Monday, March 31, 2008

Po Rich

next one from the Next Plateau Records label’s been dropped by…

PO RICH. Also in 1997 he dropped his nice record including the fine “rap iz gonna get hurt” that features Asiatic. You get served in fact with two mixes (street II and Sir-Fa-Mix) but I couldn’t make a big difference in them so here you get the Sir-Fa mix only…

Po Rich_rap iz gonna get hurt-12”

Besides this release I just know that Po was also featured on the Asiatic Force-12” they dropped in 1995 – a quite solid piece to check out as well.

Derelect Camp

Today u get served with two reviews about stuff from the Next Plateau label. The first one is from…

DERELECT CAMP. The crew dropped this twelve in 1997 and on it you find the track “move it in, move it out” in original and some remixes. Very nice and laid-back stuff y’all wanna enjoy. Besides this the crew dropped another record in the same year also on Next Plateau with the title “love or fame”.

Derelect Camp_move it in, move it out-12”

If you wanna see the clip to this track then check here (not the best quality but at least sumthin)….cheers!

Friday, March 28, 2008

M.K. Black

And another ruff piece to present today is from emcee…

MK BLACK dropped this twelve also back in 95 on the small Adtor label.
On it you gonna find the great “sleeping in the grave” and on the flip the more laid-back song “personality”.
Nothin else to add here, simply don’t have more information bout this dude (if u got sum then pls share in the comments, thx)….enjoy!

One Strength

Gettin back to sum ruffa ish as the one fine piece rite here from…

This 1-tracker titled “the tunnel” was released by ONE STRENGTH in 1995 on the 4x4-label (that you might know from other quite famous releases like the one from “4th Quarter” or the “Black Poets”).
Well, not much more to say on this one here, just give it a listen if u dunno yet!

One Strength_the tunnel-12”

Btw: I know that besides this record there’s at least another one (with a red label) released 1-2 years earlier than this one here but so far I couldn’t have a listen to it. If sum1 of y’all got that then ur welcome to hit us with that piece in the comments, thx!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jedi Son of Spock

another fine piece from 1998 I up here on request is from …

JEDI SON OF SPOCK. This emcee from Flatbush, Brooklyn is also a member of the obscure (and therefore very sought after material) HOUSE OF REPS and besides that had several guest appearances such as on DJ SHOK’s “padlock/s.o.s.” twelve.
His only solo-piece up to date was released on the Headbop label and gots the two tracks “the journey” and “spitmode”. Both tracks are the shit IMO so this makes this wax to one of those I’d put on my turntables rather frequently… on the track “spitmode” you also have emcee YESHUA DA POED on the mic who’s also responsible for the production of both tracks on this wax.

Jedi Son of Spock_the journey-12”

If you wanna read an interesting interview with JEDI then I recommend you to have a look at unkut!

Diezzle Don & Govna

Another fine wax I got from the „cheapo-bin“ in my local record store is from…

DIEZZLE DON & GOVNA. This record was released in 1998 on the Lockdown Recordings. On the vinyl you’ll find two tracks: on the a-side the title “ghetto red hot” that features well-known partner in smokin’ buddah – FUNK DOC aka REDMAN. On the flipside you get served with my personal fav, the track “step into the realm”.
Well, the duo released many other works (also both of em dropped some ish solo – here u can find one from Govna). From all of them wax I mostly recommend you to cop their LP “1995 – year of the independent”.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

That Cat Nat

Nice little 1-tracker rite here from…

I recently found this nice record in a “wun-dolla-bin” at a local record store and by already lookin at it (font/style of the sticker) I knew that this gotta be related in a way with Diehard Records. and indeed when reading the credits on the label it mentions that engineering/production was all done at the Diehard studios.
But let’s stop that digression n get back to tha wax that has the track “rock it” on it, performed by (to me) totally unknown THAT CAT NAT. this emcee gets sum backup by another guest rapper that rung bells when I read it….RICHIE THUMBS, emcee from Detroit (if I remember correctly) had already some feat-parts on productions like e.g. Pacewon.
The beat comes phat n hard, not much melody-stuff in here. Shit is sec like the fart of a Brussels biscuit n so I had to cop that record (also considering that I only paid very few bucks for it).

¨The Madd Rapper

Not exactly an indie-piece rite here but still sum dope underground ish for yo ears…

THE MADD RAPPER aka Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie dropped this twelve here on red vinyl back in 1999 on Columbia records. On this record you gonna find the tracks “dot vs tmr” and the winning b-sider “you’re all alone”. This track was produced by Kanye West (damn, what nice beats this man was able to produce also considering earlier work of him like on Grav’s album and now you hear his new shit wastin yo ears on every radio-channel…too bad!) and also features another rapper you should know when you’re a frequent reader of our blog – FIERCE. Fierce also was guest emcee on a second 12” he dropped in the same year but for all those details I recommend to hit his discogs-entry.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Let’s switch coasts and go to west – South Central LA this time. This is a post about rapper …

KRONDON alias Marvin James. Always stain true to his roots this emcce managed to get first credits n fame when the track “the rules” was featured on DJ Rhettmatic’s (Beat Junkies) mixtape in 1998. this was when he dropped his first record on Heavyweight that includes this ultra-smooth track called “the rules”! besides that the twelve brings more heat in the form of the track “mic v.s.o.p.” and the sleeper “thin minutes”….in all those years I got that wax now this became somehow my fav on it.
Krondon_the rules-12”

The next one to show up in the scene was then the 2000 release with the wonderful “the best form” on it. That record, dropped on S.O.L. Music Works, brings besides this track another two called “james worthee” and the great “god spawn” that also features guest emcee Chace Infinite of Self Scientific.

Krondon_the best form-12”

Then the next one is a record I really doubt that the given information in discogs is correct! Labelwise (Lockdown Ent. / S.O.L. Music Works) this is correct but the record was def released way earlier than 2003! I bought my copy also around the millennium year….anyway, let’s head to the content. On this vinyl you get two other very solid tracks titled “black gold” and “miraculous”.

Krondon_black gold-12”

Also check his discogs entry for further info and links and see what else he released during these years. Lately he was droppin’ more stuff with his buddies Phil the Agony, Mitchy Slick and Xzhibit as the crew STRONG ARM STEADY.


Loose Screw

Some reviews before easter-holidays so let’s start this with the crew…

LOOSE SCREW dropped this nice little mid-90s record on the Fresh Start Records label and the whole stuff got distributed by well known Echo Intl. on this 95-record you gonna find the two “ol skool” soundin like tracks “phat free” and “p.comp”. both feature emcees Spayne an Machete…
Bottom line: very nice track serving you some fresh beats …. Taste it!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


And another one to complete my reviews bout Boston rapper T-MAX…

Some weeks ago we showed you here his first drop, this is the more famous release that followed lil’ bit later in 1996 on the same Damage Records label. The main title is “relax your mind” that is a hella-smooth track that keeps its promises (this track plus sum herbs or sum booze n ya def gonna feel relaxed!!). the next track is a sledgehammer again, the remix version of “execution style”. On the flip you get, last but not least, the awesome “business”. So all in all I can say that T-Max dropped here a piece of wax that shouldn’t be missin in yo cratez – pure heat! For further details u can also check the Dig-It-Out-Blogspot

Artfull Dodgers

here’s a nice record outta Michigan state – the Artfull Dodgers…

the crew was formed back in the early 90s and in 1994 emcees B.Gozza and Jackpot hooked up with producer Phizyx and released their first stuff under the former name “The Juggernaut”.in 1996 they disbanded but only one year later came back and reformed the crew under the name ARTFULL DODGERS. The same year they also dropped their first EP called “dusted world”. Then the homes didn’t waste time and started the work on their first full-length “lazy eyes” and the twelve we present you here is outta this album from 1999. it contains the Midwestern underground hit “1 mic then pass”, my personal fav “love changes”, “prototype” and on the flip, besides the instrumentals, the 97-mix of the track “the girlies I like”.

Artfull Dodgers_1mic then pass-12”

From then on the Artfull Dodgers released many other projects so if ur interested then I recommend to visit their homepage.


Wassup people? „back again“ – like that silly-junkhead-crackpot Britney would say, aight! Here we go with a short review bout …
CRAZ dropped the two raw tunes "some try to copy" and "step up" you get served on the twelve here on the Echo label back in 1996 (although the tracks is soundin’ more early 90s to me than that). Production credit goes to well known Frankie Cutlass.
Besides this record there is a second out at least titled “whatcha gonna do / it’s on” but for all those detailed information I highly recommend you to check my buddies Dig-It-Out-Blogspot.
Craz_some try to copy-12”

Well then, two more reviews to come for y’all as then I won’t post for about 2 weeks due to my biz-travel to China…