Monday, July 27, 2009

Random Pickz

well - I know, I know... I keep u waitin' for new reviews but somehow don't find the time to drop them...
basically there are 2 reasons for that:
one - I haven't achieved yet to do the settings in the rip-program on the new laptop so the quality of the tracks is good. you don't wanna get tunes in a freakin' low quality and I don't wanna waste time rippin' something I wouldn't even wanna listen to myself.
two - it's summer-time and honestly said I rather stay outside chillin' with friends, go swimmin' n all that instead of sittin' at home...
still I really wanna get this laptop & program workin' smoothly so I can share some more jewels in here ASAP (I got plenty left to bring and as every other digger; new stuff is always comin' in!)...

pick the pack here!

meanwhile I checked my digital cratez for stuff y'all might be interested to hear so I packed about 30 tracks (demos, unreleased material, exlusives from the artists directly, plus some of my older vinyl-rips) in a bundle and upped it for your listening pleasure. even if you may have some of those tracks already I'm sure u gonna find a gem here n there u didn't know before so I hope u dig this package!

well then, grab it while it's online (I ain't gonna re-up that later) and enjoy summer!