Monday, August 11, 2008

Raphael, Loucha ft. Shyheim

It’s a great pleasure to finally being able to present you this fine piece of work of international cooperation – U.S. meets France. The benefit of this collabo is an awesome track called…

WORLDWIDE. I first heard this banger on some of the crazy mixes by Ron T who used to run a famous and mad sick radio show in the mid-late 90s here in Switzerland where you would hear all the indie-jointz peeps are now looking for… Usually one gets easily French rap here in Switzerland but somehow I never was able to find this record that time here in one of the stores I’m digging…anyway – few weeks ago I finally could lay my hand on it (mad thanx Nail!). so the track “worldwide” brings totally 3 emcees to the mic: RAPHAEL (of the crew LA CLIQUA), LOUCHA (of the crew PETITS BOSS) and some verses of WU-Fam member SHYHEIM you may never have heard of before…
The b-side of this record brings a track of each of the French cats. It starts with Raphael’s “nouvel impact” a solid track but stylewise I ain’t feeling much attracted by it. However Loucha’s “les jeunes de nos quartiers” is a track that I’m feeling again and it generates a magnificent finish on this wax!
The record-data: this jewel on vinyl was pressed in 1996 on the French Arsenal Records label (same that also pressed all the La Cliqua stuff).

Raphael, Loucha ft Shyheim_worldwide-12”

Enjoy n leave a coment if ya feelin’ (or not feelin’) that wax….


Tusim said...

Holy ish...
it's such a rare vinyl and I'm glad to find it here !
Greetz from France (et bravo pour mentionner La Cliqua)

Anonymous said...

I didn't know this Shyheim track it is mad dope!

Anonymous said...

yeah fett dass wieder am start bisch ral!!! die ep hät mi scho lang wunder gno! i find vor allem de track vom loucha frisch!

thanks and keep droppin


nedd2 said...

if you like this,ofund the killer ep of la cliqua ''concu pour durer'',i don't like the french hh,but this one is a must have!
Thanks for your post ral,

Anonymous said...

could u re up?
the link is dead

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