Monday, January 22, 2007

The Krazee Madeo Stylez!

very nice release on Baraka Foundation by the crew VARIOUS BLENDS. this is their 12" from 1999 with the two tracks "krazee madeo stylez" and "pick a chemical". very solid wax and as i got more from this crew i'll up additional reviews lil later on...

NOTE: i got some very busy weeks ahead that'll prevent me from reviewin in here so don't be disappointed when in February almost nothing will happen in here...things will get better in March again...
thanks so far to all the heads sendin us luv and contributin in here!

various blends_krazee madeo stylez-12"

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

just sick!

... this would be my personal rating for that wax here! this is the 2001 release from the crew THIRD SIGHT, dropped on Disgruntled Records and the cover artwork somehow shows ya already what'cha can expect here. definitely not that average rap-ish! the three tracks that are on this record are: "zodiac killer", a crude track that is still amongst my alltime-favs, "smegma in a minor" with some nice scratches by D-Styles and "will I get shot by a dope fiend", a track I already love just cuz of its title. all productions by D-Styles, all lyrics by emcee Jihad. this piece of wax is a real sledgehammer and u should still be able to find it here and there for acceptable prices (even though I've seen peps askin 30 bucks & more for that record which is really ridiculous...).

third sight_zodiac killer-12"

the never ending story

here we go again with a nice release on Stretch Armstrong's label Dolo Records (back in 1998). this time it's the twelve from the crew THE KORP. the wax comes with 2 songs: "never ending story" feat. Cestyle and the b-sider "we comin'".
nice sh*t that's always good to put on the decks....

the korp_never ending story-12"

one shot from the UK!

another review about the british crew THE BROTHERHOOD. this here is their 1996-release on Virgin Records, bringin the two great songs "one shot" and "nothing in particular". all productions by the Underdog.

enjoy it, cheerz

the brotherhood_one shot-12"

bounce to da beat like this!

absolutely delicious red-colored wax from THE BROOKLYN ACADEMY (emcees Pumpkinhead, Block McCloud & Medaphor). the record was released in1997 on New Universe Recordings and includes the tracks "the unusual jam", my fav on that one, and the b-sider "blind fury". if you gotta chance to get this wax then I recommend you do so...u won't regret it!

the brooklyn academy_the unusual jam-12"

from the basement

presentin you here a release from DJ SPINNA's label Beyond Real Recordings. the record was dropped in 2000 and gives you two tracks from the emcee THE BASEMENT KHEMIST. "vibrate" is the a-side track and is very solid but my fav is on the b-side: "everybody". this is a beat I'd recommend to listen to when you get up in the morning as it just let's ya feel alright!

the basement khemist_vibrate-12"

requested material...

great record from 1996, released on Sure Shot Recordings. this is 3RD EYE's twelve with totally two tracks on it: "put your boots on" and "the alps" with well-known rapper NINE on tha spot! very solid release and always good to listen to!

3rd eye_put your boots on-12"

armageddon is at your door!

this is an ultimate dope production from one of the best freestyle-rappers on this planet - SUPERNATURAL. astonishingly is that every time you see heads talkin bout Supernatural's vinyls in forums n blogs it's always his "buddah blessed it"... well, I also like that wax but this here is even better (IMO) cuz again: dark n pushin beatz, Supernat spittin it hard n finally also the crazy cover-artwork....lovely!
the record was released in 1999 on Celestial Records and gives you the two delicate tracks "armageddon at your door" and "seven minutes of understanding" and that makes about totally 12 minutes of pure listening pleasure...enjoy!

supernatural_armageddon at your door-12"

a storm brewing!

dope n dark release from this westcoast-cat called TONY DA SKITZO. this is his late-90s production on Limbo Street Recordings, bringin the track "storm brewing" that also features emcee Mr Brady!
just like that twelve cuz of it's dark n moody flow!
...and something for the fanatik-collectors: this is the regular pressing on black wax but there's also limited pressing of this gem on purple wax!

cheerz, ral278

tony da skitzo_storm brewing

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

dolo recs again!

another release on Stretch Armstrong's Dolo Records is this 97-production by the DUTCHMIN. the record gives u the well-known track "get your swerve on" and "surrounded". both very solid tracks from which "get your..." is still my fav as it's just fascinating how one can make such catchy tune by using only very few samples!
BTW: the track "get your swerve on" hasn't been released on Dolo for the 1st. this song was published like 1 year before on a small indie-label called Street Life Ent. but watch out for bootlegs of that pressing!

dutchmin_get your swerve on-12"

Leave My Name Out...

... or abbreviated LMNO so people know I'm talkin bout! this is the 2nd release from this westcoast-cat. the twelve was dropped in 98 on Concentrated Records and brings totally 2 tracks: "verb derby" an easy track that didn't blow my mind though and "radiant", the real burner on this wax! this song is awesome cuz of it's asian-like samples used and goes for me in the same dope category, using asian-samples, like East Flatbush's "tried by 12". very recommended and mad overseen record!


unsung heroes...

here's a dope production from UK-crew UNSUNG HEROES (UH are Insite & Shiver). this record is their 2nd release; dropped in 98 on Scenario Records. the 2 tracks that are put on this gem are "the norm" and "translate", both featured by the emcees SIAH & YESHUA DA POED.
enjoy this shizzle!

unsung heroes_the norm-12"

Friday, January 05, 2007

DSR - firmly handle dis!

mad overseen record from 1995. this is the twelve from DARK SUN RIDERS that has introduced the community to their 96-full length "seeds of evolution". the wax here, released on Island Records, gives the track "dark sun riders" and some remix-versions plus "the eclipse begins" - a track that is not on the album. grim melodies with pushin beatz - that's the style! awesome...

dsr_dark sun riders-12"

soldiers last battle!

present you a wax I bought back in 99 when i used to live in the USA and since that time i didn't see this record anywhere, anymore! it's the EP from BLACK MONGOOSE, released on Armored Records in 1999. very phat n well recommended gem incl. tracks "millenium 2000 pt.2" (some might recognize the beat from MHZ's "world premier"), "drugs pt.2", "soldiers last battle" and the banger "all out feat. northstar int.".
definitely a "two-thumbs-up" release!

black mongoose_millenium2000-ep

da great one again

every year an EP! guess that was DA GREAT DEITY DAH's idea and so he dropped (after 96, 97) in 1998 this EP called "declaration of war". release was again on Royal Alchemist Records. the ep brings totally six tracks and you can find 5 of them in this rip here: "ready to kill", "chain of events", "sunz of righteousness", mystical pharaos" and "rapmatics". "just dance" would be the last track but didn't fell that one at all...
now, this emcee has another EP from 99 called "cerebral warfare" but so far we don't have this ish in our cratez. as soon as this is the case u can be sure that this will be reviewed here as well!

da breat deity dah_declaration of war-ep

return of the great one

this is DA GREAT DEITY DAH's 2nd release after his "life or death ep" from 96. this ep here is from 1997, again dropped on Royal Alchemist Records and is called "to take back hip hop ep". it's another very solid wax from this master of ceremony and gives you the tracks "indecent proposal", "penetrate the soul" and "double trouble ft. quiet storm". just luv that ish!

da great deity dah_to take back hip hop ep

raps from da pharm

this is the 2nd release (on wax) of this group that goes by the funny name THE ANIMAL PHARM. the crew consists of the members Jaleel, Statik, Panda One and later on also Spontaneous and Aceyalone. now this gem here is the 98-EP on Goodvibe Recordings called "the brink ep". it includes 3 real tracks plus instrus, accas and interludes but i ripped here (as usual) only the tracks: "the brink", "flylingual" and "along the pavement".

the animal pharm_the brink ep

show yo' "phace"!

once again I'm presentin you a record that has been released on the well known indie-label DIEHARD Records. this is PHACE'S twelve from 1995, comin witta 3 tracks "dead presidents-around the way mix", "dead presidents-original mix" and "queens is the county". there's also a live-cut from "dead presidents" plus another mix (dead presidents-ace of spades mix) but this mix is just lil' shorter and clean version of the "around the wax mix"...

phace_dead presidents-12"

make it happen, ro!

this here is the 96-release on D.A.L. Recordings from JUST-RO. this fine wax comes with the 2 tracks "souldiers" - a song that isn't that great as it comes too soft and cuz of it's refrain-part, and "confusion" - the real winner w/ smoothest harp-samples!


reanimated vinyl

right here comes a wax (don't think that this one here's a legit pressing but teel me if u know more bout that...) from the well-known VINYL REANIMATORS. the record contains the remix-versions of "kool g rap ft. nas - fast life" and "de la soul - the bizness".
enjoy it!

vinyl reanimators-sampler-12"

hey mister!

it was in the late 90s when i often heard that track on my fav radio-station here in Switzerland and took my a lil' while to find out, who that be... then i missed to put that wax on my wantlist and forgot bout it in the years til I ran on that record just few weeks ago while diggin w/ my fella Mirro! this is KOOL G RAP's "hey mister mister". a track that has only been released as such a white-labelled pressing. really happy i found that one for a good price n so it's rotatin heavily on my MKIIs as it makes me remember the good ol' days!

kool g rap_hey mister mister

a world heist!

well, CAMP LO is in my opinion not the typical stuff i'd expect here but still i wanted to review this 12" from 1996/97 that has been released on Profile Records only as a promo-version. besides the b-siders "coolie high" and it's remix "coolie high-red handed's tapemaster remix" the important and great track on this wax is "world heist" cuz this one ain't put on their LP "uptown saturday night fever". sweetness - that's just the right word to describe this record!

camp lo_world heist-12"

he doesn' give a whut???

very recommended 12" from one of my fav emcees right here. this is BIG KWAM's 1996-release on Blind-Side Records, servin the 3 tracks "i don't give a whut? (i don't give a f... pt.2)", "mic to mic" and "i don't give a f...". we'll present you more from this cat in the future as we got at least 3 other records from him, waitin to be reviewed in here. so keep ur eyez op'n!

cheers, ral278

big kwam_i don't give a whut-12"

Thursday, January 04, 2007

guard the dome!

goin' back in time and presentin' you this 94-production from the crew FOOTPRINTS. this was the former crew of emcee Rezidue, that should be well known to you heads (reviewed his "inner city blues" already in this blog). on this great wax, dropped on Zestland Records, you'll find the 2 tracks "guard the dome" and "pelan". both tracks are in that typical ruff "new school" style - that's some real heat!

footprints_guard the dome-12"

gettin' into dangerouz waters!

presentin' you the 12" from the crew DANGEROUZ WATERS that was released in 1998 on MCA records. the track "nycpd" is pretty smooth and for me still one of my favs as the simple samples used already make the beat that phat!

dangerouz waters-nycpd

Monday, January 01, 2007

the full circle

this twelve here was dropped on the Brooklyn label SonDoo Recordings and brings YAH SUPREME with his 98-release "full circle" and "only human". that's some excellent dopeness! don't know if this emcee had some other releases before but he definitely dropped another 12" on the same label in 2000. will present that one later on...

yah supreme_full circle-12"

the wise intelligent

presentin here a solo-joint from the WISE INTELLIGENT of the Poor Righteous Teachers. the release was on Contract Recording Company in 96 and comes witta 2 tracks "steady slangin" and "my sound". all lyrics by Wise, all production by Tony D.
great stuff - dig it!

wise intelligent_steady slangin-12"

and another one...

second Fondle'Em Records review for today. this is the 12" solo-joint from SIAH. he released that wax after the famous "Siah & Yeshua da PoEd - the visualz ep" and also these beats, produced by Siah himself, Mudfoot & The Assimilator are solid as usual. "repetition" and "pyrite" are the 2 songs on this record here.


the gifted one

nice release from JEMINI THE GIFTED ONE on Brainchild Ent. in 1997. "who wanna step II dis" is the name of the track - check it out if you don't know...

jemini the gifted one-who wanna step II dis

another fondle'em record...

this time it's the track from CASHLESS SOCIETY ft. Snaz, Black Intellect & X-Amount - Blazetha Breaks. Quite sick beat that keeps my head noddin'! on the other side there's a track from Mizchif - Place fo a Wife, but didn't rip that one....not really a fav from me.
peace, mirro

cashless society-blazetha breaks