Monday, April 30, 2007


J-Force-For All Thoze
Another underground classic. You should all know “For All Thoze” from Premo’s Crooklyn Cuts Tape B but check out “Runnin on E” as well which is even sicker! It’s a shame that they only released three songs in their career, I would have loved to hear more. The “Bull’s Eye” 12” goes for good money nowadays on eBay, this one goes for somewhat more reasonable prices but in any case, prepare to spend some dough on those (unless you’re lucky like myself and find copies for $3 a pop).
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Da Nuthouse

Da Nuthouse-A Luv Supream (upon request)
This is a quite overlooked Fondle ‘Em release by Da Nuthouse which featured DJ Active who might have heard/seen in early DMC battle footage. I don’t know much about the group or their whereabouts now but they’ve released a double 12” on Ground Central called “Deez Nutz” in 2000 which featured El Da Sensei among others. Check for more.
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The Ancients

The Ancients-NY2K
This 12” from 2000 has one of El-P’s more unknown features. I like this 12” very much, especially the Muppets Show track (which also mixes up nicely with the
Sesame Street
song by the Demigodz). I’ve seen one more release by them after this 12” but I can’t say that I liked it. This one however is a certified banger! Check for additional info.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


well, we presented you earlier in our blog the other release of the crew NUMSKULLZ ("if it ain't raw"). now this time I'm bringin you the EP containing 3 dope tracks that are "slick talkin", "decapitors" and "taking aim". label was same as the other release by this crew - G.A.P. Town Recordings. not sure bout the release-year but sounds like mid/late 90s ish to me! check it out and enjoy!

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numskullz_decapitors EP

Ruggedness Madddrama

and another gem that goes for mad loot these days. this is the awesome release (and to my knowledge the only release) by the crew RUGGEDNESS MADDDRAMA. the single was dropped in 1994 on Emay Records and serves you the fine two dishes "forreal" and "checkin down the menu". awesome production that shouldn't be missing in a good crate....
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People without Shoes

alright. just had to share this gem I recently found on a local record-exchange. i was so happy to finally get that piece in my cratez so I had to share it in here! this is the famous 1st release by the crew PEOPLE WITHOUT SHOES that dropped this twelve back in 94 on Rage Records. dopeness on wax contains 2 tracks that are "green shoe laces" and "evil for eternity". ahh, how I'm lovin this ish!
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Monday, April 23, 2007

AP-Rock / Snowgoons - Mixtape

'sup peeps? givin a lil' back up for my man Ap-Rock outta Germany. feel free to listen to his new indie-mix. some good ish combined with nice mixing-skills r makin this piece really worth listening to! enjoy it n c u l8a - more ish from my man Mr Boogie to come soon...
for more info on this mixtape n crew check:

Thursday, April 19, 2007


aight. bring you another beloved wax (cuz of the smooth tracks and the great cover artwork). this is the 99-release from the crew ZION-I (are: Amp Live and Zion). the twelve brings the tracks "critical" ft. Planet Asia and "venus" (a song that usually makes me smoke some herbs n relax to it). find out more of this crew on the homepage.
great stuff you should check out if ya dunno!

Peanut Butter Wolf

'sup fellas? bring you here a gem from PENAUT BUTTER WOLF (civil name: Chris Manak). this brilliant producer started his career in 94 and I present you here one of my most favorite works from him. it's the 98-release on Southpaw Recordings called the "step on your ego's?" EP. this EP features homies like Subcontents, Charizma, Encore, Zept da Smoker, 50 Grand and Clept the Contortionist. enjoy the shizzle, peace! Mirro

Thursday, April 12, 2007

HDM (Hype Da Madman)

finishin reviews for today with one of my alltime favs! this is HDM's (Hype da Madman) 1997-bomb, released on Jungle Nills Recordings. this indie-classic-joint gives you two awesome tracks that are "the professional", produced by Monochrome and the b-sider "real mc's", produced by famous Nik Wiz. this emcee dropped 2 gems before that are "eye level" in 94 and the "no nice times"-twelve later to that. the second one will be reviewed in Vinyladdicts by my man Smoov quite soon so keep ur eyez op'n!

Chill Rob G

CHILL ROB G (who's real name is Robert Frazier) started his official career way back in 1988 with his 1st single "dope rhymes". after that he dropped several other stuff (check!) until he did that last twelve I know from him in 1996 on Echo International Recordings. this is the wax right here with the tracks "let me know something" and the b-sider "know ya place". both dope tracks but the a-side is my fav...

Karim Jamal

today i present you a twelve released on Official Jointz (same label as NOTS Click, Xperado ...) that has been dropped in 1999. it is from rapper KARIM JAMAL and features the tracks "peolon rising" and "ghetto appeal". nice indie and not that hard to find these days in case you wanna get that wax as well!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


and tha last for 2day: this is a wax you probably won't see that much. it is from Toronto rapper KIJARO who produced and released this twelve on white wax fully independently. I heard from people over there in Toronto that this record came out in the late 90s but only Toronto-wide with just some hundred pressings made... well, back to the content which is 3 tracks: "long time", "donmillion" and "long time bass-mix".

Nas-T Howie

here we go with Canadian rapper NAS-T HOWIE. right here you find his 96-production, released on Knowledge of Self, with the track "attic" that comes in totally 3 versions: original, NY-remix and Frankenstein's remix. to me, the original is the one on this wax! dunno if this cat had other releases than that (considering discogs, there ain't any more) but lemme know if u got more details here!

nas-t howie_attic-12"

Citizen Kane

today's Canadian day so let's start with this one: CITIZEN KANE brings you here the 98-release on Treehouse Records. the wax contains the 3 songs "reality n facts", "global warning ft. Fin-S & K-Os" and my fav "easedroppin ft. Dub-Ill". in my opinion the best work from them right after their monumental "blackrain-12" and "epic ep".

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


alright - here's a review bout a crew I honestly can't say sh*t about it. nothing found in the net that gives some more info so I only can give u these short details. the twelve was dropped by the group NYCP on the Hard Ball label somewhen in the late nineties (I guess). the wax comes witta tracks "yes yes" and on the b-side "cheeba cheeba-get lifted mix" (sample used should be known to the heads that also got the Hollow Point EP) and "cheeba cheeba-insttra smoke mix".
labelwise I can add here that I know of one other 12" that was released on there which was Alamo's "where's your girl tonight"...
check it out n enjoy!

Lady Apache ft. Finsta Bundy

as u heads should know by now (check our very 1st review) - we're Finsta Bundy addicts and therefore got almost all their productions on wax in our cratez. the cats had some collabos with other acts, like this gem here. it is the 95-release on Nervous Records from LADY APACHE. now this is the remix-edition of the track "rock and comeen" and only this twelve (not the one with the orginial mix and the b-sider "why dema try") brings Evil Dee's "rock and comeen - daytime vocal mix" that features Finsta Bundy on it...
lady apache ft. finsta bundy_rock and comeen-daytime mix

Team Demolition - 2

here we go with the next release TEAM DEMOLITION managed to drop on Depth Charge Recordings in 1999. this twelve is bringin you "bloodshot eyes", "feedback ft. trickstar" and "rise". the first track is definitely my winner on this - the other 2 tracks are solid but nothing outstanding, but listen and make your own thoughts!

Team Demolition - 1

very nice n obscure wax from TEAM DEMOLITION (Lord Op (aka J Cosell), Zechariah Wise, Jady Experience, DJ Dialtone), comin from all over Northern Virginia. after high school Wise & Dialtone tried some other projects as well that ya'll guys should know - they released some small productions under the name of "The Lower Life Forms"! after that excursion they got back Lord Op and from then on formed the crew TD. in 1998 they finally managed after very hard work to release their debut on Depth Charge Recordings; and this is the banger I present you here! the twelve brings u the tracks "dirty gusto", "nature rise" and (my potheadded winner) "sacks". awesome stuff n if u got a chance to grab this 12" - do it. not too many been pressed to my knowledge of this debut! i got my copy directly from them catz when I was livin in Washington DC back in 98/99....
find all info bout this crew:

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Shabaam Sahdeeq

and the last one for today: that's SHABAAM SAHDEEQ's 1st release (what i know) and brings the 2 songs "so real" and the b-sider "it could happen" ft. SHADOWZ IN THE DARK. release-year was 1996 and label is Freeze Records.
cheers, mirro

Mikey Dee

wassup fellas?!? this is Mirro presentin you some good ol 97-sh*t from my man MIKEY DEE. this is his (to my knowledge) only release he did. the wax was dropped by Liquid Records and comes with the 2 songs "killers on wax" and "J.Q.N.Y. (Jamaica, Queens, New York)". both productions are pure sledgehammers and got heavy rotation on my MKII so better check 'em out!

mikey dee_killers on wax-12"


in 1 of our earlier posts we showed you PUMPKINHEAD's original version already. now this is the "dynamic remix" that peeps also might have heard on the 2LP/2CD mix by DJ Rhettmatic. "dynamic remix" features Pump's ol' homies THE BAD SEED, CES, DCQ, MEAT PIE, OCEAN, POKAFACE and WHAT?WHAT?. the track itself was produced by RunRun Shaw who also is credited for his work on the "negro league baseball" by Natural Resource. the flipside track "wack emcees", is featured by THE BAD SEED and production-credits go to Overtime who also did productions for Natural Resource on their "i love this world".
aight'ten, enjoy!

Mass Vinyl Collector's Edition Vol.1

another excellent release from the label Mass Vinyl Recordings. the gem here is the "Mass Vinyl Collector's Edition Vol.1 - EP" that serves totally 3 tracks: "weak minds" by HI-TECH & J-TREDS, "book of death" by 8-TRAK, THE HERMIT & HI-TECH and "money" by THE FACULTY & 8-TRAK. all songs were produced by DJ SHOK.
(Onur! big thanx again for lettin my have this wax! i owe ya...)
peace y'all, Mirro

Most Desh

awesome piece of independent hip hop work that comes to you right here. this is the "Hip Hop is Livin' EP" by MOST DESH. the EP comes with the 3 bangers "hip hop is livin", "cops and crack rock" and "microphone enhancer". the last song was re-issued in 2004 on Armory Records comin as a split-12" with LPSD - back atcha on the flipside. the original 1st press here was released in 1995 on City of Angels Records.
(@ Onur: yo' digga! got a spare one reserved 4 u in my cratez! peace)
well, nuff said...enjoy!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


c'min to a piece of wax I just had to get into my cratez - no damn matter what! so i traded my beloved "new world order 2lp by the Poor Righteous Teachers" only for that 12" (well, i knew i can get the PRT-2LP quick n for decent price again, unlike this gem here!)!
this is the typical mid-90s ish that blows of my mind dudes! the crew is called KAOS and dropped this jewel here on Blunted Records. the sweetness includes them tracks "who inda house" and "word life".
enjoy that cream! peace, Mirro

Pop da Brown Hornet

stayin witta Wu-affiliates for this review. this is the twelve from POP DA BROWN HORNET with the titles "follow me up" and "follow me up remix". this solo-work from Pop, who is a member of GP WU (GP WU is: Pop da brown hornet, Down Low Recka, June Luva and Rubberbands) was dropped in 1999 on Smoke records. homie got other releases than that and we gonna up 'em later on - fo' shizzle!

Sunz of Man

well, we showed you already 2 releases (and many more will follow) of the SUNZ OF MAN but without really showin you where it all started with. now this is the sh*t the crew started their thang! it's their 94/95 debut on Wu Tang records including the 2 titles "Soldiers of Darkness" and "Five Arch Angels". definitely an essential wax for all serious Wu and indie-collectors out there I'd say...

Iron Sheiks

this is "The infamous EP" referred to as "The Iron Sheiks EP". Released in 1997 by TRAGEDY KHADAFI himself on the 25 To Life imprint (compare catalog numbers), even if it's not mentioned on the label (cat-no. is etched on the runout groove). Tragedy features on his 2 tracks "allumanati" and "true confessions" emcee IMAN T.H.U.G. - all the other tracks on theat EP are freestyles that I didn't rip here... but check out da 2 songs, definitely my ish!
peace, Mirro

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Roey Marquis II

now comin to the "cream" for today's reviews! this gem right here is a mad overseen EP by the German producer ROEY MARQUIS II, released on Quite Force in 1997 (so same year n label as also his other bomb-production "It'z uzelezz by Da Germ, Lin Que & Finsta). ish is so overseen you cannot find it on and even not on Roey's homepage (! now here we're talking bout the 4-tracker (incl. 1 beat which is not in this rip) "Vortex EP" that features some of the best worx by Mr. Calogero Randazzo (so RMII's civil name) that I know!
now, the vinyl-dopeness contains following songs by these artists:
Black Foundation - "whateva cleva", some rugged n grimy ish, typically for that time-peroid.
Black Heart - "lyrical fashion", smooth and somehow sad-sounding but dope in all its ways! some (german) peepz might recognize the sample from the later on released by emcee Pal One...
Da Germ - "brooklyn x", my winner on that EP! dark, slow, grimy-that's how I like it!
so, enjoy this great piece o' waxxxx!


here we go woth the 2nd review of the crew MUDKIDS. this is their release on Surf Records in 1998 including the tracks "fool" (not in this rip as not that thrilling at all), "numbawonsoun" and very relaxed "rap can do".
enjoy thizzz!

The Big Daddy Anthem

a very fine release you should be able to find quite easy and quick. this is the "Big Daddy Anthem", performed by the emcees NATRUEL, SHABAZZ THE DISCIPLE, WICKED WILL, MR EON (of High n Mighty) and L FUDGE. mad overseen one-tracker that is really worth to give a try! release-year was in 1998 on Bi-Coastal Records.

Raidermen & Natural Elements

another smooth drop by the RAIDERMEN & NATURAL ELEMENTS-fam. this joint got me on the hunt for quite some time way back then in 1997 when I heard that track on JR Ewings mixtapes. but finally I've been able to lay my hands on it, sweet!
so this is the quite famous song "Magnetic", produced by Charlemagne for Fortress Ent. in 97...
enjoy the smoothness!