Monday, July 27, 2009

Random Pickz

well - I know, I know... I keep u waitin' for new reviews but somehow don't find the time to drop them...
basically there are 2 reasons for that:
one - I haven't achieved yet to do the settings in the rip-program on the new laptop so the quality of the tracks is good. you don't wanna get tunes in a freakin' low quality and I don't wanna waste time rippin' something I wouldn't even wanna listen to myself.
two - it's summer-time and honestly said I rather stay outside chillin' with friends, go swimmin' n all that instead of sittin' at home...
still I really wanna get this laptop & program workin' smoothly so I can share some more jewels in here ASAP (I got plenty left to bring and as every other digger; new stuff is always comin' in!)...

pick the pack here!

meanwhile I checked my digital cratez for stuff y'all might be interested to hear so I packed about 30 tracks (demos, unreleased material, exlusives from the artists directly, plus some of my older vinyl-rips) in a bundle and upped it for your listening pleasure. even if you may have some of those tracks already I'm sure u gonna find a gem here n there u didn't know before so I hope u dig this package!

well then, grab it while it's online (I ain't gonna re-up that later) and enjoy summer!



Anonymous said...

endlich neues in der sommerflaute! hoffe, wir können bald wieder neue "echte" reviews von dir kriegen! danke bereits jetzt für die compilation here, bin gespannt was drin sein wird!
1 - t-mo

verge said...

Niiice! I know I'm gonna love something on here. Thanks for coming through with this. Damn, 127MB, sweet!
Enjoy your summer, you do this for free and it's appreciated.

ral278 said...

yeah thanks for the love, verge! it's a "give n take", nah mean?! also I can profit a lot in forums like philaflava and get to know obscure shit I probably never would have heard about elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

wow - great sh*t man. I never have heard this lewis parker demo!


nice pickz...the best is Constant Deviants "problem child" and damn...i neva heard it before!where does it come from???i thought i heard every single song by`em...thanks for this!!!
enjoy the summer!

Anonymous said...

That is not Parker Lewis. That is Trife from Theodore/Ghost fammo. The song is on the new album.

Rip und up mir mal "Comments: To The Sureshot" in guter Qualität mit BASS. Es gibt im ganzen Netz keinen akzeptablen RIp. Diese obskure Underundergroundscheisse intressiert doch keinen. 90% der ganzen 12 Inches sind WACK.


verge said...

@MarudaOne- That Constant Deviants track was a demo played once on Stretch n Bobbito. I had it on tape back then and looked over 10 years until I heard it again. I believe Blockhead uploaded it at the TROY blog.But the quality wasn't too good.

So, a few months later, dirtywaters uploaded a Bobbito tape that had a better quality version of it. So I separated the track and eq'd it a little better. I left it in the comments at Crates OF Ag.

I'm not sure if this is the same one that ral278 has, though.
Either way, as far as I'm concerned, as long as the music gets out to the people that want it, that's all that matters.

Here's another Constant Deviants demo. This is from 1995, Bobbito show, was uploaded by Dirtywaters, and I tried to fix it up. The sound quality is not great. But it's also another one I had searched years for. Great summertime song-
CDs - Feel That:

The least I could do to say thanks for all the great downloads here.

verge said...

If the Constant Deviants were to put those two demos on vinyl with instrumentals, I would probably pay $50 for it.

ral278 said...

yo verge: mad thx for that other C.D.-demo - yeah I "feel that!" if this was pressed on wax too then i'd be one of the 1st to order!
to that "probem child" joint: honestly can't remember where I got that from. it may be from philaflava (as there's tons of dope demos to be found!) but not sure...