Thursday, September 03, 2009

Re-Upped on Request

hey folks - short post with some stuff I re-upped upon personal requests...enjoy!
new posts will also come soon (guess I gonna find some time this weekend to dig a lil in my cratez and rip 1 or 2 records from there...)!


Jaz said...

Thanks Ral :D

ral278 said...

@ Jaz: ur welcome man!
@ kim. will try to reup them 2 street connect twelves asap

cheerz n enjoy weekend!

Anonymous said...

dat "the rules" joint from KRONDON is pure heat! thanx 4 sharin' son!!!

Anonymous said...

btw: is this u and ur record crates on the picture??? craaaaazy!

ral278 said...

thx for the comment! yeah this track by krondon is really tight n the reason why I needed to get it on wax! and no, this ain't my cratez. this was at a nice digger's spot...

Anonymous said...


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All the best,

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