Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Compilation

In this post (and pretty much the 1st time ever in this blog) I bring you a little compilation.
All the tracks can be found rather easily on vinyl (this info for the vinyl-heads).
Mostly the songs are taken from various compilations that I was too lazy too rip completely and two are from a former post were the sound-quality was pretty fucked up.
5E - paradox remix
Bored Stiff - conspiracy theory
Chan - chronic whisper
DuoDie - maintain
Mystik Journeymen - black sands
Nightbreed - I got your back
Phats Bossilini - the boss
Shadowman - necessity
T-Max - mind over matter
Wil'Pak - no mono


Anonymous said...

is this same nightbreed as 2 ROADS OUT THE GHETTO?

verge said...

Thanks for this Ral. Didn't you do a really ill compilation on here last summer that had maaaad joints on it? Pretty sure you did and it put me on to quite a few gems. Some were not vinyl releases, some from myspace.
Thanks for that and this!

ral278 said...

@Verge: man ur right (u know the content o' my blog better than me ;-). well that time most gems wasn't my own rips and as u said sum exclusives that ain't on vinyl, this time all ripped from cratez...
@anonymous: pretty positiv these are same Nightbreed (comparin voices but also relyin lil bit on what's in discogs).

Anonymous said...

thanks ral those were solid joints and about half im keeping. if you rip them yourself feel free to rip them at 320 but im thankful for some new joints either way