (as peeps should know my feelings bout RnB hooks in such tracks)…
The record was dropped in 1996 on the MaddMoves Label that besides these two records also got a release of the Bredrens, not more…

Mixed Elements_divine styles-12”

Peace n soon sum more ish to come….

Friday, February 08, 2008

Mad Ill

And another one from the westcoast – San Francisco to be exact. This wax here comes from the group MAD ILL…

This twelve from the bay-area can be described very quick as The Good, The Smooth & The Ruff as this is how the sounds appeal to me. “cash money” is the main title and represents the good one. a solid performance over all but the sample’s been taken are pretty known so that reduces somehow my enthusiasm…”only in one lifetime” is the smooth one with a very laid-back melody and my personal grimey winner on this is the last one called “bubble up”.
The wax was released in 1999 on the San Fran label Independently Large Records.


Time to bring u some mid-90s westcoast flava in here (as most of our review’s are bout productions from the east…). This is about 40-O.Z.

As usual when it comes to such very obscure stuff search-engines didn’t give me any kinda help here to get further infos. So I have to guess that the name “40-O.Z. “ is a crew-name (not artist) even though there’s only one emcee u gonna hear on both tracks. But the writing on the label indicates and confirms somehow my guess. Anyway, the record was dropped back in 95 on the Cali indie-label Demo House and features two sounds of 40-OZ - “check yo’ girl” and “smokin’ dank”. Both tracks come in that typical westcoast g-funk style that has similarities with Ice Cube’s “bop gun ft George Clinton”.

40-O.Z._check yo’ girl-12”

Well then, try it if u dunno….

Monday, February 04, 2008


From the depths of Brooklyn NY i present u today the crew KORNERSTONZ.

The crew consists of the two emcees D.O.U.G. (Da Original Unique Gemdropper), D.E.L.L. (The Diversified Everlasting Lyrics of Life) and the two men “behind the scene”, responsible for the scratches n cuts DJ Amen-Ra and for the beats DJ Sha the X-Factor. In the mid-90s those homes would regularly battle on the korners and at talent-shows and eventually got noted & signed by Patrick “Cream” Callum, owner of the CEO Records label in 1996. in the same year the crew dropped twelve that is full with authentic street-style – the “korner life”. “korner life” is also the title of the track that inspires me the most. Then u got the track “front on me” that is also very solid, maybe just a lil’ bit to slow-moving… the last track on this EP is the main-title but honestly dunno why this ish even was pressed on that wax. “what we do this for” is textwise pretty much OK, the beat is kinda average (in the best case) but this lady that’s always screamin’ “aha” n “yeah-ha” is killin the last piece of dopeness in this track – it’s really a shame! But make yo own decision on that, maybe u like it!?!


Continuin’ with another twelve outta NY - Harlem this time to be exact. This is Herbert Brown aka (Herb) McGRUFF.

McGruff was soon taken under Heavy D’s wing and then later on he joined the famous group CHILDREN OF THE CORN. When its member Bloodshed deceased in a car accident the crew split up. Killa Kam became Cam’Ron and got some success as solo artist, Murda Mase simply got Mase and decided to waste his life joinin Puffy Comb’s liquid manure label Bad Boy and the tragedy of Big L’s death should be well known to y’all anyway. McGruff also decided to do his own thang and eventually got signed by Universal. On this label he dropped this awesome single-release from his later on LP called “destined to be”. This promo features on the flip the track “reppin uptown” which is a very good track but nuthin compared to the main title “harlem kids get biz”. This track is just da shit! I love the sick melody, the laid-back beats n Gruff spittin over this cream with some great verses! Production credit on this go to Spunk Bigga who did some excellent work already for acts like Masta Ace, Rob-O, A.D.O.R. etc. the wax, by the way, was as mentioned above released on Uptown/Universal records (as promo only) back in 1996.

McGruff_harlem kids get biz-12”

Wanna know more bout Gruff? Hit his myspace!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Fifth Sun

the next crew I don’t have much info on hand is called FIFTH SUN.

obviously they consist of US and latino rappers and come from the west coast. The wax here was released on Ince Records but no clue when exactly. The main title is the very sombre “blast the nickel”. On the flip you got the next great track called “pardon mĂ© madre” that beatwise lets u chill immediately. The last track (and my personal secret winner on here) is the sick “whatever it takes” – great beat, smoothest violin-tunes and a thrillin keyboard-sample I know from somewhere (but can’t remember from where…).

Fifth Sun_blast the nickel-12”

What I found is that the crew obviously released another twelve in 2000 on Loud Records with the tracks “aver aver” and “west coast love” but I haven’t heard that yet…

Njoy yo weekendz peepz!

5000 Hoodz ft the Woodzmen

Today it is about crews I can’t tell you much more than what’s written on the respective label as they’re that obscure google & co. surrendered (or only lead to the entries in VA that Phil or I did…). Anyway. Let’s start this with the first one for today that is titled 5000 HOODZ FT THE WOODZMEN.

Now to the Woodzmen I can tell u that they dropped a great 12” in the mid90s. If u wanna know more bout that I recommend you to check the review on Vinyl Addicts.
Now this is the second one (soundwise) most probably released after that (guess late 90s) and the Woodzmen have here a feature part whereas 5000 Hoodz is supposed to be the main act. The record was kicked out on Phenom Ent., a label I never heard before as well. On the a-side you find the anti-gangster anthem “cop a feel” (quote: “the only muthafuckin real gangsters is 6ft under!”…nuff said!). when I first listened to this track I was like “OK but not that mind-blowing” but since I listened to for several times now I need to admit that I somehow grew on that track. The flipside brings you the very smooth (maybe sometimes it even sounds lil corny!?) “war of the world” that is bout the disproportion of poor n rich people.