Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cin Click

Finally some new ish I just dug last weekend at my homie’s record store here in Bienne. Was sum kinda midnight-digging-session… well we originally been there to party (the whole city was celebrating their annual city fair with parties n bars all over the place) but me n my man Mirro didn’t pay attention to that when we had the chance to dig in this crate-palace with no other people in our way!!!
The crates were stuffed with great stuff (hi-tech, hdm, powerule, dutchim etc.) that I already got but still we were able to detect here n there some records we never seen though. Sum of em were crap but sum were def worth to cop n post in here – for example this one from…

CIN CLICK. As I never heard of them before I just checked the internet fur further information….nothing! so from the little I can tell you from the label here we go: the label is called Dauphine Productions (one of the emcees label), released back in 1997 and obviously comin from Massachusetts. It also reads Gas Chamber productions on the label but have no clue if this is related to the Mo’Budded Pham in some way?!?
The main title is called “block shot” with smooth jingle’s & a rather soft bass-line. The track and the rhymes are okay (even though sometimes the flow of the mcs comes close to Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony) but it is not a real banger for sure! However, on the flip you get the track I really like that is called “struggle”. The sample construction is very solid, rhymes tight and the bass line pushes more so this makes the track a damn nice one to me!
Cin Click_block shot-12”

Aight’ten….listen, enjoy and leave a comment (especially when you know more bout this crew)!



Anonymous said...

Never heard this record before. Gracias for uploading (et viva espana!!!)

Anonymous said...

good you add new stuff here. this click-12" is very dope and Struggle is my favourite!

Anonymous said...

Bienne is really a wonderfull city for diggin'!