Thursday, November 30, 2006

a mouth of madness!

back to US-productions. here's the crew DISCREET MERCHANTS (... are Ptah, Kenchilla & Deviant) from Long Beach, Cali. this is their 2000-release on 8th Dawson Records with the awesome track "mouth of madness". sick burnin'-in beat plus some great rhyme-skills... dopeness fo' shizzle! If you see this wax in store grab it - u won't regret!

Find out more abou that crew here

discreet merchants_mouth of madness


probably the most obscure Canadian wax i got in my cratez as til today i couldn't find any other info than what's written on the record-sticker. the group is called SHADEZ OV BLAC and comes from Winnipeg. the record was dropped independently on Different Shades of Black Ent. in 1998 and gives you 3 tracks that are: "comprehension", "think it through" and "status climbers". all beats are pretty gloomy with grimly rhymes - a typical example for such an obscure piece o' wax!

shadez ov blac_1998 ep

a funky migrane??

it took me quite a while to find out that the Canadian crew RASCALZ had earlier releases to their most famous "dreaded fist" record in 1996. this wax here is from 1993 and was dropped on Calabash Records. comes with the tracks "really livin" and "funky migrane" - both beats are funky and head bangin and therefore just perfectly fit into that early 90s era...

rascalz_really livin-12"

throw this ball!

continuin witta Canadian indie releases and present you here the work of MARVEL from 1998. the label is Jam Done / Kneedeep Records and the wax gives you 3 tracks ("throw this ball", "red light district" and "wordz of..."). very solid production from which "throw this ball" always makes my head nod irresistibly!

marvel_throw this ball-12"

not the "boiling point" one...

OK, everyone knows, possesses or at least heard of the "boiling point" twelve the Canadian crew CONCRETE MOB released (the track was also in a previous post when i introduced the "beat factory" 2LP). so, no use to post that one...but this record right here is different story. haven't seen this one that much as the other 12" although it's as dope as their earlier release. this wax was dropped in 1997 on Affiliate Records and serves us the songs "monopolize" plus a remix and on b-side (the real winner) "brief description". i didn't rip the original of "monopolize" as the remix is way more interesting, so enjoy this and grab it if you got da chance to...

concrete mob_monopolize-12"

a classic?!?

another all-time-fav of mine: the Canadian crew BRASS TACKS with their fat release from 1996 on Starpoint Music. Contains the 2 tracks "ice breaker classic", a very smooth beat that let's you relax, and "hidden in sight / hidden insight" with some burnin-in trumpet samples. a very dope 12" you definitely don't wanna miss!

brass tacks_ice breaker classic-12"

a tru-grain

1997 - in my opinion one of the best vintages in indie-rap also brought out this fine vinyl. from the crew NITTY GRITTY comes the 2 track wax-dopeness, released independently on Tru-Grain Ent. the a-side gives you "tru-grain" and on the b-side you find "sandz of time". both tracks are just great!


nitty gritty_tru-grain-12"

UK strikes again...

outta 2002 and from the GRAVEYARD Records label comes this vinyl from the BURY CREW. this is an EP with totally 4 solid tracks and features also some of the MCs (farma g, chester p) that were on the Taskforce-new mic order ep, i presented earlier in this blog...

bury crew_ep

some "official recordings"...

... from 1998! this delicious twelve contains the 2 tracks "weight" and "mucho stereo" performed by the artists COMPANY FLOW, J-TREDS & JUGGAKNOTS. all production done by El Producto (El-P). all i can say: some abstract bangin heat right here!

peace, ral

official recordings-12"

come close!

this is FIERCE's awesome contribution to the indie-rap from 1996. Label is Wreck House/Hot Wax. most of y'all will know the a-side track "crab" as this is the more famous one (because of that hella smooth piano-sample). the reason for me why to hunt this 12" down was the b-sider "come close". mad trumpet & fanfare-samples causin a razzmatazz that makes this whole track a real banger!


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

the 1st wax...

... that the famous indie-label JIHAD Records dropped comes right here from the crew RAW DIVISION. the 12" gives you the track "language of the drumz" in original and remix version, both pure dopeness but i prefer the original mix cause of the slow-movin' n gloomy vibe!

Raw Division-language of the drumz-12"

anotha thawfor-one...

and here we go witta 2nd record i got from this cat THAWFOR. this piece of wax was released on OZONE Music somwhen between 2002-2004. again comes with 2 tracks (where thought is worhsipped 2.2 b/w left behind) which are very smooth, somehow abstract though but solid overall!

peace y'all!

thawfor-where thought...-12"

a guy named thawfor...

not much to tell ya bout this buddy right here - THAWFOR. Just heard that he's somehow connected to the Rubberroom crew and comes outta Chicago. This is his his track "false idols" from 2003 released in Japan only on Gravel Records. On the B-side there's his fella OFFWHYTE with the song "rappers & chemicals". both productions very solid and kinda abstract - like that!

Thawfor_Offwhyte Split-12"

Monday, November 27, 2006

ashes to ashes...

...from PITCH BLACK. this is their twelve from 1995 released on PITCH BLACK Ent. track's produced by Rich Black.

pitch black-ashes to ashes

another very dope remix

... comes right here from DARK Records, dropped in 98. LASTER with the three mind-strikin' tracks "searchin for meanin", "bare witness" and "off balance remix"! all i can say, i just had great diggin-tour and this is now the result of it... enjoy!




here we go again. great release from 1994 on PALLAS records. from the BUSHWACKAS we bring you the 2 tracks "caught up in the game" and "lay it on me".

peace, mirro


Thursday, November 23, 2006

life is dangerous!

MADDMOVES Productions released this twelve from the crew MIXED ELEMENTS in 1996. I think this one came after the other famous and mad sought 12" from them with the tracks "divine styles/fx". On this release you'll find two great songs that are: "northern exposure ft. The Bredrens" and "life's dangerous".

mixed elements_northern exposure-12"

survival of the fetus?

very dope indie from 1995 on MESSENGER Records. Contains 2 artists/crews with a track each that is: MESSIAH - survival of the fetus (so far one of the illlest track-titles I've seen!) and RUBBABANDZ - purple rain. dopeness fo' sure, really worth checkin' out!


Broke as...

another nice indie-release on LEHARA Productions in 1998 where I can't share much information. It's from the crew BROKE AS... and comes with the tracks "come on by", "subway story", "this is it" and "atmosphere". the songs no. 2 & 4 are pretty forgettable but the other 2 are real bangers (an alternative to the jiggy-club-bangers for every DJ!).

broke as..._come on by-12"

grimm gets down

MF GRIMM with his well-known release on Stretch Armstrong's DOLO Records from 1996 with the tracks "get down", "emotions" and "international rules (get down rmx)". some classic shit right here, check it!

mf grimm_get down-12"

them be the "wanted men"!

2nd release from the SHADEZ OF BROOKLYN. this is their 12" with the tracks "how it's done", "paradise" and "wanted men" (my favorite). Released in 1998 on Pandemonium Wreckordz. Unfortunately I don't have their last 12" (diamond mine b/w calm unda pressure) but maybe my man "deepshit aka onur" can add this twelve in here?!?!

shadez of brooklyn_how it's done-12"

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

adagio again...

the last release i know of from ADAGIO! dropped in 2002 on Emo Records and comes with the tracks "poetry to infinity" (my favorite) and the (forgettable) track "who is adagio?"


adagio-poetry to infinity

a real gem!

this one is definitely one of my most beloved wax in my cratez. it's ADAGIO!s twelve from 1997 (Emo Records) on transparent vinyl. So far i've seen 2 versions of that wax. the one right here (i guess US-pressing) and another version on yellow-transparent-vinyl (guess Japan-pressing, as i've only seen them on JPN-stores so far). at least the one here is definitely the legit 1st press.
the content is 4 tracks totally (the break, everybody, obvious pt.2, my girl) from which some of you might know the first 2 tracks as they've been featured on JR Ewing's famous 97-mixtapes. now there's also another 12" from Adagio which i've in my cratez, looking exactly the same (also clear vinyl, Emo Records 97) but that doesn't feat. the "the break" track.
purest dope fo' sure!


adagio! that's obvious!!

some heat right here. ADAGIO! with their 97-release on Emo Records bring us the tracks "obvious joint" and "ass & benefits".
the crew's related with the Juggaknots and dropped several records since this 1st wax here from which i'll present you some more in my next posts...

adagio!-obvious joint-12"

yes-yes, put my rap to tha test...

one of my most favorite records ever. since i bougt this wax back in 95 when it was released it must have done billions of turns on my 1210s already. i don't like that ish, I LUV it!! the NY-cat repin' on this excellent 12" goes by the name of MENTAL SUPREME. just heard that he has some more wax out there but till today just found this copy here. i also know that he's still doin' his thang and producin' indie-stuff in NY but that's bout it for the info I can share here. the twelve comes witta 2 tracks "talkin' mad sh??" (mad rhymes, banger-beat w/ funky guitar-sample) as the b-side "no stress" (a dark n grimly beat...just great).
released on Divine Ent. 1995

mental supreme-mad sh**-12"

soundin' "unholy"?

another great 12" from DSA (Dark Skinned Assassins). this time it's the record with the 2 tracks "unholy" and "uncontrollable" on the b-side. IMO the b-side wins as this tracks is a real damn banger! ruff, rugged n raw... n'a mean...
label: black dog ent. not sure about release-year but guess around 96-98.
ch-ch-check it!


heads or tails?

here we go with an EP from Sweden. it's the "heads or tails" ep from LOOPTROOP and has been released on Pomoe's indie-label David vs. Goliath in 1999.

Looptroop - head or tails ep

some "fraudulent" stuff right here

right here you find the 2002/03 release on STONES THROW from the well-known crew HOMELISS DERILEX. This EP contains tracks that HD recorded in the time between 1996-2002 so you also find one of their most famous songs in here - "surviv'n the game". really like this EP as it gives us the typical HD-style - easy and jazzy...

homeliss derilex-fraudulent ep

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

make it happen!

fondle'em again. J-TREDS drops the 2 songs "make it happen" and "praise due". all i can say - great production...

peace, mirro (the fondle'em-addict)

j-treds-make it happen-12"

speakin french?

novelty in this spot. this time's bout a french production from 1999. to be more exact from the group AFRO JAZZ with their 2-track single "letuce" and "nation".
even if you don't understand that much it's still worth checkin' this out!

peace, mirro

afro jazz-letuce


excellent release on Bobbito's FONDLE'EM label from MF GRIMM. the twelve incl. 3 tracks that are "landslide remix", "tick, tick" and "landslide original mix".

mf grimm-landslide

from coast II coast

... we go here. The ep COAST II COAST was released in 2001 on Ozone Music and serves us great productions from different spots in the US. it comes with one of the most relaxin tracks I ever heard (atmosphere ft. slug-the ocean), then goes to a contribution from Mr Lif (title: because they made it that way), afterwards leads to Crying Freeman's "verbal reflections" and finally ends with The Solution's "x-5 (unknown power)". I left out the track of the Younbrass Band ft. Telib Kweli as i didn't feel this at all...

Conclusion: very dope EP!

Coast II Coast-EP

yo' brain on drugz???

goin' back in da dayz here and present you some mid-90s dopeness. this is the BOODAH AN DA BANDIT - BRAIN ON DRUGZ EP. Release was in 94 on Tuff City Records and to my knowledge there are two versions available. The Pic-cover version you see right here and another sticker-label version. the ep comes with 5 tracks plus 1 remix and is a pure listening pleasure!

check it out if ya dunno!

boodah an da bandit-brain on drugz ep

Monday, November 20, 2006

the strategy is...

out from the Natural Elements-milieu comes the crew RAIDERMEN. This is their 97-release on their own label "Raidermen Ent." which eventually became "Safecracker Ent.". the twelve gives us 2 raw tracks - "top dollar" and "strategy" which features Natural Elements, Sean Price (of Heltah Skeltah), Lace da Booms and Mike Zoot. again, i have lots more of the Raidermen and will also review them here but 1st the shiat needs to be ripped on mp3...


raidermen-top dollar

DSA locks shit down!

here's another nice release from the Wu-Tang-affiliates DSA (Dark Skinned Assassins). It's their 1995 promo-only release on Doe Loe Records & comes with 3 tracks. "Gotta get the creme" on the AA-side, "lock shit down" and "the horror" on the A-side (also my personal favorite-side).

later on I'll put some more DSA-stuff in here but need to rip them on mp3 first....stay tuned!

DSA-lock shit down-12"

an indie-"fountain"

dope release on Vinylyzed Ent. 1997. It's from the crew called F.A.T.A.L. FOUNTAIN and serves us 2 bombs here. The A-side is "all about warz" which was produced by Buckwild (the beat is very familiar to those who have the Funkdoobiest - brothas doobie-lp!). The B-Side brings us the track "heavyweights" which is my favorite (produced by Faint).

Njoy da shizzle!


hey hey hey!

presentin' you the 1996 release on Blindside Records from 2FACE. 2Face are "a-butta" and "l-swift" of NATURAL ELEMENTS and this is as far as I know the only 12" those cats dropped as 2Face. It comes with the 2 tracks "NYC" and "hey hey hey". Both songs are very smooth and great to relax a lil' bit!

2face - nyc-12"

Sunday, November 19, 2006

a rebel alliance!

just a very dope ep from 1997! it's the REBEL ALLIANCE LP which features many great artists such as 7l & esotoric, mr lif (with his debut), virtuoso, architects of intellect, force-5...

rebel alliance ep

another bag a bones...

the next release from the man who goes by the name KUKOO DA BAG A BONES. this 97 release features the 2 tracks "i heard you don't know" b/w "light up da l's".... both tracks are pure pleasure! label/production is insane psycho home Recs. and Liquid Soul (distribution). both tracks also have been remixed and put on another 12" which I'll present you soon...

Kukoo-heard you don't know-12"

a bag of bones c'min to ya!

this is KUKOO DA BAG A BONES' 96-release named "real kukoo" b/w "big queens (real nigs)".
if u don't know it u betta check it!

kukoo-real kukoo-12"

some tragedy stuff

pure indie/white label stuff right here from Intellegent Hoodlum, nowadays better known as TRAGEDY (Khadafi). The track's called "too bent and too high" and is for me one of the best examples of great independent-work. dark, slow and grimey - that's how this tracks presents to you!

tragedy-too bent too high

in this hell hole!

this is the 97 release from SPLATTAHOUSE ft. True Life. one track single with the track "hell hole". The name says everything - dark, aggressive...that's how itz gotta be! the whole project was produced, released and distributed by the indie-label Nikera Recordsings.

Splattahouse - hell hole

Friday, November 17, 2006

some dynamic

1997-release from PUMPKINHEAD (from the Brooklyn Academy). Comes with the tracks "dynamic" and "it's over". label is MAKIN' Records.
check it out if u don't know...


it was war...

very dope production on SONDOO Recordings from 2000. OKTOBER brings here the a-side track "it was war" and the b-side "infinite echoes".

oktober-it was war-12"

canada brings it again

very dope single release from the MAD FIBER-the toronto hip hop album. this is the split-12" from SOLITAIR's "silver surfer" and CHOCLAIR's "internal affairs" (ft. frankenstein, marvel & kardinal offishall).
label: kneedeep ent. / knowledge of self records

12" solitair_choclair

a toast!

dope release from 1997 on GHETTO STARZ Ent. - E.BROS with the bangin' twelve "a toast" and "harlemites".
nuff said - enjoy it....

e.bros - a toast-12"

that's the flava!

excellent release from 1994 on FRIEND'S CONNECTIONS PRODUCTIONS. That's the twelve from the STRICKLY ROOTS (... are broadway, rmr & dj fashion).it contains the tracks "strickly roots flava", "slow flow" and "brothers dying every day". party, chill, and aggressiv-like, that's the feelings i have when listening 2 it...

cheers, mirro

strickly roots-1994

nos productions presents:

another fascinating indie-production from 1998. it's MR LIF's release on NOS PRODUCTIONS with the 2 tracks "elektro" and "the nothing". this is his first record he released. his debut was one year ago in 97 when he was featured on the BRICK "rebel alliance" lp. everything on this fine wax is produced by LIF himself.

mr lif - elektro

some (canadian) rapessentials

time to present you some essential underground from the canadian territory. on the BEAT FACTORY label this 2LP was dropped in 1996. it features great crews n mcs such as BLACK-I, DOWN TO ERF, RASCALZ, GHETTO CONCEPT, CONCRETE MOB, CHOCLAIR, RED LIFE, DAN-E-O, CITIZEN KANE... pure dopeness and really worth checkin out!

beat factory - rap essentials vol.1