Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Foot Soljaaz

Back with another obscure record outta my cratez, comin from the crew

FOOT SOLJAAZ. The two-man-strong team is most popular cuz of its track “from hoes to doe” which (at least in my area) got mad airplay and was something you could hear at every good jam that time! DJ Espionage reviewed this wax in his blog so have a look n listen to it if you dunno so far!
Well enuff of dat record, let’s head to the other one I got from those guys. The vinyl was released in the same year as the above mentioned, 1998 that is and was on the same Blak Lable. Foot Soljaaz are ZIG ESP & Otherwize and they both come outta the fields of Californian “Good Life” project. They dropped only few singles (personally I only know of these two here) and then joined and toured with the “Blak Forest” project. Later on Wize continued with his solo-career and dropped sum great tunes as e.g. “some other ish” (blackberry records 1999).
The record starts with the very sec battle-rhyme stylish track “zig e.s.p. & otherwize” where they rep demselves and diss other emcees not keeping it real. The next tune is titled “zonin” and captivates with its constant and slow-moving piano. The winner to me is the last track with the nice title “betta kall it kwitz” – a damn sombre and psychedelic masterpiece!

Foot Soljaaz_zig esp & otherwise-12”

Enjoy and feedbacks always welcome!


Cody said...

ahhhh yoooo man I got your uplead od the “from hoes to doe” 12" a while back and ended up liking the track alot... it grew on me... anyway thanks for this man

your always on point with your uploads and I really appreciate all your hard work... keep up the sick spot and stayin true to real hip-hop.

Anonymous said...

didnt know of this other record, many thanks!
ZONIN is my most liiked track here...
peace, pwl

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