Tuesday, August 18, 2009


here's another record I dug out in my cratez and considerin' the dust on it I got the impression that this is a vinyl I didn't listen to since ages! it is kinda EP here comin' from a cat named Anomos...

to my knowledge this dude is outta Staten Island and had bout 3 releases. this one here, then the "why live EP" (check discogs) and an album titled "from here on..." which he did with his buddy Stealth (Bomber). back to this EP here that is havin' the title "in the making..." EP. it totally brings you 4 tracks from which 2 are also on the other EP. "why live" is also here the main title and is no different to the track on the other EP. the tune itself is pretty dope and I even like the vocals by singer Markeda P. next title is the super-spherical-n-chilled-out song "how I see it" ... light up da Ls! on the flipside is the posse-track "3 on 3" featuring the emcees Stealth Bomber, Fresh Meat, Gee Money, Pope the Arch Bishop and MAL. btw - this track can also be found on their other EP...the last tune is another great one and to me the best on this wax titled "real to me". the record was released on NPO Records in 1998 (I'll try to add this record in discogs too....ASAP).

as I mentioned above Anomos and Stealth also released a great album but I ain't sure if this was ever released on vinyl too (only find CD copies). click on the following link and hear some of the songs from this "from here on..." album:
Anomos & Stealth in tha tube

enjoy, pz, I'm out...

Thursday, August 06, 2009


here's a nice joint from...

unfortunately not a lotta information bout that dude. I remember hearing that main title "say what" bout 5-7 years ago on one of the first indie-compilations I downloaded in the net (yeah call me late bloomer 4 dat!). during the years with new tunez comin' in on wax and mp3 I forgot bout that track and then, maybe 1 year ago I found that wax while diggin' in a homies cellar-cratez - nice random pick!
only then I also discovered that the track on the flipside - "it don't stop" is actually quite dope too.
the twelve has been released on Lost Trybe Records in 1997. it mentions on the label that this is from the forthcomin' album "all hell breaks loose" but I think this is another album that never saw the daylight...

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Finally back with a new review of an emcee that goes by the name of...

"good things come to those that wait" and this here is def something really good so all the waitin' u had to go thru hopefully paid off...
let's get back to the man on the mic that is called PARADIGM, civil name Mark Petras. he is reppin' Westchester, NYC but by his dialect I'd say he ain't born New Yorker. also when I check his other work he did in the crew Speakeasy I'd rather come to the conclusion that this guy originates from Canada (but I also can be completely wrong on that)...
anyway, it is about the music so let's focus on that. Paradigm - to my knowledge - dropped about 3 records minimum and from them 2 are to be shown here (the last one is rather crap IMO).
I start with his debut(?) in 1998 that was released on probably his own label titled Westchester Records.
I remember when I first heard that record at my buddy's crib. my fella played that 1st track from this twelve that is named "leverage" and the dark grim stuff got me hooked within a few seconds already! the next tune on this lovely 3-tracker is titled "42 dimensional" - a very "spherical" and pushin' beat. last but def not least comes "late night" that is an absolutely laid-back song and a great finish of this wax!

the next vinyl from this cat was released in 2001 on the FreshChest label and is a bomb of an EP! six tracks and I almost like every single tune on it to the fullest! my favorites among these are def "faulty arrows" where Paradigm is using the quite popular sample from "Clockwork Orange" by Stanley Kubrick that was also used by CAGE in his track "agent orange" (Fondle'Em Records). other brilliant songs are "easter sunday" with its great oriental melody, "candle dogma" - another pretty dark tune and "desert winds". listen to it, I'm sure u gonna like that ish too!

Paradigm_the teribithia EP

Aight'ten - hope u gonna enjoy those two records! if u know more bout Paradigm then holla in the comments section as usual, thx!