Friday, June 29, 2007

Marz Apocalypse

Goin back to Canada again to present you some underrated shit from there.
This time it’s about emcee MARZ APOCALYPSE (aka Shirley Dynamo) who is from Toronto. This guy started his career in the nineties with his debut “Thy Dark Tower b/w Catastrophic" featuring Trench and was always famous for his freestyle / battle skills (that’s why he’s also called the Lyrical Assassin). The production for his first twelve was done by Scam who already worked for Maestro, Thrust, Concrete Mob. If anyone got them tracks plz share in here,thx!
Now here is his second release, also dropped somewhen in the late 90s (I assume). This time the record was released on Parkland Records (MA was the 1st head to be signed there) and brings the two fresh tracks “alpha omega” and “anti rap star”. As you can see on the picture below I got a promo/testpress version of that record but dunno if there were any official releases. If u got more info plz shre in here…

Marz apocalypse_alpha omega-12”

Enjoy this piece!

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Rok One

Aight, time to spread some Fondle’Em stuff across the net again (and we got plenty more of them so keep lookin)!
This one’s bout rapper ROK ONE. This artist dropped several twelves so far but IMO only the one on Fondle’Em is worth buying.
Well, as I mentioned already, the two great productions here were dropped on Bobitto’s Fondle’Em label back in 1998.
On the a-side you have the track “certified superior” (to me a certified banger and the intro is already starting great: wack emcees hit the exit…check it) and on the flipside comes the real cream that is “ninety degrees a piece” that features the emcees Shabaam Sahdeeq, Kwest and L-Fudge. Dopeness to the fullest!

Rok one_certified superior-12”

Ayo when it comes down to it rappers are counterfeit But rest assured I'm genuine when I rhyme so bounce to this I manifest hip hop in its highest degree

Ayo when it comes down to it rappers are counterfeit But rest assured I'm genuine when I rhyme so bounce to this Hip hop is something I take very seriously (from “certified superior”)

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Today’s review is about a great collaboration of the NY-emcees Skam2? and Shadowman. This duo is forming the crew OLDWORLDISORDER that dropped (to my knowledge) totally 3 twelves. In here you gonna find two of them. If someone got the third (“divine intervention b/w n.i.p.; Mary Joy Recordings) please up them in the comment sector!
The first one to be presented is the wax they did in 1998. this twelve was released on Beyond Real Recordings (DJ Spinna’s Label) and brought the tracks “shyhalüde” and the more famous “3hree6ix5ive” as this features (that time lil known) emcee Eminem.


The next one, again released on Beyond Real Recordings, was in 2001. again the record comes in a pic-cover sleeve that has some great artwork on it done by Skam2?. On this wax you gonna find the two tracks “rap s#?t” and “mekanizm”. Now, “rap s#?t” is definitely my shit on this record. A sample that just burns into ya head and great lyrics ya need to give a listen to!

Oldworldisorder_rap shit-12”

Besides that the two artists are still doin their thing and got several solo-releases as well. Check their myspace-addresses to find out more…

Yo I'm tryin to be the man of the dayThree six five a yearSee the bullshit you sayin, Skam ain't tryin to hear (Fuck that!)Bustin lyrics in the airKeepin some up in the chamber (from “3hree6ix5ive”)

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

N.O.T.S. Click

Sup peeps? This review is dedicated to the crew called N.O.T.S. Click. These cats started releasing their stuff on Official Jointz Recordings (as all their other releases) in the late 90s. in 2000 they dropped, on the same label, their one an only full length that had the title “N.O.T.S. Landing”. To me this LP was a disappointment so I stuck to the 12”s they released in the nineties…
So let’s start with their 1st release which is to me also their best (and most probably also their most famous and sought after). The reason for this popularity is once again Mr JR Ewing who had these 2 tracks also on his 2CD-mix “sun of a gun”. Well yes, I’m talking bout the twelve from 1997 with the track “keep ya eyes open” (James Bond fans will recognize the sample immediately) and my winner on the b-side, the grim “I pak steel” (produced by DJ Shok).

Nots click_keep ya eyes open-12”

In the same year they kicked out another wax that again brought two very solid tracks. This time the crew even got the back-up from well known rapper Big L. so, on the a-side of this 97-release there is “work is never done ft. Big L” and on the b-side “larger than life”. Both productions were done by DJ Spinna.

Nots click_work is never done-12”

One year later the click came back to the game with another release that had the two titles “world renown” (unmistakably it’s DJ Spinna on the production) and “n.o.t.s.” (produced by Garsha Vega).

Nots click_world renown-12”

And another year later in 1999 the crew dropped their last 12” before their (CD only) album. On this twelve you got the tracks “in this game” and “crimes and friends”.

Nots click_in this game-12”

"Back up off me baby let me see where it is A one way ticket to nowhere with nothing to blow here I want it all nigga from the chain to the money If it's something here that you want Then it's something here to die for " (from the track “Back up off me” 2000)

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sacred Hoop

Last review for today is a great EP outta the (to me) golden age of indie-rap… 1997!
This time the real sh?t comes from the crew SACRED HOOP which that time consisted of the catz DJ Marz, Fondouglas, Luke Sick and Vrse Murphy. Well, it ain’t no use to tell you much bout the crew cuz if someone’s to present here then its themselves. So best visit their homepage to get all their background, other releases etc…
Well then, back to the wax. This is the great EP from SACRED HOOP called “Retired” and was dropped on Miasmatic Recordings in 97. the awesome tracks like “panhandle”, “burgundy” etc. are pressed on a fine red piece of wax and makes this cream even more delicious!

This is a gem I really recommend and if you guys like that ish then support the artists! They even got that wax on stock so get it!

Sacred hoop_retired-EP

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MF Doom

Alright. Next one’s bout a man who’s nowadays famous enuff so we don’t need to waste much time about his biography. This is a short review about the Metal Face, mista mad-flowz MF DOOM.
The wax I present you here was dropped on the well-known indie-label Fondle’Em back in 1998. on it you find the two crazy tracks “the mic” and on the flipside “red & gold”. Production credits, besides Doom, go to Chris Scott who was in fact responsible for many tracks that appeared on Fondle’Em.

Mf doom_the mic-12”

Well then, enjoy this shizzle! Peace

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One aka B-1

What’s crackin guys? Yeah we know you had to wait long time for more reviews in here but everybody needs holidays…
Anyway, waitin’ is over nah mean! Time to drop some more beauties from the independent underground scene for y’all!
So let’s start with a track I first heard on a mixtape by well-known mixmaster JR Ewing. I’m talking bout the twelve from ONE (aka B-1). The wax here is also the 1st release I know off from this man and he put that out in 1997 on Rawkus. The delicious piece of black-gold contains two smashin’ tracks that are “verbal affairs” (which was featured on JR’s tape) and the b-sider “empire staters” (which was on the “Soundbombing Vol.1” compilation).
Later on ONE changed his name to B-1 and dropped (at least) two other records that were in 98 “cardinal sins ft. Kool G Rap b/w the life we lead” and in 99 “put yo’self in my place b/w hustle” both featuring Large Professor!
One aka B-1_verbal affairs-12”

“representin for the scramblers and money handlers who live scandalous…” (from the track “verbal affairs”)

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Monday, June 04, 2007

DJ Shok

This is a review about a man that is mainly known for his (mostly) awesome productions he did in the mid / late nineties in the underground-scene. We’re talkin’ bout Mr. Michael Gomez, better known as DJ SHOK.

One of his 1st productions I’m aware of is the one on the great twelve from “Parallax – don’t mean jak b/w bleeding hate”. Then he worked for many artists who got signed by the Mass Vinyl Label (Parallax, Hi-Tech, Ei8ghtrack) and also had some amazing productions on the Official Jointz Recordings (e.g. “X-perado’s: the entity / verbal reality” which we showed u already in our blog). From 98/99 he started working for DMX, Ruff Ryders and all the “big” (bling-bling-ish) catz and this is when I also said good-bye & stopped coppin’ his work (to each his own but this was def too wack then, sorry to say so!).

Now let’s get to the piece-of-interest. This wax was released on the great Mass Vinyl label in 1997. the twelve is called SHOK THERAPY and brings you the right sound to chill with and dedicate oneself to them mighty green herbz! Track one on the a-side is called “padlock” and features the emcees HI-TECH, JEDI & SPECTRUM. On the flipside you have the “s.o.s (same ol’ sh*t)” track with emcees JEDI and MATRIX on the mic.

shok therapy_padlock-12”

so relax yo’self n get high with that ish! …. Peace

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Godfather Don

This review’s all about the man called GODFATHER DON. I ain’t gonna tell you much about the man as most people here know this guy anyway. If you wanna get more background then I recommend you check this post from Alkuttruz where you also have links to interviews etc. here we bring you now some of his twelves he dropped in the late nineties so enjoy!

The 1st wax is pretty famous due to the fact that one track outta it was featured on the quite popular NY REALITY CHECK by DJ Premier. This is also a reason why this wax is goin’ for mad loot in the bay sometimes… anyway, the record I’m talkin’ bout is from 1997, released on Hydra Records (as all the records in this post) and serves you the tracks *styles by the gram”, “world premier” and “properties of steel”.

Godfather don_styles by the gram-12”

Next twelve from this man was released in 1998. this time you gonna find the tracks “fame” and my winner “da bomb baby”…

Godfather don_fame-12”

Alright, no wastin’ time but straight headin’ to the nexx! This here was dropped another year later, 99 to be exact and brings the songs “do you know” and “who is he?”; both featured by Big Lance.

Godfather don_do you know-12”

And the last one that was also dropped around the same time I guess is a split-twelve that features on the a-side HOSTYLE (of Screwball) with “live from new york ft. Quik” and on the b-side you find GODFATHER DON, PRINCE PO & RA THE RUGGED MAN with the sledgehammer “3 the hard way”.

Hostyle/godfather don_split-12”

“it’s styles by the gram from the muthaf**kin’ man!”

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