Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Various Artists - Stay Strapped

Here’s another short review (just cuz this blog was dried out so long). Originally I planned to review this wax here long time ago already but as things go (you get new records, you smoke too much herbs etc.) it may happen that one just forgets about such plans…
Anyway, here it is – this nice little one-tracker from various artists such as:

Kool G Rap, MF Grimm, Akinyele, CJ Moore and Big Chuck. The record that was pressed in 1996 doesn’t mention any label but still I think it’s a legit press (also I never seen another version than this one here). The track is called “stay strapped” and was produced by Dr. Butcher who is also responsible for many other productions of the cats Kool G Rap and MF Grimm.
Now some of you may also recognize that track but not exactly under this name as it was also released again on MF Grimm’s “scars & memories” but this time it was titled “aids”.

VA_stay strapped-12”


qnzgrimiest said...

i love mf grimm's 90's material, it so grimy sounding, this song definitely has a dark sounding beat to it, and i think its very appropriate for a subject matter such as aids, good post

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I love your album collection! it seems that you are a true connoisseur.

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