Monday, March 23, 2009

B.E.T. (Brooklyn Essence Team)

Originally I wanted to drop that great twelve from C-Vorheez but I just found out that Sav-One of the Analects reviewed this here.
Well then as a replacement I hit you with this mad nice wax outta BK from …

Usually I love to pass some knowledge bout a record I put in here but this one’s again in the category of “obscure ish with no data”. This simply means that besides the info on the label I cannot share any other useful or reliable data. If u google it then you get about a dozen of ebay-links – all to the same seller who tries to get rid of this wax for the ridiculous amount of 40bucks! It always feels great if u know that u didn’t pay a tenth of such an amount for such obscure vinyl….
Anyway, let’s focus on the content: on the main you get served wit a track called “from dusk till dawn”. This nicely arranged beat has some awesome chorus and keyboard-samples that got me instantly hooked when listenin to it the 1st time!
On the flipside you will find the title “thug sport”. To me this song is rather mediocre, can’t really explain why but maybe some of you might like that tune…gotta form your own opinion on that!
Label-wise this record was released on Soundscope Music – as far as I remember a label I didn’t hear before and the release-year was 1998.


Hightower said...

Yo irüZ, wazz up? what a pity! yeah I saw, that sav load up the c-vorheez, the last days. Anyway, from dask till dawn is amazing. It seems to me that I already heard that beat. but where? Nize post. pz hightower

ral278 said...

yo homie. yeah this sample's also familiar to me but can't remember from where...hope I gonna meet ya at onur's crib tonite too!
so long,

Anonymous said...

hallo! hab schon lange nicht mehr gepostet und möchte das mal nachholen: dankeschön für all die fetten rips. durch euren blog hab ich undendlich viele neue sachen kennen gelernt / big respect!
zur scheibe hier: ist nicht so mein ding, der track "dusk.." ist definitiv der geilere!
gruss aus heidelberg

Anonymous said...
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