Sunday, February 18, 2007

two of a kind

as requested long time ago here's finally the b-sider from JED DUST - strictly kings better. a damn dope track that makes this whole 12" a jewel! peace

jed dust_strictly kings better

... is the name of this track performed by the SOULJERZ OF FORTUNE. the wax was released on a split-12" (with "Jed-dust" on the b-side which I din't rip this time) on On Point Ent. in 1998. i'm definitely feelin this piece!

peace, mirro

souljerz of fortune_two of a kind


Anonymous said...

Yo thamx again 4 this dope blog!This one is a hot post but i've been lookin 4 that "Jed Dust" 4 a long time, are u gonna upload it one of these days? That would be nice!


ral278 said...

yo, lemme check. will up tha jed-dust track when i got time...

Anonymous said...

DOPE! Thanks for finally uploading the jed dust track! I didn't realize till now that u uped it i jus found out!
Anyway, thanks a lot and keep blessin' us wih dat dope ishhhh!