Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Meanwhile: some French Butter

Grrrrrreeetings dear visitor!
Since this place dried out lately (no we still don’t have time to rip nu stuff – fuccin biz is killin me currently and Mirro’s rip-software ain’t workin at the moment) i decided to share some other great (more or less) indie-stuff that I ripped long time ago.
Well u guys are used to get served with English-speakin’ productions (US, GB) but this time I wanna op’n the horizon of those who (if they don’t know by now) wanna hear good rap in French language.
So hear u can grab a package loaded with this French butter:
- Akhenaton ft briuzza: gemmes
- beat de boul: b comme Boulogne
- coloquinte: freestyle revanche – berets verts
- eloquence: l’ex luxure
- expression direkt:: wesh t’es malade ou quoi? Remix
- faf larage: mechante soiree – imhotep mix
- freeman: la bareme
- kalash: flots de mots
- karlito: la rue cause
- la caution, pyroman ft rockin’squat: dernier round
- lady laistee: black mama
- l’essentiel: un arbre sans racine
- mafia trece: a bout de soufflé
- mafia trece: arrete ca
- mystic: je sius de ceux
- nakk: ca sent l’roussi
- pit baccardi_j’ai vu
- profil bas ft adil: peril jeune
- pyroman ft faf larage & fara: on blague pas
- remo: parmi des millions
- serum (IV my people): rien a prouver
- triptik: panam

click II: download French butter

well then….njoy!

review’s been brought II u by: ral278


Anonymous said...

yo mad thanks for these tracks. didn't know most of them! waiting also for your new reviews so hopefully you come back soon with mad crazy underground!!!

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

yo where do that remo track comes from???
thanks for the info!

ral278 said...

seb: thx for the props. can't tell u now when we can bring nu stuff, we be busy like til end o' the year but let's see...
nooferz: remo track is (as far as i remember) from a compilation...lemme check that this evening when i'm back home...


ral278 said...

nooferz: parmi des millions by REMO is on a 12" titled the same and it was released on O.P.A. records in 1999. had it in blank cover (with promo-stamp) so don't know if there is also a sticker or picture cover release...

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

aight thanks for the info
i used to know a dude who went by the name remo but it seems it's not the same one

lskdngf said...

thx a lot!

Anonymous said...

re up please and thank you