Thursday, March 26, 2009

Children of the Corn

Today comes a rip from a kind of vinyl I usually do not have in my cratez. It is from the pretty famous crew we all know as ….

As you can guess by the label-scan the wax here is a bootleg but in this case I really didn’t give a damn lil f?ck. this ep has all the dope songs on it plus tracks that ain’t available on wax (at least what I know) so it was the reason to buy this record when it came out (what was the case around 2004-05). Besides the facts above it was also very obvious to buy this EP as all the legit pressings (e.g. “american dream”) were sold at crazy prices those days whereas nowadays one can get such C.o.t.C twelves for a bargain.
So this boot was def the solution to me and cuz u got all those great tracks on it it’s also why I still play it often on my wheels!
Also as far as I know there aren’t many of those pressings around. So far (of course I didn’t check on a regular basis) I haven’t seen any of those poppin up at ebay, gemm, discogs or similar sources and the only country I really found them in stores (online or “live”) were here in good ol Switzerland! I also heard that this boot was done by some Swiss heads and finally pressed in Poland but don’t know if this is true…also rumours about pressing-quantities say that it goes between 300-500pcs. maximum!
Anyway, let’s spill some short facts bout the wax n crew:
The ep brings you the tracks “a star is born”, “American dream”, “fare one pt2”, “get wit it”, “give up the game”, “paint the town red”, “harlem usa” and “harlem usa (uptown)”.
To the crew – well I don’t think I need to repeat what has been said already many many times but if you wanna get some short facts bout the CHILDREN OF THE CORN then click here.


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I got my vinyl (label is not the same as yours) when it was fairly new. I wonder if it is the original? --->Imperial

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