Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hearoshima Live

Alright people – here we go with another very obscure indie record. This wax brings u the emcee called…

HEAROSHIMA LIVE….. well, this is again one of those records that unfortunately I cannot provide you lots of information to. Online research came up with nuthin and also on other occasions I never heard of that dude.
Too bad there’s only one track on the wax but this one is definitely nice and I really dig that stuff. The track is titled “(automatic) gun tongue” and features I’tal tha Ruffin who is kickin the perfectly fittin ragga-stylish chorus part. The track consists of a main sample u should know from other tunez like e.g. School of Hard Knock’s “hands of a stranger” but besides this the track gets my “2 thumbs up” cuz of the bass line that makes the whole beat soundin’ laid back n also those smooth jingles (sounds like glass bottles!?) are very well placed in the tune…. Awesome!
The record was dropped in 1996 on the small Chase Records label in Philadelphia. I’m not 100% sure but I think this label has nothing to do with the Chase (Dinero) Records of the famous N.B.A. & Aiello Wilson records (pls correct me if I’m wrong!).
Anyway, a record I can definitely recommend!


Anonymous said...

yo ral, du kennsch sicher "house of reps".., ha letschti gseh dass neben de 12s no 2 lp s released hend... nimmt mi wunder obs kennsch.. http://cdbaby.com/cd/houseofreps

...und die war click cd isch nöd vo de gliche crew wie vom track "bullet for bullet" oder?? http://cdbaby.com/cd/warklick

ha mol no glese dass d haz been schibe bruchsch:

grz, moon

ral278 said...

hey moon. thx für all die linx! d'kool kim hani nach mim post gfunde..."house of reps" kenn ig die 12" aber album? bi ou nid sicher, weli h.o.r. dass das si (nid sicher obs die gliche vor 12" si). War Click isch definitiv en anderi gruppe (sound/stimme-mässig und v.a. gründigsjohr vor "original" crew isch früener als 1999 gsi, wies bi cdbaby staht).

Anonymous said...

man! where do you buy such total unknown records? I have not heard of most of the records you show here!!!
respect & peace!

qnzgrimiest said...

that sample is so ill, its been used so many times, but it fits this dude so well, and i like that string sample in the beginning, and that chanting in the background, it really gives the song some flava