Monday, August 27, 2007

Ras-T (Re-Up)

re-upped on request the cream-twelve from RAS-T "nine-six million dollar man", released in 96 on Norfside.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Sup people? Recently found the second release from the DEADRINGAZ (are: Ra Ringa, Q Style, Roc Ringa, KO and Nick C Knocks) outta their full length “new ringa order”.

This one was also dropped on the Hush label and also in 1996 and brings you the main track “gunja honors” – which is also one of my favs on the whole LP – in the main and a remix version. Additionally it also features the track “cash flow” but I couldn’t rip that as my rip-program fucked bout w/ me and after several tries I had to surrender…

Deadringaz_gunja honors-12”

If you haven’t noticed so far then I wanna highlight that we reviewed their other single-release (“Johnny boy”) already in the blog. Click here to get that one as well!


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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Nice lil review bout the only female HH-crew that is affiliated with Wu Tang.
This is a record from VENOM (also known as “DEADLY VENOMS”). The crew consisted of the ladies here: Champ-MC, J-Boo, LinQue and N-Tyce.

The wax here was released on the Wu-label “Protect Ya Neck” in 1997 and had its international distribution on Echo. The record brings you on the a-side “bomb threats” and on the flipside “the boulevard”. Very solid production rite here so don’t sleep!

Venom_bomb threats-12”

If u wanna know more bout this crew then hit them on discogs.


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Monday, August 20, 2007

Tray Bag

By startin’ this week I wanna hit u with my “cream of the week”. This one here is just an amazing piece of vinyl and definitely gets my two thumbs up!
It’s about emcee TRAY BAG…

The record was released on Nocturnal 7 Publishing and had its distribution on Echo International. The first track is already my winner. “blastin’ like rockets” that features the cats TY-STICK and GERONS convinces with those crazy samples like that human-screaming and the sharp violine, great rhymes and an angry flow and good basslines as well. The second track is called “if you can swing it” and features well known SUNZ OF MAN and also is a very coarse track that hammers into yo’ heads fo’ sure!

Tray bag_blastin like rockets-12”

If u see that record then get but til then enjoy it rite here…


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Lyrik Born Clique

Good mornin’ people. Got another goodie from the UK I wanna share with you.
This is from the LYRIK BORN CLIQUE – a mad overseen crew outta Birmingham.

So the twelve to be presented here was released on Cipher Recordings in 1997 and brings the track “relentless” in original and remix version.
Both tracks are very dark n grimey but I’m really down with such productions – mad props for that!

Lyric born clique_relentless-12”

I’m not sure if they released another record on their own – haven’t found any so far but the cats got featured on other compilations such as the “Moorish Delta 7” EP” and the “Deep Concentration LP”.

Well then, enjoy…

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Friday, August 17, 2007

FDC (Foundation Clique)

Lemme present u now something like the “cream of the week”. This is also a record I dug out in that great wax-storehouse we recently visited and that record is just obscure, unknown and independent as fuck! The name of the crew (which took me lil while to even find this out) is FDC and if I got it rite from their rhymes this is an abbreviation for “Foundation Clique” (not sure how they would spell that).

Also i wasn’t able to find any helpful hints in the internet bout the crew and also the few stuff about the label weren’t a great help so let’s focus on the things written on the label and of course on the tracks.
This amazing twelve was released in 1996 on Aggravated Ent. And has two gems on it.
“star tyme” is their first track and rhyme-wise it’s all about being able to shine in the scene.
On the second track it’s getting more grimey and shit’s bout getting tha paper – street hustle style for life nah mean!

Fdc_star tyme-12”

Alright, check this one out, highly recommended twelve that is mad overseen!


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United Kingdom

Presentin u a record i was hunting down for years til I recently managed to get it in a trade (yo Phil, hope u received the L’Roneous already n enjoy it!). the wax I’m talking bout is from UNITED KINGDOM, which is in fact a cooperation of members of SUNZ OF MAN & ROYAL FAM.

The twelve was dropped in 1998 on P-Jays recordings (from the same label we already presented you the “12 Jewels”-single). On the a-side you gonna find two tracks: “united kings” which is very smooth and solid and my winner (the reason why I was after that wax) “braveheart” – guaranteed dopeness! On the flipside you got the track “destroy the scenery” which is again a solid track that delights yo’ ears! Production was all done by DJ Greyboy (as on all P-Jays stuff)…

United kingdom_united kings-12”

one important note for those who are now lookin for that twelve. Pay attention as there are two legit pressings out there but one of them doesn’t contain the sledgehammer “braveheart”!


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Thursday, August 16, 2007


Next one ima present u here is from a rapper called KIRK.

The record was released in the mid/late nineties and the label was Sure Shot Recordings.
On the a-side you got the song “suspect” which i personally like lil bit more than the flipsider “everyday”. Both tracks are quite relaxed and well recommended to get such a piece if you have the occasion to…


Alright peeps, enjoy this track!

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Ola! Bring u here a nice one-tracker from producer and emcee BROADWAY (alias Dion Barnes). By the way for the people that doesn’t know. This cat is a member of the well known crew STRICKLY ROOTS which we featured here as well already…

Now this piece here is his 97-release on Shot Callas Ent. And serves u the very solid track “will to survive”. Production-credits are going to DJ FASHION (who is also member of Strickly Roots)…

Broadway_will to survive-12”

Alright peeps, enjoy this track!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dungeon (East New York)

This is a post I promised to rip for my man Indyvinylz (wow, I got sum in my cratez u don’t know?! lol…) and I think u guys are gonna enjoy this wax as well!
It’s time for a crew named DUNGEON (EAST NEW YORK) that consists of two emcees.

Well, I contacted some other collectors and also (of course) the usual sources in the internet but as usual when it comes to such very obscure stuff I couldn’t find anything helpful. So all I can say to this awesome record is what u can find on the label anyway. Release year was in 1996 on the small indie-label Domain Records. On the a-side the crew hits u with the track “east new york undercover”. I recognize the sample they used but can’t recall from where. What I especially like is their stylish flow and also the beatbox-interlude in the song gives some good variety. The flipside brings the track “she” and I like this track even more because of the sweet melody and the smooth beat – and again this great way of spittin their rhymes.

Dungeon_east new york undercover-12”

Enjoy n peace out!

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Okeee, lemme hit u with one of my recent finds as well. This post’s about the man they call PSYCLONE.

Honestly I can’t tell you much about this guy so I head straight to this twelve. It was released on Bald Head Records and brings the tracks “I know you feel what i feel” and the b-sider “ish gotta stop”.

Psyclone_i know you feel what i feel-12”

The man released besides that at least another twelve and also has a full length out there (but as far as I know only on CD). So if you got one of those then please share in the comments section – would be highly appreciated!


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SON Records (UK)

Today is a British day! I bring you some work outta the beat-kitchen of the UK-label SON RECORDS. This label started their work in the mid-90s as the hip hop branch of the well known Ninja Tunes label.

The first EP from that exquisite label I review in here is from the crew UK CARTEL (are rapper SHADO, producer DEADBEAT and female rapper MECA). Their EP was dropped in 1998 and brings the awesome tracks like “no doubt” – ruff and smooth at the same time. “b.u.r.y.” the rugged song where Shado would measure up with all UK emcees and last but definitely not least “uk yakuza” – my raw fav on this wax.

Uk cartel_no doubt-EP

Next release on that “Buddha”-label was again in 1998. the EP was runnin under the name of it’s mighty and very famous producer MAD DOCTOR X (that people may know better as Brace Banna) and was titled “project x ep”. On it you find again three amazing tracks. “deejays & emcees” that comes with a shipload of guest-rappers such as QUAKES, SHYLOC & SPICE (reppin’ THE BROTHERHOOD), TENOR FLY, VOYAGER and BLAK TWANG! The beat is just pure fire with pushin beatz, great variety of different samples and the emcees are just spittin ill on that track….definitely not just a song for deejays & emcess but also for the b-boyz! “keep it lovely” is the next track where guest emcee SHADO (of UK CARTEL) is doin his thang and got his back up by WILL GEORGE who gives some dime bar-style vocals on it. The last (and best) track is “fluent in the martian tongue” that features rapper VOYAGER. Man, this is such a sick beat that really sounds alien-like and also Voyager’s rhymes seem to come from another world!

Mad doctor x_project x-EP

The last review about Son records here is a release outta 2002. this time it’s on Nottingham rapper MIDNYTE who kicks his dope stuff on that great “speak the truth EP”. Totally you gonna find 4 tracks on it but let’s start one by one: “nadia” – a very melodic piece with great storytelling (and someday that voice-sample from that lady will drive me insane…but that’s OK to me). “them or us” – dark beat and good rhyme flow. “notts rep” – speedy beat combined with good rhyme skills and scratches…whutcha want more? And my winner “speak the truth (it’s for the record)” – where MID shows us the inner of his mental state using a great emotive beat!

Midnyte_speak the truth-EP

If you wanna know more bout the label and the many other releases (some are CD only unfortunately) they had then check their homepage. Most of the older material is outta print but you still should be able to get them here n there…

Enjoy that great UK-stuff…..peace!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jewel Click Era

Well 1st post from a record I was able to purchase in this crazy warehouse.
This is some shit I couldn’t find any information to in the internet….anyway – let’s move to the cream that comes from the JEWEL CLICK ERA.
The wax that was released fully independently back in 1997 on their own Jewel Click Era label brings you the tracks “if you like it hot” and “live in the arena”. The 1st song is my shit on this twelve as I know the sample on the 2nd beat already for long time so it couldn’t heat me up as the other banger….

Jewel click era_if you like it hot-12”

Enjoy this wax and peace out!

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Rite here just a short review about two very exquisite records from the Canadian rapper Mr Kareem Blake aka CHOCLAIR.

The first wax to be reviewed here is his 96-drop on Kneedeep Records c’min witta the tracks “just a second” and “what it takes”.
Both are very relaxed and solid tracks and shouldn’t be missing in your library!

Choclair_just a second-12”

One year later he kicked out, again on Kneedeep Records, his remix project that brings us “what it takes remix” and “just a second remix”. In my opinion the remixes are way better than the originals…

Choclair_what it takes remix-12”

If you wanna know more bout his releases (even though it ain’t showing all his drops) you can check him on discogs here.


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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Here’s a short review about a very nice record that fits perfectly in our blog as this wax was production-wise an independent as f..k release! So it’s time for rapper EZD…

The twelve, as mentioned above, was an indie-production and therefore doesn’t carry any record label and also the release-year is unknown to me (but I assume mid – late 90s).
On the a-side you get the tracks “gunzis4” featuring guest-emcees as Teflon and Billy Danz. On the flipside you find “time bomb” with DJ Evil Dee and the personal winner (as u know me as a Finsta Bundy addict!) “war & position” with emcees Finsta, Chocolate Tye and Five.


if you wanna know more bout the other releases by EZD then check him out here.

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Yah Supreme

And another post to complete some stuff. Actually we found out that we have many cases where one of us contributin in here got records from an act and the other collector then has stuff that’s missin’. Here again we have such a case. In earlier post (check here) Mirro presented you already the “full circle”-twelve from YAH SUPREME.

Now this is his release (again on his Son Doo Label) from 2000 and it brings the tracks “alone” and my personal fav on this wax, the flipsider “live at the improv”.
Great stuff you should check out if u dunno already!

Yah supreme_alone-12”


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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


And another record to which I can’t give u much details…at least when it comes to its artist on it that goes by the name K-BOMB. So far I couldn’t find any other release by this man but if u got more info please enlighten me!
The record was dropped on a production and release-cooperation between Nerveous Records and Fortress. Guess that Fortress will ring bells!? U’r rite man, the label that had all those famous NATURAL ELEMENTS, NIGHTBREED etc. releases! I personally know of 3 singles that had this (Nerveous/Fortress) label-cooperation which were: Evo-Flo: what u smokin’, Wayne Dante: carnagie hall and this wax here.
On the a-side you got “bump this” – solid but not outstanding and on the b-side (as many times before) you get the real winner “stories I know chico”. both tracks were produced by CHARLEMAGNE!

k-bomb_stories I know “chico”-12”

aight’ten, enjoy this!


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Kukoo da Baga Bonez

OK we showed you already some of Mr Dwayne Bryant’s aka KUKOO DA BAGA BONEZ work. Here you gonna find the review of his first burner-twelve “real kukoo” and here you find the single “light up da l’s” we gonna continue with now.
This gem here is the remix-edition of the last Kukoo-review we had in here. It contains some very solid reworks of his two tracks “I heard you don’t know” and “light up da L’s”. the release was again on Insane Psycho Home Records in 1997.

Kukoo da baga bonez_I heard you don’t know-the remixes-12”

There’s a third twelve out there that goes together with those 2 twelves we showed here called “I heard you don’t know – da sequel” that was dropped one year later.
If anyone got that as well you’re invited to share in here, thx!
For futher information, also on his new album he recently dropped, check him on myspace.


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Monday, August 06, 2007

NONE (No Origin No Ending)

Digged out another very obscur record to which i can’t provide you much information.
So this rather short review’s bout a crew called NONE which is an abbreviation for “No Origin No Ending”.

The record was released in 1996 on a small and (to me) totally unknown label called Drum Music. On the a-side you got the track “n.o.n.e. quite like u”. this song is pretty much forgettable in my opinion as it comes too soft and the R’n’B-chorus doesn’t help either…anyway, ripped the track though so you can make your own mind on that.
Let’s get to the real gem on this piece of wax! This is to be found on the b-side and called “what u got?”. Pushin beat, great use of instruments and good rhymes n flows makin this song a winner for sure!

None_none quite like u-12”


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Alright, my fella Mirro already presented one of his releases in our blog in February (click here to see this post). Talkin’ bout rapper X-PERADO who had 3 very nice drops on the Official Jointz Recordings label (that also signed acts like NOTS Click etc.).

Now it’s time for his second release he did in 1997. the twelve contains on the a-side the track “paradox” and on the flipside you got “all night”. Both tracks are very relaxed and great productions. This is not that surprisingly when you see that both tracks been done by none else than LORD FINESSE!


aight’ten, enjoy!

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Today’s review is again bout some Fondle’Em cream. This time we focus on the releases that feature Mr Chris Palko aka CAGE. The emcee is still active (as you should be aware of) and is signed at Definitive Jux label.
If you wanna know more about him then I recommend you to visit his homepage (currently under construction), his myspace or then check him out on discogs.

Now let’s start with Cage’s debut he dropped on Fondle’Em back in 1997. this great twelve features the a-sider “radiohead” with a funny tune that let’s go gaga by constantly listenin’ to it and the smooth sledgehammer “agent orange” that uses the quite popular sample from Stanley Kubrick’s movie “a clockwork orange”.


The next single by this man was released one year later, again on Bobitto’s famous label.
This time he brings the tracks “mersh” and on the b-side “4 letter word”. Both are sickest productions – very recommended!


then a year later to that he was featured again on a Fondle’Em release. Now the twelve was done by DJ ELI & SHAN BOOGS. This EP was dropped under the name “Cloudkickers” and has Cage rappin’ on the a-sider “and so kiddies”. On the b-side you gonna find another very interesting track called “truly gifted ones” and features the emcees J-TREDS, PUMPKINHEAD & YESHUA DA POED.

Dj eli & shan boogs_cloudkickers ep
(sorry for the bad picture! Will replace it when I got time to take a pic from my own record)

Try and pick apart some Agent Orange perceptionCatch frontal lobe damage and not manage correctionI smell leak smoke, left by the anonymousBeats fall back, til life die when I'm embalmin thisCome around and get yo' ass shot to clustersI'ma play the injuns with the arrows you be Custard's.. backI write upon ya, divorce your head and neck then scalp itRip off all your flesh and make a outfit (from the track "agent orange")

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