Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Fugitives

Alright then, back on the blog with a very nice and mad overseen EP comin’ outta the Raidermen fam…

… where emcees Born Sin, Sinister Zoe & Stocky Stex form THE FUGITIVES. Under this name they released in 1999 this dope 5-track EP “fugitive life” on the Safecracker Ent. Label (formerly known as Raiderman Ent., but that’s quite obvious when lookin’ at the logo).
The record starts with “countime”, a track that is quite speedy and havin’ good cello samples on it. Next is the tune “plus+”, followed by “lick da platta” that features emcee Stress. The sample on this song is well known from other crews that used it (like e.g. Hollow Point or NYCP). On the flip it starts with the track “live & direct” where Busta Rhymes was spittin’ the refrain-part. Last but least comes the track “fuc da police” (startin’ with a well-placed intro-skit of NWA’s “fuck da police”).
All in all a very solid record that one can’t find lots of information when checkin’ the internet.
I heard that they obviously released a second twelve with tracks like “back against the wall / where it at? / teist & turn” but never could listen to that. So if u got them tracks somewhere pls up them in the comments section – really would like to find out how this one feels!

The Fugitives_fugitive life-EP

REMARK: currently in some other blogs the authors are asking for more feedback and y’all know the deal. I think there should be some sort of appreciation for the work we bloggers are doin’ therefore I think it is more than OK to spend very few minutes in your life to give a short comment compared with all the hours of awesome sound you can enjoy (only with this blog here; together with the others y’all have sound for days so c’mon!).
I don’t wanna start things like “give comment and email and you’ll get the link”. That’s kinda “educatin’ the readers” which is certainly not my style so it rests with this appeal here…

Friday, April 25, 2008

Strong Peoples

Mellow stuff in the post from yesterday so today it gotta be ruffa again!

STRONG PEOPLES. I have this record since many years in my crates and almost forgot bout it but some days ago I stumbled over it again when takin out some wax to put a mix together. So I thought that this crew here deserves some shine in our blog.
Strong Peoples have been formed in the mid/late nineties by ex Double XX Posse member Sugar Ray aka Ray Slugs. In 1997 they independently released their (as far as I know) debut-12” with the tracks “not gonna be able to do it” (a link to the old D XX P track), then my favourite “war stories” that is great tune underlined with a mad pushin bass line and – last but not least – “it ain’t safe”. The last song is then also somehow the smoothest one on this twelve using a fine piano sample.

Strong Peoples_not gonna be able to do it-12”

When I checked discogs today I found out that the crew obviously had another release in 2004 (check here). Would be great if someone who got that could up it in here! Apart from that I have no clue if they released other stuff.
Also you can check youtube here to find a nice video-cut of the 3 tracks from 97…


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sonic Sum

Today i post a pretty dope record from the late nineties and the tunez on it is defintely something you may use after a stressful day, dispute with yo’ honey, being fu??ed by the cops or whatever as this is material to calm down and relax…

SONIC SUM, consisting of Rob Sonic (here his myspace), Erik M.O. and Fred Ones released this beautiful piece of wax in 1999 on the Ozon label. This label may ring bells to those who are familiar with the releases of “The Khromozomes Projekt”, “Thawfor”, “Mike Ladd” and so on (the first two artists mentioned here were even reviewed in our blog some time ago…). Nuff rambling on the label, back to the record. The a-side brings you the main title “callarama gala” starting this EP smoothly and with a decent and perfectly fitting bass line. The next is the remix of the track “downtown maze” (the original mix was released on a twelve a year before). Also this track is just right to sit back, sippin juice n probably take out the weed-bag too… on the flip u got the very spherical “flatlands”. This beat convinces with melodies that can take your mind on an astrally trip and the whole track is underlined with a very soft and slow-moving bass line. Additionally the cuts from Fred Ones just fit on the whole work like penis in a pussy! awesome song, that’s all I can say. Last but not least comes the so called bonus track on that twelve that is titled “wayne neutron”. This beat is to me a little bit different than the other 3 ones as it comes more in a electro-funky way. Still it sounds very solid to me and I wouldn’t wanna miss this one on here.
More information bout this crew can be found in discogs or then you can also hit their webpage here.

Sonic Sum_callarama gala-12”

Btw: the crew just dropped their latest work “films” on the Definitive Jux label where they (and especially Rob Sonic as solo artist) are signed these days.

So long……cheerz!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Primitive Lyrics

Alright guys, here’s a special post this time that I’d put under the category of “broaden one’s horizon”. Since we started this blog in autumn 2006 we showed you great pieces of independent work from the US, UK, Canada and even little from Germany and France. But so far (I’m almost ashamed to say so) we didn’t rep our country Switzerland in any single way, so this gotta change now!!! here’s a piece that I recommend to give a listen to, even though u might face “some difficulties” in understanding the Swiss-German language (well, let’s be honest, u won’t understand any single word!). still u can listen to the flow and especially the beats as they are of a great quality! Nuff bla-bla now so let’s head to them guys from the crew….

PRIMITIVE LYRICS. The crew was founded in 1991 and is therefore one of the oldest in the “Swiss Rap Game”. It consisted of 7 members, a number quite massive but reasonable as you gotta know that they were always playing their sound live on stage. In 1993 they released their first twelve called “tescht”, followed 94 by their first LP. On these productions u definitely feel the influence from the Beastie Boys as their sound was also soundin’ ruff/crossover-like. Then PL took a break for tours etc. in 1995 the PL changed their style (to the good!) with Kay Zee using samples for the first time and creating with that tracks with a psychedelic, sombre and very dense atmosphere that to me sound also little bit like they got influenced by the Wu Tang fam.

This twelve/ep was called “druck vo allne siite” (pressure from all sides) and is to me the best piece they did (and one of the best in whole Swiss rap). So on the a-side you find a track called “uf de luur” (to sit in ambush) – an awesome track, frankly speakin. The second track I put in here as well is to be found on the flip and is called “Hr. Schtei Gerig” that heads in our country know as “schtei” which means nothing else than “stoned”. In this track the crew is on the storytellin’ trip givin funny tales bout stoned people in summer in the city of Zurich (btw also the city the crew comes from). The record was released, as mentioned, in 1995 on the small Swiss REC REC label.

Primitive Lyrics_druck vo allne siite-EP

In 1997 PL dropped their last piece, the 2LP „plag“ (menace). Around 2000 PL disbanded unfortunately but their stuff is still live in the heads of those people who were growin’ up in the 90s!
I also recommend you to visit their still active homepage where you can dl all their work.

Well then, hope you gonna enjoy this special review and the sounds here…comments are very welcome!


Thursday, April 17, 2008


‚sup people? Today a nice twelve from the emcee…

TERRAW. His 1st wax-release (to my knowledge) was back in 1998 on the New Yorker label BeatForce Recordings and this is again one of that tunez I was lookin for for ages but had difficulties to source as I just didn’t know the track-ID. “check it out” is the awesome song I’m talking bout and this was a tune that was on heavy rotation at the jams I’ve been that time- heavy basslines and a dark n grimy vibe made this track such a hunted gem to me! So I was almost jerkin’ off when I downloaded a promising lookin’ snippet in a forum and then realised after a blink that this is the one I’m lookin’ for since way back then!
The main title on this wax is called “fevah” that features ragga-dudes Balli & Kemis and is quite solid as well but none compared to the flipside!


The second (and last?) release from this man was in 1999 with his EP that (besides 1 song) was a born loser but u can make ur own decision on that when visiting the Waxattack post

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Beginning of this year we showed u guys already an awesome release by the emcee that is called…

BIGFOOT. Here we brought u the review bout his crazy “invazion-12”. Well, few weeks ago I stumbled across another record of this man and from what I know this was his last release on vinyl. The twelve I mean is from 2000 and was on his own Swampcity Records label (distributed by Echo Intl.). it contains (my personal fav) “the quest” – containing a well-known sample that’s finely played with a piano. On the b-side you have “bx confidentials” where Bigfoot is reppin the Bronx with support from COVER/C.O.D.! the last song is named “altered states” and that woman’s voice-sample in this tune should be well-known too (Jedi Mind Tricks used this too in the approx. same time period)…

Bigfoot_the quest-12”

If u wanna know more and already listen to Foot’s 1st track that should come on his new 2008 album “the 5 boro nightmare” (btw: mad props for that cover artwork) then hit his myspace. And for those that don’t wanna go there I copied the introduction text from his site here:
Christopher t. Barr aka "BIGFOOT" was born and raised in the bronx. This rap artist has a lot to put on and bring to the table. He first stepped on the scene in the summer of 97’ on the independent label, ZESTLAND RECORDS. songs-"CANNOT ESCAPE" and "MULTIPLE STAB WOUNDS", which received major underground play nation wide on stations such as: WPBX,WIUS,WBCR,WQHT(new,york’s hot 97),88 HIP-HOP(internet radio),WXCI,WRAS and also charted CMJ. What really put him on the map, was his conceptual style of rap and unforgettable lyric lese imagery, which help forge and create the legend of" BIGFOOT". While touring to cities like Philadelphia with "CELLAR DWELLERS, RAMPAGE(the last boyscout).He caught the attention of some major rap artist across the country and became the opening for such artists as: SADAT-X, BOOTCAMP CLICK, and X-ZIBIT. Out in Oakland, SONZ OF MAN (wu tang) GENIUS,GZA, in spring valley open up for LITTLE KIM&JUNIOR MAFIA and the infamous BIGGIE SMALLS at the how can i be down out in Miami,Florida. During the years in the underground he has since created a name and following. Still striving for a throne of his own. He started his own label "SWAMPCITYMUSIC". Certainly, all you undergrounds heads have collected MILITARY KOMBAT feat. SHABAAM SAHDEEQ, BRING IT, INVASION,MID-EVIL, LEGACY OF RAGE,FOOTS WORLD,BX-CONFIDENTIAL and ALTERED STATE just to name a few!!. They all have street promotion and independent distributors such as: BUDS,LANDSPEED, FAT BEATS(L.A&AMSTERDAM),DANCE FLOOR RECORDS, thanks to them they made sure that everybody from D.J’S to all the mom’s & pop’s store have a BIGFOOT records. With all these accomplishments it has landed him a major record deal with TOMMYBOY records in 1998, with the release of "HEAVY METAL ARTIST" b/w "THREE MINUTES TO DETONATE". That him performing at the local and under ground clubs from NYC to LOS ANGELES and appearing on the BLAZE BATTEL TOUR. That charted heavy rotation at all the underground college radio stations also featured on the" BLACK MASK " sound track starring "JET-LI" he first U.S> appearance with MEL GIBSON and DANNY GLOVER in LETHAL WEAPON (4). He is currently working on the album titled "THE FIVE BOROUGH NIGHTMARE" hip-hop heads will see why he is here and here to stay .......

Monday, April 14, 2008

Scientists of Sound

This is an entry I did cuz of the post my man Al did on his blog bout the DownLow Ent. Label that was showing the remix project of the smashing single “tried by 12”, performed by The East Flatbush Project ft Des. So the ultra-smooth “laid to rest mix” on it was produced by UK’s finest crew …

SCIENTISTS OF SOUND. Therefore the post here is now about this crew and the releases to be featured here are from this exact label and the same year – 1996.
First we start with the single-release with the great track “landmine situation”. This mad pushing track comes as the “Jedi’s Knife Mix” (that sounds to me same as the original on the album…) and the laid back “terran formula remix”. The real gem on this twelve is hidden inconspicously on the flip-side. It is the non-album track “scroll of the fake assassins” and another certified banger for sure!

Scientists of Sound_landmine situation-12”

The S.o.S. released in the same year on DownLow the full-length “144 or bust – the replenishing”. To me this is one of the most fascinating records I got from UK! Dark, grimy, strange, mystical etc. you get many different styles and sick lyrics to the fullest…dope stuff!

Scientists of Sound_144 or bust-LP

Aight’ten…enjoy that heat from the cold and wet island!

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Doxxmen

Aight’ten – one fo’ da weekend (and a pretty nice 1 IMO!). here’s some indieness outta NYC from…

THE DOXXMEN. I tried to source any kinda information bout this crew but the net led me to….zip! well almost…when you get search-results then it’s mostly from sales n some mixes that featured the crew (yeah serch4beatz!). anyway, let me share the little knowledge I can provide and that I know definitely:
Tracks on that ill twelve are “magnetic attrack” which is my real winner.... I know that most peeps got crazy bout the flipsider “spontaneous combustion” (which is a great track too, no doubt!) but that other ish got me hooked!
Well, the record was released on the small A LITTLE PHAT HOMELESS BOY PRODUCTION INC. label (what a great name!) and date was some when in the late 90s (read somewhere in the net 1997 but not sure bout this).
Also I read in a forum that there was obviously even an album planned that never saw the daylight but I haven’t found more info on that (JAZ, if u read this maybe u can hook us up wit sum more details?!?).
OK then – frankly speakin: that twelve is tha bomb so make sure u got that mad wax in yo cratez!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Brain Dead aka Solar Power

Fine solo-joint from Dysfunkshunal Familee member …

BRAIN DEAD aka SOLAR POWER. The record was dropped on his own Solar Vibes label and the tracks on it were produced by his DF-fella DJ Bazarro. Can’t tell u which year it was released but guess it’s mid-late 90s…
the a-side got tha track “a soldier’s story”. The melody on it is very well known but damn can’t remember from where at the moment (if u know it u can enlighten me in the comments, thx). The second track on this side is called “homicide” and is my winner. A very melancholic melody with Dead’s voice fitting perfectly over this tune.
Well then, enjoy this joint!

Monday, April 07, 2008

12 Jewelz

Startin’ this week with the label P-Jays Recordings that is owned by DJ Greyboy.
First I re-upped the starter of this label (PJ-001) that we posted like 20 months ago already and where the link to sound files is dead now. So this is from the crew …

12 JEWELZ. So the first release on this P-Jays label was dropped in 1997 and that time Greyboy wasn’t on the production (as later on he was responsible for all forthcomin’ productions on that fine label). Here it was a guy called Gray Madduh. 12 Jewelz kicked here their super smooth tracks “foolish mentality” and “outside world”.

12 Jewelz_foolish mentality-12”

A year later came the second release by this crew. This time DJ Greyboy was doin’ the production and so you can find here the songs “shadow of death”, a very sombre piece that lets you rest and just listen to the beats and the b-sider “crystalize” that is also quite solid (well, another bassline would have been better I guess…anyway).

Aight’ten…enjoy them twelves!

12 Jewelz_shadow of death-12”

Btw: more P-Jays recordings stuff can be found throughout our blog (United Kingdom, The Giant)

Friday, April 04, 2008

Hot Butter

Today I have a nice single from an album that was (to me knowledge) only released on CD.

HOT BUTTER is the name of this combo-project and the album’s titled “a new chamber”.
Released in 1998, label is C&S Records and the promo release here brings you the track “a jazzy rhyme”, performed by M.M.O. (that is TRIGGA, known from his famous “NY carjack-12”) and featuring The Massive. The b-side is with the beat “me, so, la, so, me” and “the last poet” where Russ Prez (also responsible for productions on all the tracks) is bringing his poems. Another person on the production here is Storm (ex-member of the Outlawz). The crew Hot Butter is, without a doubt, outta the depths of the all overshadowing Wu Tang fam! This is also why on the record (sticker on the sleeve) and also on the CD you find the “Protect Ya Neck Production” label…
In here you’ll only gonna find the title “a jazzy rhyme” as this is the shit on the twelve! Good rhymes n flows that harmonise with the fine melody (made of 2 different piano-samples) and a smooth underlining bass.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Here’s a piece from another crew that was in this game for long time as well….

POWERULE! The PRC started releasing their stuff in the late 80s already and then during the early and mid 90s. the last release from them I’m personally aware of is their well known 97-smasher “bright lights, big city” (Dolo Records).
So here’s a record that was probably kicked out in the mid-90s on the Black Waxx Records label. “rhymes to bust” and “it’s your right” are the tracks that you gonna find on the vinyl. Both tracks were produced by Powerule and Mark Ronson. The a-sider is that typa ol-skool sample y’all know already and therefore (IMO) not that amazing but still funny to hit that tune at parties sometimes. “it’s you right” is the perfectly laid back track to listen to in summer time while chillin’ at the beach and sippin’ some guice. Well, it wouldn’t have needed Nino’s guest-voice on it but hey – even I can overlook that here! It’s all about relaxin’ man, no grumbling nah’mean!

Kool Keith

And a funky ass record for u from Mr Keith Matthew Thornton …

better known as KOOL KEITH! Here u have an awesome sick twelve from the man with the many faces that was dropped in 1996 on his own Funky Ass Records.
The record brings the titles “wanna be a star”, produced by Peanut Butter Wolf and the flipsider “slide we fly”, featuring the Noggin’ Nodders and bein’ produced by Kut Masta Kurt.
Both beats just perfectly fit to Kool’s sick flow n rhymin’ style and so both tracks are great, even can’t say which of ‘em I’d prefer…