Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Season's Greetings!

Thanks a lot for checking this blog on the regular and making this hobby here also a pleasure to me by contributing with your additional infos and feedbacks!
I'll try to find some time in the last week of 2009 to make another rip so stay tuned....
I congratulate and send all my best wishes also thru this channel to my buddy MIRRO and his lovely girlfriend as they became parents last weekend!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Smoov U

alright, here's a fine piece of wax that my buddy "hightower" passed to me so I can make mp3s for him and also share it in here - if this might be the correct place for....
hell yeah - this unknown gem def fits in here and so I share the 2 tracks from...

....with you!
I ain't got more info than what one can find on the label. produced in 1996 on Queen City Records outta Buffalo, NY.
the 1st track - sex machine - is a relaxed, groovy-funky kinda joint that goes smooth like butter! well, the female singing was not necessary but I guess one can live with that...
the 2nd track is the burner for sure - many styles - gryme stuff for your ears!

Smoov U_sex machine-12"

aight'ten - enjoy and mad props to hightower for letting me present this wax in here!