Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Mr Dead

Happy nu yeah folx!!!
Long time since the last spit we had in here – things we’re very hectic n all that so we just couldn’t find time to review in here anymo’ n also the rippin-program/pc caused troubles….y’all see – lotta things prevented us from doin’ some good in here!

Well, to get back we serve you first some tracks from an album I always thought you only gonna find on CD. Talking bout the awesome grimey release of MR DEAD’s “metabolics vol.2 – dawn of the dead”.

To some of u heads the name might ring bells as one track – “end of days” - was featured on another blog (can’t remember which one) some months ago.
Since I been lookin for this record on wax I always had to hear that this cream is a CD-only release and so I gave up searchin for it. Few weeks ago, when we we’re spinnin some tunez, my digging-partner “deepshit” came to me & presented me that wax (and of course a spare copy for me, thanx dude!). needless to say that this was a very happy day to me then! So my fella told me he ordered that directly from the label WordSound and also told me why it is obviously that hard to get that LP. According to the label this vinyl-release wasn’t official and if ever, then got very poorly distributed.
Mr Dead comes from Brooklyn, NYC, and his first release was in 1998 an LP that went under the name of METABOLICS (are: Mr Dead & Big Pat) – the m-virus. In 2000 he dropped then his solo-joint rite here (LP release was 1 year later).
Nevertheless this low-budget project was produced by some very famous acts like Prince Paul, Dan the Automator, Spectre, Scotty Hard, Bimos n M. Sayyid (of Anti Pop) and therefore serves a great variety of tunes. Some of them are now packed here for your listening pleasure – grab ‘em if u want!

Mr Dead – metabolics vol.2 dawn of the dead

Tracks included:
- left for dead
- end of days
- longevity
- spit something
- altered states
- seize & structure

Review’s been brought II u by: ral278


Ash.K said...

best release ever on Wordsound!

ral278 said...

fully agree!

Anonymous said...

yes! today is a good day - you diggas are back!

Anonymous said...

Aight, thanks for the props bro...yeahh "end of days" is the shit...i love this track!!


mr. boogie said...

I've seen that record quite frequently in local record stores back in the day. Never boght it coz I thought it was quite boring. Need to give it a listen again tho