Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Season's Greetings!

Thanks a lot for checking this blog on the regular and making this hobby here also a pleasure to me by contributing with your additional infos and feedbacks!
I'll try to find some time in the last week of 2009 to make another rip so stay tuned....
I congratulate and send all my best wishes also thru this channel to my buddy MIRRO and his lovely girlfriend as they became parents last weekend!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Smoov U

alright, here's a fine piece of wax that my buddy "hightower" passed to me so I can make mp3s for him and also share it in here - if this might be the correct place for....
hell yeah - this unknown gem def fits in here and so I share the 2 tracks from...

....with you!
I ain't got more info than what one can find on the label. produced in 1996 on Queen City Records outta Buffalo, NY.
the 1st track - sex machine - is a relaxed, groovy-funky kinda joint that goes smooth like butter! well, the female singing was not necessary but I guess one can live with that...
the 2nd track is the burner for sure - many styles - gryme stuff for your ears!

Smoov U_sex machine-12"

aight'ten - enjoy and mad props to hightower for letting me present this wax in here!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


nice twelve from the UK label Pussy Foot Records.
back in 1995 the London based label released this quite dope wax from ...

... DOBIE. on the AA side u get served with "original heads" that features OLA the Soul Controller and this shit's a certified head-nodder!
the flip side brings a club mix à la AV8 records at its best - not my thang for sure n therefore not ripped & available in here. but the last track luckily is pure butter again: "luv n hate (can never be friends)" with Rodney P. and Don E.

Black Mongoose

here's an EP that was posted already like 2 years ago or so on our blog but since the quality of the rip was rather poor I bring u a new rip of that butter wax.

BLACK MONGOOSE is reppin the mic on this 4 track EP that was released 1999 on Armored Records.
no clue who this cat is n also his web-address ain't workin no more (did it ever?).
as usual - if u can spread some more info then welcome to share in the comments section.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Some Re-Ups...

what's good peepz? here some re-ups u guys requested lately - enjoy.
more new posts should hopefully been upped soon (I'm just too busy...)!


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

U.G.O. (Unbiased Ghetto Opinion)

wassup folkz? here's a short post bout the man...

... U.G.O. - which is the abbreviation for Unbiased Ghetto Opinion.
this wax here is his first effort (outta 3 drops totally) and contains the well known burner "blowin spots" and a 2nd track titled "bran nu flow".
both cuts are great IMO....dark, slow n grim stuff, just what I like!
the record was released in 1994 on Eagle Entertainment...

besides this wax, as mentioned, homie dropped 2 other records (check in discogs). I think so far I never heard that "blowin spots remix-12" that was on a white label only. if any1 got it would be mad appreciated to share in the comments section, thanks!
the 2nd wax he released also contains "blowin spots" but the 2nd track on it is titled "straight from the heart" ... click here to check the clip to this gem!


Thursday, September 03, 2009

Re-Upped on Request

hey folks - short post with some stuff I re-upped upon personal requests...enjoy!
new posts will also come soon (guess I gonna find some time this weekend to dig a lil in my cratez and rip 1 or 2 records from there...)!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


here's another record I dug out in my cratez and considerin' the dust on it I got the impression that this is a vinyl I didn't listen to since ages! it is kinda EP here comin' from a cat named Anomos...

to my knowledge this dude is outta Staten Island and had bout 3 releases. this one here, then the "why live EP" (check discogs) and an album titled "from here on..." which he did with his buddy Stealth (Bomber). back to this EP here that is havin' the title "in the making..." EP. it totally brings you 4 tracks from which 2 are also on the other EP. "why live" is also here the main title and is no different to the track on the other EP. the tune itself is pretty dope and I even like the vocals by singer Markeda P. next title is the super-spherical-n-chilled-out song "how I see it" ... light up da Ls! on the flipside is the posse-track "3 on 3" featuring the emcees Stealth Bomber, Fresh Meat, Gee Money, Pope the Arch Bishop and MAL. btw - this track can also be found on their other EP...the last tune is another great one and to me the best on this wax titled "real to me". the record was released on NPO Records in 1998 (I'll try to add this record in discogs too....ASAP).

as I mentioned above Anomos and Stealth also released a great album but I ain't sure if this was ever released on vinyl too (only find CD copies). click on the following link and hear some of the songs from this "from here on..." album:
Anomos & Stealth in tha tube

enjoy, pz, I'm out...

Thursday, August 06, 2009


here's a nice joint from...

unfortunately not a lotta information bout that dude. I remember hearing that main title "say what" bout 5-7 years ago on one of the first indie-compilations I downloaded in the net (yeah call me late bloomer 4 dat!). during the years with new tunez comin' in on wax and mp3 I forgot bout that track and then, maybe 1 year ago I found that wax while diggin' in a homies cellar-cratez - nice random pick!
only then I also discovered that the track on the flipside - "it don't stop" is actually quite dope too.
the twelve has been released on Lost Trybe Records in 1997. it mentions on the label that this is from the forthcomin' album "all hell breaks loose" but I think this is another album that never saw the daylight...

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Finally back with a new review of an emcee that goes by the name of...

"good things come to those that wait" and this here is def something really good so all the waitin' u had to go thru hopefully paid off...
let's get back to the man on the mic that is called PARADIGM, civil name Mark Petras. he is reppin' Westchester, NYC but by his dialect I'd say he ain't born New Yorker. also when I check his other work he did in the crew Speakeasy I'd rather come to the conclusion that this guy originates from Canada (but I also can be completely wrong on that)...
anyway, it is about the music so let's focus on that. Paradigm - to my knowledge - dropped about 3 records minimum and from them 2 are to be shown here (the last one is rather crap IMO).
I start with his debut(?) in 1998 that was released on probably his own label titled Westchester Records.
I remember when I first heard that record at my buddy's crib. my fella played that 1st track from this twelve that is named "leverage" and the dark grim stuff got me hooked within a few seconds already! the next tune on this lovely 3-tracker is titled "42 dimensional" - a very "spherical" and pushin' beat. last but def not least comes "late night" that is an absolutely laid-back song and a great finish of this wax!

the next vinyl from this cat was released in 2001 on the FreshChest label and is a bomb of an EP! six tracks and I almost like every single tune on it to the fullest! my favorites among these are def "faulty arrows" where Paradigm is using the quite popular sample from "Clockwork Orange" by Stanley Kubrick that was also used by CAGE in his track "agent orange" (Fondle'Em Records). other brilliant songs are "easter sunday" with its great oriental melody, "candle dogma" - another pretty dark tune and "desert winds". listen to it, I'm sure u gonna like that ish too!

Paradigm_the teribithia EP

Aight'ten - hope u gonna enjoy those two records! if u know more bout Paradigm then holla in the comments section as usual, thx!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Random Pickz

well - I know, I know... I keep u waitin' for new reviews but somehow don't find the time to drop them...
basically there are 2 reasons for that:
one - I haven't achieved yet to do the settings in the rip-program on the new laptop so the quality of the tracks is good. you don't wanna get tunes in a freakin' low quality and I don't wanna waste time rippin' something I wouldn't even wanna listen to myself.
two - it's summer-time and honestly said I rather stay outside chillin' with friends, go swimmin' n all that instead of sittin' at home...
still I really wanna get this laptop & program workin' smoothly so I can share some more jewels in here ASAP (I got plenty left to bring and as every other digger; new stuff is always comin' in!)...

pick the pack here!

meanwhile I checked my digital cratez for stuff y'all might be interested to hear so I packed about 30 tracks (demos, unreleased material, exlusives from the artists directly, plus some of my older vinyl-rips) in a bundle and upped it for your listening pleasure. even if you may have some of those tracks already I'm sure u gonna find a gem here n there u didn't know before so I hope u dig this package!

well then, grab it while it's online (I ain't gonna re-up that later) and enjoy summer!


Monday, June 08, 2009

Headz Records

What’s good people?
Yeah I know it’s a long time since the last post in here but I need to install all software n shit on the new laptop since the old one said „good-bye!“ (R.I.P. you lil’ freakin piece of shit…). So keep an eye on this blog again as I’m quite positive that I get this whole thing workin again very soon and bring some new reviews in here (I got plenty of great indie-wax that is waitin to get some shine in here).
Anyway – this post here is to push my homie’s new online record-shop he recently launched.

HEADZ is the name of the shop and in there u gonna find all sorts of vinyl from Rap classics, to indie and the new stuff, German, French and some Swiss rap and also some breaktbeats, scratch tools etc. besides that he also got a smaller section with Soul / R’n’B, plus some dancehall & reggae vinyls.

DJ equipment & tools: this section will also be active very soon so keep on checking the site!

Taggers: you also can get a big assortment of various markers (e.g. Hardcore, Krink etc.) so check out whatcha need!

I know that some of you might face some troubles as the language is German only but hey – y’all know how to use google right?! I’m sure these translations are helpful enuff in order to guide u thru the pages and ordering process!

Aight’ten – have a look! I very sure u gonna find some nice pieces in there and if not then u still can hit this dawg with a wantlist on his email account!

Click here to get to the site (or in links-post on left side)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Pesky Varmints

Wassup peepz? Today I’m bringin’ you a pretty sick EP outta the the land of fish’n’chips that goes by the name…

I haven’t heard of this crew so far and the record was a random pick to make worth my overseas shipping costs. THE PESKY VARMINTS from the UK dropped this piece on the Cid Records label. You get served with 3 tracks totally that are: “bravelung” and “mr. majestic” – both tracks have a very industrial touch and also sound a lil bit like Co’ Flow. So these 2 tracks are very solid, not spectacular but also not crap in any kind but the best track on the EP is definitely the last one that is titled “peskaton remix”. Oh boy, how I like the samples bein’ used in there plus the nice beat that fits perfectly IMO. Ya can bet that I had to puff sum lah and enjoy that track when I got that wax some days ago!
Cuts n scratches on all tracks were done by Mr Gravity and Dr Strangearm – production was all done by Strangearm.

I did a short research online but so far couldn’t get any further information about the crew and if they have more stuff than this here so additional information is always welcome in the comments-section.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Non MC's

Here is another record that obviously not too many people know off…

NON MC’S is the crew name and apparently those cats is comin’ from the rotten apple NYC. Not much to say bout the members as I simply don’t have any clue but at least one of the producers – Fran Lover – ain’t a completely unknown in this game as he also realized productions for other acts like Pudgee, Daddy-O, Sticky Fingaz, Nighthawks etc.
The fax bout tha wax: released in 1999 on a label that attracted lots of attention by its earlier 94-release named “Tha East Comin Thru EP” (with Madman Shawn etc.) – East New York Entertainment.
The content: unfortunately you only get radio and instrus but well – I can live with that…the first track is my ish already! “no” – as simple as this – is a pretty smooth tune with a laidback beat. Perfect to get away from it all! “feel it” is the next tune and brings you sound-wise the good-mood-vibes. When u listen to this beat it kinda feels like ur chillin at the beach with a nice drink in your hand and just enjoy the good life! “da ha” is the last track and – at least text-wise – the sickest of them all. The beat is not really my type but the rhymes are so strange I had to rip that too…

Non MC’s_no-12”

On the label of this vinyl you can also see that the guys also refer to a “forthcoming” album titled “nonbelievers”. I guess it only remained with this as I couldn’t find any further info that would confirm the existence of such an LP. If you know more then holla in the comments, thx!

BTW: I have a spare copy of this record here (conditon is VG++) to trade. hit me with an email (see my profile) in case ur interested!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

NY Confidential

Back again wit a nice piece of wax where u should know (at least) the crew that is …

Most of you know their debut (?) EP from 1998 that was featured – amongst others – on Lordquaz blog long time ago and that is on many wantlists too (a hype you can also see in the ridiculous ebay-game where cats si spending more than 200bucks for that vinyl!). I didn’t rip that EP as you can easily get the tunes on youtube and many other blogs…
Here it is about another EP they dropped on the same (Guillotine Records) label as their amazing 98-EP. This one’s outta 2000 and comes with 3 tracks. Now before you listen to these tracks be aware that they won’t sound like their old stuff. This doesn’t mean that the tunez here are crap – definitely not – but you can’t compare with the older work from them as you get served here with a totally different style.
On the main side you find the banger “where stars are born”. I really like the easiness that is created by that clear piano sample and the beat is also pushin yo ass so I guess that makes it a winner already. Rhyme-wise the crew is reppin their boro – Brooklyn in a pretty solid way.
On the flip you find the next song that is titled “dead end street” – a solid track where the MCs is working a lot with analogies. The last track is “lissen to this” - another solid piece but I guess it will need some time for you to grow on that (as it was the case to me).

NY Confidential_where stars are born-EP

Besides that the crew has some other ish out there as e.g. the “rush-12” plus some more twelves and features on LPs that are not listed in discogs etc.….(google can help!).
Btw: if anyone has the “rush-12” please add in the comments section as I would like to listen to this vinyl once….thx!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Children of the Corn

Today comes a rip from a kind of vinyl I usually do not have in my cratez. It is from the pretty famous crew we all know as ….

As you can guess by the label-scan the wax here is a bootleg but in this case I really didn’t give a damn lil f?ck. this ep has all the dope songs on it plus tracks that ain’t available on wax (at least what I know) so it was the reason to buy this record when it came out (what was the case around 2004-05). Besides the facts above it was also very obvious to buy this EP as all the legit pressings (e.g. “american dream”) were sold at crazy prices those days whereas nowadays one can get such C.o.t.C twelves for a bargain.
So this boot was def the solution to me and cuz u got all those great tracks on it it’s also why I still play it often on my wheels!
Also as far as I know there aren’t many of those pressings around. So far (of course I didn’t check on a regular basis) I haven’t seen any of those poppin up at ebay, gemm, discogs or similar sources and the only country I really found them in stores (online or “live”) were here in good ol Switzerland! I also heard that this boot was done by some Swiss heads and finally pressed in Poland but don’t know if this is true…also rumours about pressing-quantities say that it goes between 300-500pcs. maximum!
Anyway, let’s spill some short facts bout the wax n crew:
The ep brings you the tracks “a star is born”, “American dream”, “fare one pt2”, “get wit it”, “give up the game”, “paint the town red”, “harlem usa” and “harlem usa (uptown)”.
To the crew – well I don’t think I need to repeat what has been said already many many times but if you wanna get some short facts bout the CHILDREN OF THE CORN then click here.

Monday, March 23, 2009

B.E.T. (Brooklyn Essence Team)

Originally I wanted to drop that great twelve from C-Vorheez but I just found out that Sav-One of the Analects reviewed this here.
Well then as a replacement I hit you with this mad nice wax outta BK from …

Usually I love to pass some knowledge bout a record I put in here but this one’s again in the category of “obscure ish with no data”. This simply means that besides the info on the label I cannot share any other useful or reliable data. If u google it then you get about a dozen of ebay-links – all to the same seller who tries to get rid of this wax for the ridiculous amount of 40bucks! It always feels great if u know that u didn’t pay a tenth of such an amount for such obscure vinyl….
Anyway, let’s focus on the content: on the main you get served wit a track called “from dusk till dawn”. This nicely arranged beat has some awesome chorus and keyboard-samples that got me instantly hooked when listenin to it the 1st time!
On the flipside you will find the title “thug sport”. To me this song is rather mediocre, can’t really explain why but maybe some of you might like that tune…gotta form your own opinion on that!
Label-wise this record was released on Soundscope Music – as far as I remember a label I didn’t hear before and the release-year was 1998.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Here’s another record from the 4x4 Records label from which we brought you already the release of One Strength.

This vinyl here’s from to me pretty much unknown rapper DES. He released this twelve in 1996 but when you listen to the 2 tracks then you wouldn’t guess so! both tracks are pretty experimental, especially the b-sider “throw ya hands” that has almost no real bass line and only lives with a few well placed beats n samples here n there! The main track “manetane” on the other hand is kinda trying to balance the lack of melody in the b-sider by almost overwhelming the tune with samples after samples…
Nevertheless don’t get me wrong – I really like that record but those tracks are definitely going under the category of “tracks that need to grown on one” and “manetane” grew a lot on me since I got this wax!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

BBR & BRIZ (Arrakis Records)

In this post I bring you two releases outta the millennium year and from a fine Illadelph indie label that was know as ….

ARRAKIS RECORDS. The label was founded (as far as I know) around the late 90s and had its first releases in this period. I bring you here the releases number 1 and 3 from this label…

The wax that obviously marks the birth of this label (ARRKS01 – runout) is coming from a crew that goes by the name of BBR which is an abbreviation for "Big Brother Resistance".
BBR consists of producer SupremeEx (aka Stinke) and the two emcees Tim T and PCP. The main title is called “spityn’” which is a certified banger that also features emcee BRIZ (will get back at this dude later in this post). The turntable skills were performed by DJ Kwestion who is famous for his contributions on another Phillie-crew – the Jedi Mind Tricks.
The 2nd track is titled “verbal leviathan” - a super relaxed song featuring emcee Kenneth Masters (here credited as the Anonymous) and DJ Charlie Brownski. The bonus cut on this record is a real hidden treasure. “two-o-one-to-the-three” (2013) is the title and this beat is filled with spherical samples that let your minds go on an astral-journey rite away!
Now, as you may see on my label scan this record shows release date 2000 whereas in discogs it says 1998. also the main title is spelled differently but still it has same runout as my copy…. If anyone knows more bout that then please share some light in the comments section…thx!


The third release on the Arrakis label was by a cat named BRIZ…

BRIZ who already spit on BBR’s “spityin’” got here his time to shine when he could release his own twelve with the tracks “cannons” that features the Black Narcissist and on the b-side “streets stages”:
“cannons” is a pretty sombre tune with a sec and constantly repeatin’ guitar-sample. “street stages” is my fav on this vinyl. Also pretty dark in its appearance but definitely with some more power/energy behind than the main title….

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


What’s good diggers? Here’s a short (cause simply missing information) review about …

P.TEKILLA. as I said already, besides the information stated on the label there's not much more I can say.
The wax contains 3 tracks from which I only ripped the burner “off tha wall”…the rest is medium to poor in my rating. Label is Whyoh Ent. and the record was released in 1998.
Production wise is Garsha Vega the man responsible for this piece here and I’m sure you know Garsh also from other productions he did e.g. for NOTS Click and Ei8 (Ei8ghtrak).

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Da Phathedz

Finally a new review in this blog as the re-upping session’s eventually came to an end! The fine wax to be presented in here comes from the New Yorker producer duo…

DA PHATHEDZ. The producer-combo is actually two brothers (twins to be exact) that lives in queens and that is still very active in producing (under the synonym “Da TuneRaiderz”) and engineering (as “Da Phathedz”). The duo is production-wise not only limited to Hip Hop but also in latin styles and reggaeton (check their myspace site here) and besides that they also co-own the label Gladiator Records. During their long career Da Phathedz already produced & engineered many songs for artists like Q-Tip, Rah Digga, Masta Ace, Tragedy Khadafi etc. and, as they say, various other well and not so well known acts. The production you find is definitely one of the category “not so know artists”…

This fine piece of vinyl is an ep, pressed on a special 10” format. The name of the ep is “Da Nay-Ba-Hood Goodz & Treats” and it brings some good beats plus two great tracks that feature some totally unknown emcees. This review is about those two rap-songs…
“for the year” is the first banger and features a man on the mic that goes by the name of Tera Lo. The tune is rather sec and laid-back and fits perfectly to the easy flow of Tera Lo!
“darkness surrounds me” is performed by Lord Rebel and as you can imagine by the title already – shit is really sombre!

Da Phathedz_da nay-ba-hood goodz & treats ep


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Re-Upz Pt.5

well then peepz - let's continue this re-up thang with the letter "m".
enjoy the files as they won'te be uploaded again after that and once I'm through the records I've found to bring again in here then also new reviews will appear in this spot...

(click as usual on title to get to sharebee):

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Re-Upz Pt.3

'sup people?!?
here's some more re-uppped stuff especially for the "newbies" in this indie-rap-territory or those that simply missed these gems so far. enjoy!

(click on the title to get to sharebee)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Re-Upz Pt.1

What's good people? hope ya'll had a great start into thiz nu yeah!
since I got lots of requests by mail, cbox etc. to re-upload the older files again I decided to do so. I probably won't post all of them (as I'm sure you may get those tracks also elsewhere) still there will be plenty of great tunez to come (again). so this is now part 1 of this re-up-action. more to come later on...

(click on the title to get to sharebee):

various artists (chief kamachi, krush b..): a dedication to footwork illadelph-ep

various artists: jewels of da nine-ep

big kwam: i don't give a f?ck-peanut butter wolf remix

One aka B-1: verbal affairs-12"

Boodah & da Bandit: brain on drugz-ep

Broke as: come on by-12"

Chris Styles: piece of the pie

Clokworx: mental flux-12"

DSA: unholy-12"

Emar ft Shamus: death

Fortress: unda-ground phlavaz-12"

Gauge: cranium-12"

Gauge: off key-12"

Gauge: insane-12"

Hostyle / Godfather Don: live from NY / 3 tha hard way-12"

Godfather Don: styles by the gram-12"

Godfather Don: fame-12"

Godfather Don: do you know-12"

Hillfiguz: bootleg ep

Hollow Point: whose eyes-ep

Kreators: foreign lands-12"

Krispy: microphone don-12"

L'Roneous: "L"chemy-12"

Marz Apocalypse: anti rap star-12"

Mental Supreme: talkin mad sh?t-12"

Messiah / Rubbabandz: survival of the fetus / purple rain-12"

Mixed Elements: life's dangerous-12"

Nine: when the shit hits the fan-12"

Nine: the veteran-12"

Profound: the hulk-12"

Red Life: who's talking weight-12"

Rok One: certified superior-12"

Sacred Hoop: retired-ep

Shamus: big willie style

Shills da Realz: reality-12"

Shok Therapy: paddlock-12"

Soul Survivors: in god we trust-12"

Street Connect: soul for real-12"

PS: at the moment I'm quite busy (job- and private related) so I'm not having the time to rip new stuff & present in here. this will hopefully change soon so keep patience and keep on droppin' by.....peace!