Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Molemen

Time to bring you some nice tunes outta Chicago area! When u talking bout that city n its independent rap-scene (especially in the mid/late 90s) then you just can’t pass the creative producer-combo called THE MOLEMEN.

The Molemen basically consist of the trio His-Panik, PNS and Memoriza and they started with their first release back in 1997 (with the EP titled “below the ground”). a year later they dropped a second EP that I wanna post in here as it contains some amazingly dope tracks!
The first emcee on this mini-comp is JUICE bringing the refreshing track “period” – bam there goes sledgehammer one. Hammer two and my fav on this gem is by VAKIL called “the bitness”, the harmonic but also kinda grief-stricken flute was causin goose-bumps when I heard that joint for the first! On the flip you get served with raw tunes again comin from the crew MASS HYSTERIA (from which we posted already som great ish, see here). The track is titled “vocabulary spill” and that fits pretty well as you hear Stone & Robert spillin this tune with their mad rhymes! Last but not least comes the song by one of Chi-Towns finest indie-crews – RHYMEFEST. Their track “prepare for the fest”, a rather severe tune perfectly closes this super EP!

The Molemen_buried alive-EP

The Molemen released in 2000 a compilation (unfortunately only on CD) that features both debut-EPs plus some bonus tracks that are just blazing hot – really recommend you this stuff as of course all other Molemen-ish (also the works they did the production on e.g. as Vakil, All Natural etc.).
If u wanna know more details etc. bout the group (especially also what they up to these days) then hit their homepage.

Alright’ten – peace out!

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