Monday, November 24, 2008


Well then – another great record outta the cratez of my buddy Onur that is going under the name of …

Dnd. If the name doesn’t ring bells then maybe this will help more….BRASS TACKS! Dnd is one of the original members of this crew and here he dropped this fine and not very well known piece in 2000 on the small Gammatainment label.
The a-side has 3 tracks on it (all only in clear versions), starting with the title track “w5h”. I really like this one much cuz of the pushing beat and the sombre atmosphere the melody is creating (also with the fine violin samples in the chorus). The 2nd track is not my thing but make your own decision as I still ripped it…
The last track titled “romantics” is my fav song on the wax. Dark n grim is how that song comes to ya ears and it definitely reminds me style wise of their also very sombre masterpiece called “cityscapes ep”.

Dnd (Brass Tacks)_w5h-12”

So enjoy this piece n leave some feedbacks (or not – who’ gives a fu?k…).


Friday, November 21, 2008


Back again wit some very nice records from my man Onur (mad thanx for this homie!)…

UNDADAWGZ is the crew-name on this very obscure record right here. The Dawgz consist of the two emcees Dash-O and Big Pook, both from Flatbush area. Personally I never heard of those cats and also Onur didn’t have much of an idea what he ordered that time so this was a real lucky punch as the tunez on this wax are excellent!
“1st thingz 1st” is the starter of the record and a certified banger already. I like the various well known samples that were used in the refrain part and the beat itself is just that grime stuff that brings back the good old 90s flava…..ruffness! the b-side begins with the super smooth “me & my juel (against the world)” that is another awesome song and enhances the dopeness of this 12”! the last tune again is a damn head-nodder – “I roc dis”. A typical track bout reppin’ himself with some very nice n funny metaphors as for example this one: “I’m not from Phoenix but I spit in yo face like Charles Barkley!” yeah man, that’s the good ol days when you also had great and unique b-ballers…..oh my – just dwellin’ in memories….

Undadawgz_1st thingz 1st-12”

As file-upload is f??kin around wit the link I give you another option to dl so check here.

BTW: The wax was released on their own Unda Dawgz label in 1995…..enjoy this funky joint!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Universal 7

As i just had to get a 2nd copy for a friend of mine it reminded me that I could post this absolutely nice 12“ in here as well so here we go with…

UNIVERSAL 7. Unfortunately I don’t have any further information bout the crew but this wax got my attention back then when it also got mad airplay in my country. The two banger-tracks were released on the that time very young Rawkus label (in 1996: this was one of the first releases to appear there!) and still it is a very underrated record. You can easily find this wax on various locations and always for very decent prices…
To the content: on the main side Universal 7 brings the first great tune titled “talk that talk” – man you rarely get the chance to listen to such smooth gems and this is one of those! The flipside has another gem ready for you that is called “ain’t a damn thing” – and this tune is killing me too!
All in all a super dope twelve that is mad recommended to also find a place in your crates!