Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Re-Upz Pt.1

What's good people? hope ya'll had a great start into thiz nu yeah!
since I got lots of requests by mail, cbox etc. to re-upload the older files again I decided to do so. I probably won't post all of them (as I'm sure you may get those tracks also elsewhere) still there will be plenty of great tunez to come (again). so this is now part 1 of this re-up-action. more to come later on...

(click on the title to get to sharebee):

various artists (chief kamachi, krush b..): a dedication to footwork illadelph-ep

various artists: jewels of da nine-ep

big kwam: i don't give a f?ck-peanut butter wolf remix

One aka B-1: verbal affairs-12"

Boodah & da Bandit: brain on drugz-ep

Broke as: come on by-12"

Chris Styles: piece of the pie

Clokworx: mental flux-12"

DSA: unholy-12"

Emar ft Shamus: death

Fortress: unda-ground phlavaz-12"

Gauge: cranium-12"

Gauge: off key-12"

Gauge: insane-12"

Hostyle / Godfather Don: live from NY / 3 tha hard way-12"

Godfather Don: styles by the gram-12"

Godfather Don: fame-12"

Godfather Don: do you know-12"

Hillfiguz: bootleg ep

Hollow Point: whose eyes-ep

Kreators: foreign lands-12"

Krispy: microphone don-12"

L'Roneous: "L"chemy-12"

Marz Apocalypse: anti rap star-12"

Mental Supreme: talkin mad sh?t-12"

Messiah / Rubbabandz: survival of the fetus / purple rain-12"

Mixed Elements: life's dangerous-12"

Nine: when the shit hits the fan-12"

Nine: the veteran-12"

Profound: the hulk-12"

Red Life: who's talking weight-12"

Rok One: certified superior-12"

Sacred Hoop: retired-ep

Shamus: big willie style

Shills da Realz: reality-12"

Shok Therapy: paddlock-12"

Soul Survivors: in god we trust-12"

Street Connect: soul for real-12"

PS: at the moment I'm quite busy (job- and private related) so I'm not having the time to rip new stuff & present in here. this will hopefully change soon so keep patience and keep on droppin' by.....peace!


Hightower said...

Yo, Thanx a lot for "mental supreme"...& big kwan - PBW Remix is damn nice track. Cya

Anonymous said...

maaaaaaad props for this reup!!!!

Brainsickone said...

dat stuff is mad tight...you really know your biz!!!
Thanks again, peace :-)

Jesse said...

Its cool. Hope all ya things go well, you have a good site, it brings me back to a great era with all the tracks you have upped. big up!!!

verge said...

You are the mothafuckin man, RAL!!
I just saw that Shills Da Realz on youtube, googled it, and here it is.
Awesome. Never heard this record.
Special Ed production, apparently. Dope, thanks.