Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And the second one for today outta my cratez. This time not a twelve but a nice n small 7incher from…

EMANON (Aloe Blacc & DJ Exile). I don’t wanna lose too much time about those two cats from Cali. For further information u might wanna check their discogs entry.
So this nice 7” brings two awesome tracks u should have heard at least once in your life (especially if u dig that independent thing)!
“the price” is the main title on the record and besides the great beat I got struck by that ill sampling of Robert Goulet.
“emanon” (call me emanon) is the smooth track on the flip and is a song I luv to listen to after a stressful day when sittin on the balcony, sippin sum booze n puffin lah. Man, it’s so easy to relax with this tune and forget bout shit u live thru, try it!
The record was released on the WeSh (weapon shaped) label but not as stated in discogs in 2001 but in 1997 (again wrong information in discogs so I really wonder who is admin / the “wanna-be-approver” there and to the submitter I recommend: read the damn back side of the cover and get enlightened).
Well, whatever, enjoy them great tunez if u dunno yet!


Chason said...

thanks ral... emanon is great to listen to on a summer day

Anonymous said...

Hi Ral and Mirro,

since you´re from switzerland I got one question referring to a swiss pressing/bootleg of the Children Of The Corn LP with a yellow label which hit the market around 2004. Was it really a swiss bootie. Anybody of you guys got a spare of this or knows where I could recieve one from?
You can hit me up with infos at DWG or VA.
Postskriptum: Emanon is really great. I saw him on a early tour with the Stones Throw camp, and his show was blasting. Incorperating some live MPC action and stuff...

ral278 said...

thx for the feedbacks, emanon-stuff is really sumthin 4 summer days!
the Children of the Corn bootie was made in switzerland (some guys from geneva as i remember correctly).

Anonymous said...

hey ral, wider mol n link für di:

grz, moon

ral278 said...

hey moon. ha die schibe selber 2x aber würd die nie jez is netz stelle. alpscru.com => dert chasch die no chaufe und se unterstütze aber so manöver hie find ich nid OK solangs vinyl no chasch direkt vom artist bstelle!