Tuesday, February 10, 2009


What’s good diggers? Here’s a short (cause simply missing information) review about …

P.TEKILLA. as I said already, besides the information stated on the label there's not much more I can say.
The wax contains 3 tracks from which I only ripped the burner “off tha wall”…the rest is medium to poor in my rating. Label is Whyoh Ent. and the record was released in 1998.
Production wise is Garsha Vega the man responsible for this piece here and I’m sure you know Garsh also from other productions he did e.g. for NOTS Click and Ei8 (Ei8ghtrak).


Anonymous said...

geeeeez! was looking for this 12" long time already. any chance in bringing the other 2 songs?
that off-tha-wall-track is mad fresh!
keep it up!

Hawkone said...

Thx! Really nice Track...keep it up!

Rapidshare Search said...
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Anonymous said...

YO please rip that Jigmastas feat Joc Max "Comments to the Sure Shot" off Hip-Hop Independents Vol. 1 Record 3 in excellent quality. I searched the whole net and no chance. Your first rip makes me throw up but i want it unmixed so rip it again how it is supposed to be ripped please.