Thursday, May 15, 2008


Today I present you some stuff outta the cratez o’ my homie Mirro (dude’s not online since ages and too lazy to do the necessary steps to get back to the www!)….

GASHOUSE is the name of this crew that consists of the members Will Rock aka Mr Phat, 4-7, R.A.W., Ike and Gi-Son. I quickly checked the usual online sources to get more info on those cats but – nuthin. So lemme share the little information I can provide.
The crew dropped this wax back in 98 on their own Gashouse label and it contains 2 tracks. “smell smoke yet” is the more funky track u gonna find on the a-side. On the flipside u get the track “avengence” that comes a little bit more relaxed. There’s also a remix of this track but I didn’t rip it as it was not that amazing to me.

Gashouse_smell smoke yet-12”

I know that there’s another 12” at least from this crew as one of my fellas got that in his cratez. Will see if I can borrow that record from him to make the rips n review as well. No clue if they had other releases to that or if they still in the game but if u know more then holla in the comments section.

Well then, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

this is not bad. please also see for the other record you have mentioned thanks!!!

BYL said...

dope record bro thanks for the upload!