Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nas (white label)

Alright peeps. Here’s a white label of a rapper you wouldn’t expect to appear in an indy-dedicated blog. Well, I upped this piece upon a request of a very good friend of mine for reasons I’ll come back later in this post.

Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones better known as simply NAS is responsible for this white label rite here that is a fine one-tracker (radio / instrumental) titled “sinful living”. Not many know (even it’s not listed in discogs) that this is available as a 12” (not only on this “It was remixed….rare unreleased & remixed” album from 2004). I’m not sure when exactly the single was dropped but must have been in the late 90s as since then I got that piece in my cratez.
The reason I show this one here in the blog is that my buddy asked me to up it as it is to me n my homes a kind of reminiscing bout our friend Mikey who passed some years ago and these days will be the anniversary of that sad day again. So the track was always one of those we would play back then when we had crazy parties full of booze n other ish and we all know that the tune was one of the most beloved tracks from Mikey!
To all those that dunno this tune I really recommend it. Very smooth melody that easily lets you chill…


Anonymous said...

yo züri! danke, dass mir dä wunsch hesch erfüllt! heftigi erinnerige mann, speziell in dene tage!
bis gli & danke nomal
wase-posse 4 live!

Anonymous said...

Much love for this link!!! Great stuff. Great blog in general. One love!